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Hiker Trio
やまおとこ Noa
Hiker SM anime.png
Hiker Trio
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blond
Hometown Unknown
Region Alola
Anime debut A Crowning Moment of Truth!
English voice actor Mike Liscio
Japanese voice actor Kenta Miyake
Toru Sakurai
Yuji Ueda

The Hiker Trio is a group of recurring characters who first appeared in A Crowning Moment of Truth!. They have been found around Wela Volcano Park on Akala Island.

In the anime

The trio was first seen when Kiawe was chasing after an Alolan Marowak, and he came across them and their Magmar, who had been defeated by Marowak. Kiawe attempted to ask them which way it went, and they eventually pointed him in the right direction. They reappeared the next day at the Pokémon Center, where Magmar received treatment from Nurse Joy. They later reappeared, photo bombing Rotom's attempts to photograph Ash and his classmates.

In Sparking Confusion!, they re-encountered Ash and his classmates while they were investigating unusual activity detected at Wela Volcano Park as the Ultra Guardians. In the end, they agreed to patrol the park and caught an Alolan Golem that had gotten attached to them.

In Heart of Fire! Heart of Stone!, they photobombed Rotom's attempts to photograph Ash, his classmates, Brock, and Misty.


The Hikers care for their Pokémon, like in A Crowning Moment of Truth!, when they were crying after their Magmar had been injured by an Alola Marowak.

Other characters find them annoying, such as in A Crowning Moment of Truth!, when Kiawe, pursuing the Alolan Marowak, tried to ask them which way it went, but they kept interrupting.

The Hikers enjoy photobombing cameras, as seen at the end of A Crowning Moment of Truth!, when they appeared in the photos that Rotom was taking of Ash and his classmates.


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Hiker's Magmar
A Hiker's Magmar appeared in A Crowning Moment of Truth!, where it was defeated twice by an Alolan Marowak, requiring it to be taken to a Pokémon Center. It reappeared in Sparking Confusion!, where it celebrated the capture of the Hikers' new Alolan Golem.

None of Magmar's moves are known.

Debut A Crowning Moment of Truth!
Hiker's Golem
Alolan Golem appeared in Sparking Confusion!. It was originally the leader of a group of Alolan Geodude and Graveler that caused trouble at Wela Volcano Park, but decided to join the Hikers when it became attached to them.

Golem's known moves are Discharge and Thunder Punch.

Debut Sparking Confusion!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese Toru Sakurai: Hiker A
Yūji Ueda: Hiker B
Kenta Miyake: Hiker C
English Mike Liscio
Finnish Hikers in SM034:
Peter Pihlström
Ilkka Villi
Markus Bäckman

In the games

The Hikers are non-player characters that appear in Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. One can be battled on Wela Volcano Park.


This listing is of Hiker's Pokémon in the games:

Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon