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Professor Burnet's Munchlax
バーネット博士のゴンベ Dr. Burnet's Gonbe
Burnet Munchlax.png
Professor Burnet's Munchlax
Debuts in A Dream Encounter!
Caught at Unknown
Gender Unknown
Ability Unknown
Current location With Professor Burnet
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Munchlax Rikako Aikawa Carter Cathcart

Professor Burnet's Munchlax (Japanese: バーネット博士 ゴンベ Dr. Burnet's Gonbe) is Professor Burnet's first known Pokémon.


Munchlax first appeared alongside Professor Burnet in A Dream Encounter!, during a video where Burnet received an award for Lady of the Year in Alola.

Munchlax reappeared in Deceiving Appearances!, when Ash and his classmates visited the Aether Paradise. There, they spotted Professor Burnet and Munchlax as they came out of the water from scuba diving.

Munchlax joined Professor Burnet when they visited Professor Kukui's house for a sleepover during Night of a Thousand Poses!. It prompted all of the food that had been prepared for them before falling asleep. Later, Munchlax accompanied its Trainer to the Altar of the Sunne, only to be attacked by the Ally Hakamo-o and Jangmo-o. They were then rescued by Professor Kukui and his Braviary.

In The Professors' New Adventure!, Munchlax went with Burnet when she married Kukui and moved into his house.

Personality and characteristics

Munchlax's food obsession

Like many Munchlax, Professor Burnet's Munchlax is a big eater. In Night of a Thousand Poses!, it promptly ate all of the food that had been prepared for the two of them. Its food obsession goes so far that it gave Pikachu a very menacing stare when he approached its food in SM096. Munchlax is also a fan of its evolved form Snorlax, as evidenced when it watched Oluolu's Snorlax on TV with fascination in Night of a Thousand Poses!.

Munchlax tends to be concerned for other Pokémon, as seen in Fighting Back the Tears!, where it offered James's Mareanie a Berry when they found it lost on the beach. After Mareanie turned it down, Munchlax went on to eat it, only to be stopped by Burnet. Munchlax and Burnet are close, which was evidenced by Munchlax acting as a witness to Burnet's wedding.

In addition, Munchlax enjoys meditating alongside its Trainer, such as in SM100, where it meditated on a surfboard.

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