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Frequent wiki editor and video game enthusiast. Thank you for stopping by!

I've been editing various game wikis for several years now, so you've probably seen my work around somewhere!

Here on Bulbapedia, I tend to specialize in template creation/maintenance, and sidegame info. Among the latter, my main topics (for now) tend to be: Conquest, Shuffle, and Masters EX. I do dabble into other stuff too, though!

If any of my current projects interest you and you'd like to help, please contact me either on my talk page or in Discord. I would really appreciate it!

On the flip side, if you'd like any help with anything, such as template maintenance or learning how to edit wikis, I would be glad to help you!

Current or main projects

Upcoming or side projects

  • Make a page for every Conquest Warrior, listing their imperfect links and story spawn locations. Also, move their historical role info there, instead of on the List of Pokémon Conquest characters.
  • Document the 24-week event rotation of Shuffle, which was introduced in its last content update.
    • Update all applicable Pokémon species pages: to have the names of their alternate forms (if any), change their alternate skills into direct links to Skill (Shuffle) anchors, list their final locations in Shuffle (and distinguish those from former locations), and move their Shuffle location listing to "cross-gen" instead of "gen VI".
    • Split the special stage article into a page for each event type. Clearly distinguish stages from before and after the final content update.
  • Document item drop rates and UX stage HP for Shuffle's main stages.
  • Create skill family pages for Masters EX, and then split Skill (Masters) so that the page has less load.
  • Improve coverage of:
  • Resolve image display issue for Template:Spindata/MDRB. Not all Pokémon in that game have portraits to use - maybe compile overworld sprites, and use those instead?

Editing tools and tips

  • When making a large-scale edit to a page, periodically save your work to a local .txt document on your machine - just in case there's an issue and the site loses your draft.
  • When performing search-and-replace with regular expressions, the following symbols must have an escape backslash before them: \^$.|?*+()[{
  • List of long pages by bytes (potential candidates for splitting): Special:LongPages
  • Searching:
  • To make a table display cell borders on mobile, either add the class roundtable or the styling border-collapse:separate. The class also adds useful styles for tables, such as making them have curved corners.

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A quick link to my sandbox, which has experimental work that doesn't justify its own separate page.

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