Welcome to my user page. I don't really have any plans to use this space. but I finally decided that my time having a redlink on talk pages should come to an end. So here I am.

About Me

I'm from the province of Ontario, in the beautiful country of Canada.

I joined Bulbapedia on July 14, 2012 late in the evening (in Eastern Daylight Time, my time zone; my UTC, it was already the 15th). My first edit was on July 15, 2012 at 4:03 AM in UTC time, or 12:03 AM local time. Here is that edit, where I proceeded to add some information about the Riolu habitat moving in Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 when the Challenger's Cave caved in on itself, and Riolu instead began to appear at Floccesy Ranch at much lower levels.

Since then, I have mostly worked on projects for side games whose information was limited or not otherwise known. Knowing that Serebii is not considered a valid source (and, in my own experience, having encountered numerous errors there), I started to play all of these missing side games (except for one, which I didn't own the correct system for at the time, instead looking through countless gameplay videos for clues). In so doing, Pokémon Rumble World, Pokémon Rumble U, Pokémon Shuffle (through early 2016, at least, and some work again in 2017), and Pokémon Battle Trozei, now all have a lot more information on them than they did before I got here. I have taken up doing the Pokémon Trading Card Game 2: The Invasion of Team GR! game data research now, as well, and am currently working to compile and help properly show all of the data that is available for that game, and may in time go back to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game game to review the data on that game as I've seen a couple of listing errors in that game, as well.

I have also helped out with other projects including image uploads at Archives. I uploaded all of the Battle Trozei images on the archives after we got a valid and useable source of them, and making sure they appeared correctly where they were being put to use. I have uploaded a chunk of the images for Pokémon Shuffle as well. I further assisted with some image uploading when Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon came out, helping upload some sprites for Pokémon in the game. As you can see, the projects I take on are often long and tedious, but at the same time those are the kind of projects I am good at! In short, I like to dig for information and love to share my encyclopedic knowledge, and also learn something else that I might not know from time to time.

Off-wiki, I am a moderator at a few Twitch streams, one of which is exclusively in the Pokémon TCG realm at the moment. I won't advertise them here as I feel that would not be appropriate. I also help out at Neoseeker from time to time helping identify Pokémon that are hacked.

And that's enough about me. I will be happy to help answer any questions you might have about editing at Bulbapedia or to otherwise give my advice/help on a project. Feel free to message me. I won't bite (hard)!