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Greetings and salutations!

I'm Darkeiya, a formerly prominent editor who is now pretty much nonexistent these days. I lurk around on occasion, but unless you're a senior Bulbapedian, you probably have no idea who I am aside from "that one weirdo who ships ElecTen like it's going out of style."

Ah well. C'est la vie.

About Me

My real name is Christine, though I prefer being called Darke (or Dark, as some in the past have called me). I've been a fan of Pokémon since 1998, when I first got Yellow Version along with a GameBoy Color. That game was the first video game I got to call my own, and it had me hooked. For the most part, I just strove to beat the Elite Four as fast as I could, but as time has progressed, I've grown to appreciate all of the various species of Pokémon, no matter how much some of them may creep me out, so now it's my goal to complete the Pokédex. The closest I've ever come to that was about 138 Pokémon in Yellow Version, and 470 in Diamond Version... and now we currently have over 700 of them to catch. Just keeps getting better every time, eh?

Though I tend to train a variety of Pokémon, I do have a major bias towards Ghost Types, along with cute base-stage Pokémon such as Rattata and Minccino. I've also had a liking towards Pokémon with unusual type combinations ever since Generation I, where the Kabuto line piqued my interest. This continued into Generation II, where I immediately fell in love with Sneasel and the Chinchou line, all the way through Generation IV with Rotom. This trend continued into Generation V with the introduction of Victini and Litwick, and will probably continue on for all future generations. Admittedly, unique type combinations can get put at a disadvantage in competition sometimes, but to quote Karen, "Truly skilled Trainers should try to win with the Pokémon they love best."

That and I'm not really playing to win. I play for fun... and for the evil teams. Look beyond the world-- time and space shall become Team Galac-- *cough* But yeah. You get the picture. I hope.


Feel free to stop by my other Internet haunting grounds if you'd like. I promise I won't bite!

One Last Thing!

Props to Kogsie for letting me yoink her userpage design thing.