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Table of Contents, Because My Page is Hueg

Who I am | Who I am, for real this time | Skills and certifications | Fandom | What I do here | Song Translation | Stuff I like I guess | Links and stuff | Vidya gaemz

××★Who I am

Spr 3r 000.png No. 325 Umeko
梅子 Umeko
Mysterious Pokémon Height: 5'09" (1.8 m)
 Grass  Fire  Weight: 94.3 lbs. (42.8 kg)
It is popular among Trainers to compare their Umeko's sharp fangs. It reads minds and only becomes attached to people pure of heart.

××★Who I am, for real this time

Hey! My name is Umeko — not my real name, just what I go by on the interbutts. I'm 26 years old and I'm a game design student working on my bachelor's degree after getting an associate's degree in game development. This means that I can spend all my free time playing video games and it's totally worthwhile.

Anyway, I'm pretty easy to get a hold of if anyone ever needs to contact me for some reason — I'm basically in front of a computer or my iPad all the time, unless I'm sleeping.

So should you need me...

Yes... should you need me, for any reason at all...

Here's how to contact me. (And please tell me someone got that movie reference or else I will seriously feel SO old...)


××★Skills and certifications


Oh god I can't believe I typed that.

Seriously though? I've got a pretty good handle on the language — note the ja-3 usertag. I guess ja-3 isn't completely true when it comes to actually speaking Japanese — I'm probably closer to ja-2 in that case — but I'm pretty close to fluent at reading and writing, which is all that matters on the internet, really! But officially, I've only taken levels 4 and 3 of the JLPT - and passed both (got a 100% on the level 3 kanji/vocab section! \o/).

And I realize that I totally could have not mentioned any of that and no one would be any the wiser. Guess I'm too truthful for my own good.

...Oh right, and as for my other skills, I'm pretty decent at HTML and CSS, and a little bit of PHP. I'm also okay at drawing, and I have at least cursory knowledge of C++ and Java.

Yay for me?


Nowadays I don't really do much for Pokemon fandom — really all I do is occasionally write fanfiction (usually game or Special canon, though there are some totally ridiculous exceptions), and every so often I do some good-natured trolling.

I also occasionally do some Japanese-to-English translation of whatever catches my fancy, most notably The Anything-Goes Pokedex. (This might be a good place to note that I tend to hang around the Japanese fandom, so I tend to favor Japanese character names and such, simply because I'm more used to them. orz)

I don't really consider myself a shipper, but I do have a few ships that I absolutely adore. I won't vehemently insist that OMG THERE LUV IZ SO CANON!!!!11 or anything though — which is just as well because even if I DID want to start up a ship war, it would just be me up against everyone else. Take a look at my shipping usertags to see for yourself. :P →

××★What I do here

Nothing really noteworthy. I'm a n00b.

...yeah, I still stand by that.

Oh but somehow I became a Junior Admin. emot-iiam.gif

Prior to the English release of HGSS, I translated a bunch of the new Pokedex entries for 3rd and 4th-gen Pokemon, as sort of temporary placeholders. That's over and done with now, though, for obvious reasons.

I translate other random stuff too, because I enjoy it. (Song lyrics are especially fun, see the next section.) I also take translation requests, so if there's anything you need translated from Japanese for the 'pedia, hit me up.

When it comes down to it, no one cares who created what pages so what's the point in making a "pages I made" list?

AS OF 6/22/10
  ★Project Games stuff   ★Battrio
  ★Moar lyrics   ★Redesign my userpage

××★Song Translation ♫

Soooo I've taken to translating Japanese song lyrics on this here 'pedia. Hooray? ...Uh, what else should I say. The songs that I've translated are over there on the right (J means I contributed the Japanese lyrics, R means I contributed romanizations, E means I translated the lyrics).

If you have any requests for what I should translate next, go ahead and tell me, I guess. I can't guarantee that I'll get to it right away, because there are some songs that I really don't enjoy too much, but I'll see what I can do!

AS OF 6/28/10
× Any requests? ×

××★Stuff I like I guess

I'll tell you what I don't like. I don't like that goddamn acute accent over the "e" in Pokemon oh my god talk about unnecessary and tedious and you will never ever see me using it unless I'm writing something that has to comply with Bulbapedia standards. :| (I understand that it's the official spelling and all, but I still don't like it. :V)

Uh, so I like pink and chocolate croissants and warm fluffy things and screw this I'm going to bed.

××★Links and stuff

× Umekopyon@Twitter — My Twitter. About a third of my tweets are in Japanese, fyi.
× GEKIDASAdotcom — Fanworks site. It just has a bunch of stupid fanfiction for the moment.
× 花形マフラー — Art site.

××★Vidya gaemz



The Prints are not ripped from the game; I just photoshopped them. In other words, you probably won't want to upload them to the Archives or anything.