Red Eyes

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Red Eyes
レッドアイ Red Eye
Red Eyes.png
Artwork from Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Gender Male
Eye color Dark Red
Hair color Blond with a red fringe
Hometown Unknown
Region Oblivia
Trainer class Admin*
Generation IV
Games Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Member of Pokémon Pinchers
Rank Admin*
Anime debut Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Part 1)
English voice actor Tom Wayland
Japanese voice actor Daisuke Ono

Red Eyes (Japanese: レッドアイ Red Eye) is one of the Pokémon Pinchers admins. He appears in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs.

In the games

Red Eyes first appears at the start of the game, shooting the player with his Z.Z. Flyer. He appears again at Rasp Cavern, where he steals Raikou's Emblem from the Involith. Red Eyes is responsible for the damage to the Big Booker Bridge using Electrode in an attempt to stop the player following him. Later, he contacts the player and Murph to offer to exchange Blue Eyes for the player's partner at Daybreak Ruins, where he steals Entei's Emblem in the involith. Red Eyes appears again at Faldera Volcano, where he tries to awaken Moltres and battles the player with a Charizard. He appears again trying to awaken Articuno on Mt. Sorbet, he challenges the player with a Typhlosion. Once Red Eyes is defeated, he leaves, his pride shattered. After the credits, during Supurna's mission, he appears in the sky, and, holding the last piece of Edward's Golden Armor and he challenges the player with a Blaziken on Mt. Sorbet for it. In his last appearance, during a quest, Red Eyes appears and hands the protagonist 2 out of 3 monument parts from the Involiths.


On the Big Booker Bridge


When the player pursues him in the sky


On Mt. Sorbet


In the anime

Red Eyes in the anime

Red Eyes debuted in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Part 1), where he shot down Ben. In the follow-up episode, he unsuccessfully attempted to defeat Ben before deciding to take on the Legendary Pokémon Raikou.



Cranidos was controlled by Red Eyes in an effort to prevent Ben from interfering in the plans of the Pokémon Pinchers. It proved its strength by defeating the Ukulele Pichu with a powerful Headbutt. However, Cranidos was clearly not acting under its own will, and it was quickly returned to normal thanks to Ben's Capture Styler.

Cranidos's only known move is Zen Headbutt.

Debut Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs (Part 2)


Language Name Origin
Japanese レッドアイ Red Eye From his eye color
English, Portuguese Red Eyes Same as Japanese name
French, Spanish Red Eye Same as Japanese name
German Zinnoberauge From Zinnober Auge (cinnabar eye)
Italian Occhiorosso From occhio rosso (red eye)

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