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Administrators are Bulbapedia's mainstay staff members, having proven themselves dependable with Bulbapedia's processes and responsibilities. These staff members are tasked with keeping the encyclopedia running smoothly, and they are granted the necessary administrative permissions accordingly. These permissions include the ability to protect pages from editing and creation, delete pages, automatically replace text on the wiki, block and unblock users, among other responsibilities.

Administrators include the majority of Bulbapedia staff members. Administrators who demonstrate considerable leadership ability and understanding of Bulbagarden’s global needs may be considered for the Leadership Board.

Administrators maintain access to the dedicated staff areas on Bulbagarden forums and Bulbagarden Discord where they participate in discussions about key decisions and strategic planning for Bulbapedia.

Staff expectations

In accordance to Bulbagarden's four core values, Administrators act as leaders for the encyclopedia, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all contributors. In addition to the expectations for both Bulbapedia staff members and Junior Administrators, Administrators have the following responsibilities and expectations:

  • Employ a working proficiency in both subject matter and Bulbapedia's style and policy guidelines to make informed decisions and lead wiki improvements
  • Assist regular editors with content solutions and straightforward editing decisions, escalating complicated issues appropriately
  • Manage pre-work and execution for wiki improvements that have multi-page impacts, communicating needs and roadblocks as necessary
  • Support in the upkeep of wiki resources (Project pages, Editor's Hub, policies, etc.), communicating concerns and escalating issues
  • Utilize advanced wiki tools to streamline workflow and prevent issues
  • Comfortable and trusted to solve user disputes that go beyond content creation, issuing warnings and disciplinary actions as necessary

List of Administrators

This is a list of all users with Administrator powers on Bulbapedia. This list does not include users higher on the Bulbapedia administrative hierarchy, who all have the powers of the administrator level in addition to their own.

If in need of an Administrator's assistance, please contact an Active Administrator for quickest results; all active Administrators check messages regularly. For immediate results, find a currently online admin on the list of recent changes—administrators have italicized usernames.

Since July 26, 2023 Active


Since March 24, 2014 Active


Since July 26, 2023 Active


Since January 18, 2016 Active


Since January 29, 2022 Active


Since April 15, 2015 Active


Since July 26, 2023 Active


Since December 14, 2011 Leave


Since March 1, 2022 Active


Since March 1, 2022 Active


Since July 26, 2023 Active

Storm Aurora

Since March 1, 2022 Hiatus


Since February 7, 2020 Active


Since June 21, 2012 Active


If an active Administrator cannot be found, consider speaking with a member of the Leadership Board.


Administrators have the authority to lock and unlock pages from editing by ordinary users as well as from users who have not yet been around long enough to be Autoconfirmed.

Additionally, Administrators have the power to delete and undelete pages and files on Bulbapedia and the Archives, as well as upload files via URL. Administrators may block and unblock other users in accordance with policy.