November 28, 2009/2018:

Trish and Tony

Bye, Mom and Dad.

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I am Luna. I am Kai. I do things.

Position as forum staff: July 2006 - March 24, 2012 (retired)
Position as Pokémon shipping list maintainer: July 2006 - October/November 2013 (retired)
Position as Pedia staff: June 2011 - present

I am presently playing Final Fantasy XIV full-time (how did this happen), but I always return when new releases are in-bound.

What I want for Pedia'mas

Because I have no table-making knowledge whatsoever.

  • Either show/hide buttons on move page tables, OR breeding tables immediately below level up tables, instead of under the TM tables
  • Egg Group parameter on move page tables. Breeders will love you. Will then help breeding tables for future Gens (because there's a thin line between Monster and Field/Ground groups).
  • Dex sighting table for Gens IV-V (meaning through trainers, what pokémon can you see that aren't already catchable in the game; extremely GTS helpful).
  • Shave off the redundancy of the Sprite table in favor of the conciseness of the Dex table, in terms of "This pokémon was not available before this Gen."
  • Dream World berry art on berry pages.
  • Autolink to Pokemon page from trainer!pokemon tables from name in the bar (regardless of nickname; nicknames should probably remain in the info box for consistency's sake, and not in the header); if need be, make an optional "multiple" parameter for pokémon who are indeed owned in bulk [|many=multiple, |many=x2 = (multiple), (x2)] so as not to be inclusive in the |pkmn= parameter. Make |nick= parameter lesser priority than |pkmn= parameters. If different pokémon in the box, |pkmn2= and |pkmn=3, perhaps?
  • Separate pokémon table for manga pogeys (or mandatory resizing parameter), because HUGE images are HUGE and particularly annoying when stretching up 2/3s of my screen, with four lines of text in the box.
  • Location column in Trainer page templates [Trainer|Location|Battle|Winnings|Pokémon].
  • Winnings parameter expanded to encompass base money earnings (level 1) per trainer class in the header (as not all trainers give the same amount of money per generation). [Trainer|Location|Battle|Winnings (16)|Pokémon] OR [Trainer|Location|Battle|Winnings (16/24)|Pokémon]
  • Combining the Generation TM templates into one, akin (or identical) to the TrainerNav template.
  • A chart on area articles (routes, towns) which contain pokemon (wild or trade) that lists what held items are available on said pokémon in that area and at what rate (100%, 50%, 5%, 1%).
  • A pony. Or two.

Bulbapedia Contributions

...She's a grammar Nazi, of sorts. Mainly she just fixes errors when she finds them and punches in a number or two, or throws in a couple lines of extra information, but not much else. Making and designing pages are better left to the people who can do them properly, which isn't her. She's low-grade.

Most of the time. I upgraded. And I don't remember any of the articles I've made. This is all.

User Pages

User:ArcToraphim/Sandbox - Currently being used for battle judge information collecting
User:ArcToraphim/FalknerProject - Currently keeping track of Falkner-related 'ships
User:ArcToraphim/Pokemon with names - Currently for just what it says on the tin

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