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The Elite Four

Outside the central plaza

The Pokémon League is where the Elite Four await the challenge of aspiring Trainers. The four are the most talented Trainers of their respective types, and should not be taken lightly.

Stop by the Pokémon Center in the structure to the west. When preparing a team, it is recommended to bring Pokémon with levels in the mid-50s, if not higher. You should definitely have your Pokémon well-rested for the upcoming gauntlet. Also, consider using TMs to create a more diverse movepool. The Poké Mart offers a wide assortment of items, so be sure to stock up on medicine while you can.

Save the game after each battle in case things do not go well. That way, you will only need to re-battle the previous opponent. Unlike past games, where challengers fought against each Elite Four member in the same order, the Elite Four of Unova can be battled in any order. The elite Trainers are waiting in their separate rooms, each accessible from the central plaza. From left to right, they are Shauntal, Grimsley, Caitlin, and Marshal. After defeating each Trainer, you will be warped back to the plaza, and a blue light shines from the floor. Once all four tiles are lit up, you can challenge the Champion.


Lower-left room: Shauntal

When you enter the far-left room, a pair of will-o-wisps will carry you up the spiral staircase. On top of the towering bookshelf is Shauntal, an accomplished novelist and master of the Ghost-type.

Shauntal's lead, Cofagrigus, is a female spook who has four moves of different types, packing Psychic, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp and Grass Knot in its arsenal. It has high defenses, making it quite hard to take down. It has quite low speed, which you can use to your advantage.

Her next Pokémon is Jellicent. It has four weaknesses, which you can use to your advantage. These include Ghost-type, Grass-type, Electric-type and Dark-type. Jellicent also packs fair Defense, excellent HP, and good Sp. Def., but if you stick to attacking, it will eventually fall.

Golurk and Chandelure share a weakness to Water, meaning a flooded battlefield is one of their worst nightmares. They are also weak to the usual types Ghosts are weak to: themselves and Dark types. If you have any of the types listed above, beating Shauntal will be like writing your language's alphabet.


Upper-left room: Grimsley

The center-left room is designed like an elegant ballroom. Torches line the spiral staircase, and burst to life as you move past. An elaborate chandelier hangs above the battlefield, where you meet Grimsley. He is the son of a distinguished family that eventually fell into ruin. As a result, this master Dark-type Trainer developed a gambling habit, hoping to win back his family's wealth. All of his Pokémon are vulnerable to Fighting-type attacks, so you will be in great shape with moves like Brick Break or Focus Blast. If you haven't got any Fighting moves, try and hit them with their secondary weaknesses (like Water for Krookodile and Flying for Scrafty), or just use the strongest Bug-type move that you've got. Be careful when using Fighting-type Pokémon though, as his Liepard and Bisharp can strike back with Aerial Ace.


Upper-right room: Caitlin

Upon reaching the edge of the platform, a veil of psychic energy will carry you along the ribbon-like walkway while meteors fall around you. The battlefield is supported by three tall columns, and a starry sky is seen behind. The curtains on the canopied bed open and out walks Caitlin, the master Psychic-type Trainer. Dark-type Pokémon will be immune to most of her Pokémon's moves, but watch out for Reuniclus' Focus Blast! Use Ghost, Bug, and Dark-type moves to hit her Pokémon's weak points.


Lower-right room: Marshal

The room to the right belongs to Marshal, a master Fighting-type Trainer. The small platform carries you up the winding track, around a column of mechanical parts. The battlefield is designed like an arena, and the spotlights flick on when you approach. All of Marshal's Pokémon are pure Fighting-types, and share a weakness to Flying- and Psychic-type moves. However, if you choose to send in a Flying-type, he can retaliate with Rock-type attacks. It is recommended to use TM40 to teach a Pokémon Aerial Ace; many Pokémon can learn it, including Serperior and Samurott.

Alder's room, before being destroyed by N's Castle
N's Castle rising up from the ground

The Champion's Temple

After defeating each member of the Elite Four, visit the statue in the center of the plaza. Check the plaque, and the statue takes you to the large chamber below. Go north and climb up the three flights of stairs to reach the Champion's temple. Alder and N are inside, and the battle is already over. Amazingly, N has won. Alder begs him not to separate Pokémon and people, but N will hear none of it. He realizes that you have obtained the Light StoneB/Dark StoneW, and is happy about it, for some reason. But he claims that this place isn't suitable for the legendary dragons, and moments later a giant castle rises up out of the ground and surrounds the Pokémon League! N leaves for the castle, and Cheren arrives to help Alder.

N's Castle

N's Castle was constructed in secret over many years, hidden away under the Pokémon League. Immediately upon entering the castle, you are confronted by six of the Seven Sages. Just as they are about to attack, the Gym Leaders jump into the fray! Bianca set out to warn them all about N, but didn't have enough time to reach the Striaton Gym Leaders. Let them take care of the Sages while you go on ahead.


When you reach the second floor, one of the Shadow Triad appears. This member of the trio tells you not to fear, as you can heal your Pokémon and access your PC even inside the castle. It's a nice thing to hear from a surprising place.

The middle room is where you will meet Anthea and Concordia, two high-ranking members of Team Plasma. Talk to Anthea on the left to have her heal your Pokémon. Talk to Concordia to hear a story about N's past. Because of the strange way Ghetsis raised him, he doesn't trust people — only Pokémon.


Check the first room you pass on the third floor to find a laboratory. One of the researchers claims that Team Plasma managed to infiltrate the Pokémon Storage System. On N's command, they plan to steal and release every Pokémon stored in the PC system! You can use the PC here to reorganize their party if needed.

Talk to a Plasma Grunt in the west room to get an Ultra Ball. Another Grunt will give you the opportunity to warp back to the Pokémon Center by the Elite Four plaza. If you need more items, briefly return to the Pokémon League. Talk to the Grunt again to return to this room.


Another member of the Shadow Triad appears when you reach the fourth floor, and tells you that the room to the left is N's room. A basketball hoop, a child's train set... why is N living in a room full of toys?

In the center room is a Plasma Grunt who criticizes two foreign criminal groups for being too conspicuous. Team Plasma may have built their castle for years in secret, but surely their plans will crumble, as well. Grab the Full Restore and climb to the fifth floor.


Ghetsis appears when you try to enter the throne room. He is excited because his ambitions are about to be realized. He claims that you should see if you have "what it takes to be the hero," and invites you to enter the throne room.

Throne Room

N is sitting on the throne. He tells you to show him the depth of your determination, and calls ZekromB/ReshiramW to his side. The legendary dragon breaks through the wall behind the throne, and lands near N. In a show of force, the dragon uses its crackling electricityB/blazing fireW to completely evaporate the water lining the sides of the room.

When the first dragon appears, the Light StoneB/Dark StoneW suddenly jumps out of your Bag. The stone floats in the air for a moment, slowly absorbing the aura from its surroundings before reawakening as ReshiramB/ZekromW. N says that it is testing you, and wants to help you. The dragon appears and battles you as a test. Get ready!
Use Ground- or Dragon-type moves to lower its health quickly, then weaken it further with Fire-, Grass-, or Electric-type attacks. Even if you knock it out, as long as there is room in the party or the PC, you can keep challenging it until it is captured. Capturing ReshiramB/ZekromW shouldn't be too terribly hard— both dragons have a much higher catch rate (45) than all of the other legendaries (3). Try throwing a Quick Ball at it on the first turn, or lower its HP and use an Ultra Ball.

Dragon Fire
Held item:
Reshiram Lv.50
Dragon Special
Normal Physical
Psychic Special
Fusion Flare
Fire Special
Dragon Electric
Held item:
Zekrom Lv.50
Dragon Special
Normal Physical
Zen Headbutt
Psychic Physical
Fusion Bolt
Electric Physical

When added to the party, it will always be the lead Pokémon. That way, the first round with N will always be one legendary dragon against the other. Use Ground- and Dragon-type attacks to wear down the opposing dragon. If Reshiram attacks with Fusion Flare after Zekrom uses Fusion Bolt (and vice-versa), the second dragon to attack will inflict double the damage. Usually, your dragon will be slower than his, so use that to your advantage.
As for his other Pokémon, use their weaknesses to gain the upper hand. His Vanilluxe and Klinklang are weak against Fire attacks, while Zoroark, and Carracosta are all vulnerable to Fighting-type attacks. Don't let Zoroark fool you; it will take the form of the last Pokémon N used, so still utilize Fighting and Bug-type moves due to its Dark-type typing. His two Fossil Pokémon (Carracosta and Archeops are also at a disadvantage against Electric-type moves. Almost all of N's team except for the legendary and Archeops are weak to Fighting-type attacks though, so make use of Brick Break, Low Sweep, or Focus Blast. If you started out with Emboar, this fight shouldn't be too hard.

Finally defeated, N is forced to question his convictions. Two heroes at the same time... one that pursues truth, one that pursues ideals... Could they both be right? Ghetsis appears, and yells at N for losing to an ordinary Trainer. His words also imply that N is his son, as they apparently share the surname Harmonia. Ghetsis reveals that he was pulling Team Plasma's strings, and hoped to use his position within the organization to manipulate people into releasing their Pokémon, leaving themselves defenseless against his ambitions. He says that those who get in the way must be eliminated. Alder and Cheren arrive to help, and Ghetsis attacks the player.
His Pokémon have few weaknesses, especially Eelektross, which has none due to its ability, Levitate, although a Pokémon with a ground-type move and Mold Breaker will break through it. Grass-type attacks will inflict four times the damage to his Seismitoad, and Bisharp is doubly vulnerable to Fighting-type moves. Cofagrigus and Bouffalant should be pretty straightforward, but KO Bouffalant quickly to make sure it can't do too much damage.
The real trouble comes when Hydreigon appears. It will destroy any Ice-types with Fire Blast, so don't use pure Ice-types against him. Chances are, if Hydreigon doesn't have anything super-effective against you, it will spam Dragon Pulse, so make sure you can live through at least one hit. A Pokémon with high Special Defense will be useful here. Otherwise, keep on healing and blasting at it until it goes down.

Ghetsis can't believe that he, "the perfect ruler of a perfect new world," was defeated. He laughs evilly and then explains that he told N to become the hero. Ghetsis couldn't meet the Legendary dragon because the dragon will only obey someone with a pure heart. Alder and Cheren take him into custody, and N explains that he wanted to battle you again and again because he couldn't believe that your Pokémon were happy with you. You and him walk to the back of the room, where he releases his dragon through the hole in the wall and bids you farewell.

After the credits roll, a short cutscene shows ZekromB/ReshiramW flying along with N on its back, and using the power in its tail to accelerate across the sky.

When the credits are over, you are back home in Nuvema Town.

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