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Indigo Plateau

Indigo Plateau

The Ultimate Goal
for Trainers!

At Indigo Plateau, challengers must face the five strongest Trainers in the region, one after the other. While it is possible to use items and save your progress between battles, it is impossible to return to the Pokémon Center unless you are defeated. The Elite Four have not earned that title for nothing, so your Pokémon should be trained to level 50 to be on equal footing with the Champion. In order to be well-prepared, your team should include Dark-, Psychic-, Water- or Ice-, and Fighting-type Pokémon. Use TMs and HMs to teach moves like Ice Punch, ThunderPunch, Fire Punch (which can all be bought at Goldenrod Department Store), and Surf to round out your offense. Buy as many Full Restores, Revives, and Full Heals as you can afford. If you need to leave, the old man can have his Abra teleport you home to New Bark Town.

Indigo Plateau Poké Mart

Elite Four

Battle 1: Will

Will's room

The first of the Elite Four is Will, a master Psychic-type Trainer.

A powerful Electric-type attack can make short work of his two Xatu and his Slowbro. A hit from a strong Fire move like Flamethrower can eliminate his Jynx and Exeggutor. The only real threats are Xatu's Confuse Ray and Jynx's Lovely Kiss. If you chose Totodile as your starter, a few Bites from Feraligatr's massive jaws can whip through Will's entire team with little trouble.

Heal your team, move your Psychic Pokémon to the front of your party, and head through the door to the second battle.

Battle 2: Koga

Koga's room

The second of the Elite Four is Koga, a master Poison-type Trainer and former Gym Leader of Kanto's Fuchsia Gym.

A strong Psychic-type Pokémon can take out Koga's toxic team with little effort. Aside from that, Fire attacks will scorch his Bugs to a crisp, while a Rock-type move can knock his Crobat out of the air. Three of his Pokémon know Toxic, a move that badly poisons the foe. If afflicted, switching the Pokémon out of battle will cause the poison to lose its potency, degrading to a normal poison condition.

Heal your team, and make sure that your Psychic Pokémon is still ready for action.

Battle 3: Bruno

Bruno's room

The third of the Elite Four is Bruno, a master Fighting-type Trainer.

Any decent Psychic-type Pokémon can easily knock out Bruno's brawny Pokémon, but should be wary of Hitmontop's Pursuit, a Dark-type attack. A Flying-type Pokémon also has the advantage against all but Onix, but should avoid Machamp's Rock Slide. Hitmonchan's elemental punches may seem intimidating, but it lacks the power to really make use of them. Onix takes massive damage from both Grass- and Water-type attacks, like SolarBeam or Surf.

Rest up if needed, and swap your Psychic leader with a high-powered Fighting Pokémon.

Battle 4: Karen

Karen's room

The fourth of the Elite Four is Karen, a master Dark-type Trainer.

With its high defenses and moves like Confuse Ray, her Umbreon is the biggest obstacle. Inflict status ailments and switch out your Pokémon as needed. Once Umbreon goes down, the others can be taken out with elemental attacks. Ice-type attacks do well against her Murkrow and Vileplume, while her Houndoom is vulnerable to Water moves. Hit her Gengar with a Psychic- or Dark-type attack before it can use Curse.

Tend to your team, and swap your Fighting-type leader for a Pokémon with Thunderbolt.

Champion: Lance

Lance's room

With the Elite Four defeated, only one person remains between you and the Hall of Fame: Lance, master of Dragons, and Champion of the Pokémon League. This will be the toughest battle yet, but find a way to slay his dragons and you'll be recognized as the most powerful Trainer in all of Johto and Kanto!

Lance opens with his Gyarados, which is a big target for Electric attacks. His three Dragonite can't stand the cold, so have a Water or Ice Pokémon fire off a few Ice Beams. Neither his Charizard nor his Aerodactyl enjoy water, so flood the field with Surf to take them out; both are vulnerable to Electric moves, as well. Keep your health as high as possible; every one of Lance's dragons knows the devastating Hyper Beam move, so don't get caught unprepared.

Lance congratulates you for defeating the Pokémon League, and compliments you on growing so much with your Pokémon. He is quickly interrupted by DJ Mary, who rushes in for an interview. She would have been here sooner, but Professor Oak is not as quick as he was in his younger days. He applauds your victory, and claims that your Pokémon won because they believed in you as a Trainer. Mary tries again for an interview, but Lance steps in and leads you to the next room.

Hall of Fame

Lance shows you to the Hall of Fame room, and says that it's been a long time since he was last here. He explains the large machine, where Pokémon League Champions are honored along with their courageous Pokémon. He activates the machine, registering you and your partners as Hall of Fame members.

The game saves, a slideshow of your Pokémon plays, and the credits roll...

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