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New Bark Town

Elm's Lab

Professor Elm thanks you for helping with his research. As a token of his appreciation, he rewards you with a Master Ball! He claims that it is only given to recognized Pokémon researchers, but he thinks that you could make a better use of it than he can. This ultimate Poké Ball catches any Pokémon without fail, regardless of the target. It is usually best to save it for Ho-Oh, Lugia, or the legendary beasts.

With that done, surf east across the lake to reach Route 27.

Route 27 (west)

Route 27

Route 27 connects New Bark Town and Route 26. In addition, it is the first accessible part of the neighboring Kanto region, and a man on the east side of the lake is quick to remind you of this. A ledge in the route's center hinders eastbound travel, forcing Trainers to detour through Tohjo Falls.

Tohjo Falls

Tohjo Falls

As Waterfall cannot be used in the field without the Rising Badge, Tohjo Falls acts not only as a link between the two regions, but also as a barrier to prevent all but the strongest Trainers from reaching Indigo Plateau.

Route 27 (east)

Outside the cave is a house that belongs to an elderly woman. Speak to her when your lead Pokémon is devoted to you to receive TM37 (Sandstorm). Continue east to the bridge, then surf south to reach a whirlpool; TM22 (SolarBeam) lies on this tiny shoreline.

Route 26

Route 26

Route 26 is one of the longest routes in Kanto, stretching from the far southwest to the Pokémon League Reception Gate, where it intersects with Route 22, Route 28, and Victory Road.

The Locals

In the northern house, a woman will heal your Pokémon to full health. In the southern house, which belongs to the Week Siblings, there is a note that reveals the residents' locations.

Day Name Location
Monday Monica Route 40
Tuesday Tuscany Route 29
Wednesday Wesley Lake of Rage
Thursday Arthur Route 36
Friday Frieda Route 32
Saturday Santos Blackthorn City
Sunday Sunny Route 37

Pokémon League Reception Gate

Inside the Reception Gate, the first guard checks all passing Trainers for the eight Badges of Johto. Beyond that, two other guards block the exits to Mt. Silver and Route 22. Head through the north doors to enter Victory Road.

Victory Road

Victory Road, 1F

Victory Road, a difficult tunnel separating the Reception Gate and Indigo Plateau, earned its name because all Trainers passing through are aiming for victory at the Pokémon League. The cave was once a grueling ordeal, but recent cave-ins have left the area diminished and devoid of any Trainers.


Step up onto the rock platform and head northeast to find a Max Revive and a Full Heal. Go west and climb the ladder to 2F.


Victory Road, 2F

Head east across the platform and grab the HP Up on the south ledge. Continue east and climb the ladder to 3F.


Victory Road, 3F

Walk southwest across the platform, jump the ledge, and climb down the southeast ladder.


Pick up the Full Restore, jump the ledge, and climb back up to 3F.


Go north around the platform, then head to the west wall and drop down the hole.


Pick up TM26 (Earthquake) and inspect the rock for a hidden Max Potion. Jump the east ledge and climb the ladder once again.


Head north around the platform towards the exit. Make sure that your Pokémon are in good condition, as Silver shows up to challenge you again. He considers himself invincible, so put his theory to the test.

  Player chose Chikorita:   Player chose Cyndaquil:   Player chose Totodile:

Exit the cave to arrive at Indigo Plateau, the site of the Pokémon League.

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