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Route 6

Route 6

Route 6, connecting Driftveil City and Chargestone Cave, is a winding road surrounded by lush vegetation and a flowing river. The Season Research Lab stands at the center, where scientists are conducting research on Pokémon that change with the seasons. A girl in the house across the river will offer to heal your Pokémon before you enter the nearby cave.

Season Research Lab

The scientists at the Season Research Lab are interested in studying Deerling because it can alter its appearance based on the season. One of the researchers will ask for your help. If you show him a Deerling in all four of its forms, he will give you a Leaf Stone as thanks.

Chargestone Cave

Chargestone Cave

As you approach Chargestone Cave, you find a large Galvantula web blocking the entrance. Clay shows up with his Krokorok and removes it for you, then hands you TM78 (Bulldoze) as a reward for defeating him at the Gym.


Almost as soon as you enter, two members of the Shadow Triad appear and escort you to N. He warns you that Team Plasma is waiting ahead to test you, then leaves.

Head north to meet up with Bianca and Professor Juniper. The professor is here to research Klink, and Bianca is acting as her bodyguard. Juniper gives you the Lucky Egg, which boosts a Pokémon's experience.

Walk around Bianca and shove the floating stone to the left; it flies over to a larger stone on the ground, clearing a path. Go north and push the next rock to the right, and pick up the Parlyz Heal. Fight Scientist Ronald, grab the Revive behind the two floating stones, and continue north to reach a Heal Ball on a ledge. Shove the next two floating stones to the west, then south. Bianca and the professor catch up and talk more about Klink. You can't go very far north with another floating stone in the way, so go south to the bridge. The Shadow Triad appears again, telling you that Team Plasma is waiting downstairs. Pick up the Hyper Potion to the north and shove the floating stone to the south. Fight Scientist Naoko, loop around to the west, and push the southern stone west to get an Iron.


Head to the west and talk to the two brothers to get a Nugget from each of them. Continue west to find a Parlyz Heal hidden in the alcove, and take the stairs back to the first floor to grab a hidden HP Up. Go north past the Nugget Brothers to find a Timer Ball. Defeat Doctor Wayne to the east to rest your Pokémon, and track down a Revive hidden on the wall west of him. Fight your way north past the five Plasma grunts. Go west and push another two floating stones to reach a Thunderstone and the stairs to the bottom floor.


Push the floating stone to the right and continue south. Climb down the stairway near Ace Trainer Stella to find a Hyper Potion, and a Star Piece hidden on the wall nearby. Follow the narrow path around to find a Rare Candy, then backtrack to the center of the floor. Hunt down a Parlyz Heal hidden near the east wall, and get the BrightPowder from the northeast chamber. Climb back upstairs to B1F.


Fight one last Plasma grunt and climb the eastern stairs.


Go west past Scientist Orville and push the floating stone, then check the wall nearby for a hidden Max Potion. Head southeast to fight Ace Trainer Corky, then pick up the Magnet south of him.

Go east through the last tunnel, and you'll find N waiting for you. He says that he wants to find out what kind of dream you have, and he'll do it by battling you.

Bianca and Professor Juniper catch up to you after the battle. N expresses his hostility toward Juniper for being a Pokémon researcher, then leaves. The other two head back into the cave to collect more data. Take the exit to reach Mistralton City.

Mistralton City

Mistralton CityB

Most of Mistralton City is occupied by a giant runway for cargo planes. The vegetables harvested from the greenhousesB / fieldsW are exported to other regions aboard these planes. The city is also home to the Move Family, and the Mistralton Gym.

The Move Family

The Move Family lives in the house to the east of the Pokémon Center. The old man is the Move deleter, who can make a Pokémon forget any move, even moves taught by an HM. The reminder girl, on the other hand, can make a Pokémon remember any forgotten move in exchange for a Heart Scale.

Meet the other Juniper

A man approaches you when you head north past the Pokémon Center. He introduces himself as Cedric Juniper, Professor Juniper's father. To commemorate your first meeting, he upgrades your Pokédex with new search features, and a function that lets you now view a Pokémon's different forms, and even its Shiny form!

He introduces you to Skyla, the Mistralton Gym Leader. She's off to check on a sick Pokémon atop the Celestial Tower. You won't be able to challenge the Gym until you meet her at the tower, so follow her north to Route 7.

Route 7

Route 7

Route 7 is overgrown with patches of tall grass. A series of elevated walkways offer a safer alternative, but you will fall if you miss a step or stop for too long. In a house to the west is a Hiker who is looking to trade for a Boldore; if you've got one to spare, he offers his Emolga for it.

Make your way north to reach the Celestial Tower.

Celestial Tower

The Celestial Tower is a five-story tower built as a memorial to departed Pokémon. On the roof is a large bell whose tones are said to comfort and purify the lost spirits.

When you reach the rooftop, Skyla has already helped the weakened Pokémon. Since you've come so far, she asks you to ring the bell. The character of the person ringing the bell is supposed to be reflected in its sound. After listening to the tone, Skyla says you are a kind and strong person, and invites you back to Mistralton for a Gym battle.

Mistralton Gym

Mistralton Gym

Mistralton City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Skyla

The Highflying Girl

The Mistralton Gym is set up inside an aircraft hangar, and specializes in the Flying-type. The Gym features a series of cannons that challengers must use to reach the Gym Leader. All Pokémon here are vulnerable to Electric- and Rock-type attacks; if you don't have any of these moves, you may want to use TMs to teach moves like Volt Switch or Rock Tomb.

Climb inside the first cannon, then go left to reach the second. Walk down the staircase and jump in the second cannon again to get shot to the east, landing near Worker Cliff. Climb up the staircase and go south to fight Worker Brady. Jump inside the third cannon to land on the west side, and battle Pilot Ted. Climb in the fourth cannon from the south, and you'll land just short of Skyla's platform. The fifth cannon will launch you to the east, then backtrack and battle Pilot Chase, and fly to the west. Walk up the staircase to fight Worker Arnold, then use the next four cannons to fly south, east, north, then west onto Skyla's platform.

Mistralton Gym

This battle will go quickly if you've got a strong Electric-type. If not, Rock-types will also do the trick, although you have to watch out for Swanna's Water-type attacks.
Upon her defeat, Skyla awards you the Jet Badge, which makes all Pokémon up to level 70 obey you. She also hands over TM62 (Acrobatics).

Outside the Gym, N is waiting for you. He tells you that Ghetsis is searching for the Light Stone and the Dark Stone, each said to hold the essence of a legendary Pokémon. Before he leaves, he announces that he will resurrect and befriend one of the legendary dragons, so the world will recognize him as the hero of legend.

Leave Mistralton City and head northeast through Route 7 to reach Twist Mountain.

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