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Route 5

Route 5

Route 5 is a short road that connects Nimbasa City to Driftveil Drawbridge. The road is a favorite hangout spot among street performers, and has a livelier atmosphere for such a small area.

Battle with Cheren

Cheren catches up with you soon after you leave Nimbasa. He, at some point earned his Bolt Badge as well, and is eager to challenge you again.

  If the player chose Snivy:   If the player chose Tepig:   If the player chose Oshawott:

Meet Alder, Champion of Unova

Elesa shows up after your battle with Cheren, and leads the two of you towards the drawbridge. On the way, the three meet a man with wild red hair, who Elesa introduces as Alder, the Champion of Unova. Cheren tells Alder his goal of becoming Champion, but can't answer why. Alder asks the two of you to battle a pair of Preschoolers, and teaches Cheren that some people are happy just being with Pokémon.

Continuing to the west, Elesa contacts someone in Driftveil City in order to lower the drawbridge. Follow Cheren across the bridge.

The hungry maid

The maid inside the camper is trying to cook a meal, but is looking for more ingredients. If you give her any edible item, she will pay you for your generosity. She pays more for each item than any Poké Mart does, ranging anywhere from $20 to $30,000.

Driftveil Drawbridge

Driftveil Drawbridge

Thanks to Elesa and Clay, Trainers are now free to come and go across the Driftveil Drawbridge. The bridge is managed by Clay, the Driftveil Gym Leader, and is raised and lowered to accommodate Driftveil's shipping schedule. Bird Pokémon frequently pass over the bridge, and may drop a few feathers. Most of the time these contain a random item where most of them can be used to raise the Pokémon's Effort values for their stats. Since most of these items can be sold for $1500 at a Poké Mart, this location can also be useful to help make some quick cash to help with purchasing expensive items such as the TMs which the Poké Mart sells in various areas. Ducklett likes to rest on the bridge, and may be battled occasionally.

Driftveil City

Driftveil City

Driftveil City is a major port city, and various goods come and go here. The city features the fifth Gym and a market, and one resident will offer to teach your starter Pokémon a special move.

Meet Clay, Driftveil Gym Leader

When you enter the city, you meet up with Cheren and Clay, the Gym Leader. Clay is upset because when he lowered the drawbridge for the two of you to cross, a group of Team Plasma grunts that he had in custody escaped. Clay asks the two of you to find the escapees.

Driftveil Move Tutor

If you have a strong bond with your starter Pokémon, the man in the house east of the market will offer to teach it a special move. The three possible moves are Grass Pledge, Fire Pledge, and Water Pledge. These attacks are decent on their own, but if used simultaneously in a Double or Triple Battle, their power increases and they create special effects.

Get a Shell Bell

Stop in the house to the southeast of the Pokémon Center and speak to the elderly man to get a Shell Bell. When the Pokémon holding it inflicts damage to an opponent, it restores HP equal to 1/8 of the damage dealt.

The kid in the same house is looking to trade. If you can part with a Minccino, he'll trade you a Basculin.

A Heart Scale a Day

The woman in the house north of the market wants to see a Pokémon that knows a specific move. If you show her any Pokémon with that move, she will thank you by giving you a Heart Scale. Heart Scales can be used later to help a Pokémon relearn a move it had forgotten. She will ask to see another move every day.

Learn a New Battle Style

Charles is a Motorcyclist on the west side of the Driftveil Market. Speak to him to learn about Rotation BattlesB / Triple BattlesW, then battle him to try out the new format.

Driftveil Market

Driftveil is a major shipping hub, and imported items are up for sale here that can't be found anywhere else.

Moomoo Milk shop

Herb Shop

Cold Storage

The Cold Storage is an important stop for the region's imports and exports, and many goods are stored and processed here. Clay asked you to track down Team Plasma, and though most of the thugs escaped over the bridge, it seems that a few grunts have fled into the refrigerated building on the south side of the island.

Cheren shows up to help, but it's up to you to track down Team Plasma. Head straight ahead from the freezer's entrance to reach the first patch of ice. Slide up along the left-hand side, then go right to reach TM55 (Scald). Battle with Worker Victor, and continue to the right across the second ice patch. Climb up the ladder near Worker Glenn, and slide around in a counter-clockwise loop to continue south. Climb up the next ladder and walk across the wooden containers to reach the building's southeast corner. Battle Worker Patton and grab the Ice Heal, then go north across the ice. Grab the Hyper Potion near Worker Ryan, and go to the left to reach an open container by the rear wall. Inside is Zinzolin, one of the Seven Sages, who has been keeping warm by huddling in the middle of a group of Team Plasma Grunts. When he sees you and Cheren enter, he orders them to defend him. Once you each defeat four of the eight grunts, Clay arrives with a group of Workers to take the thugs back into custody. He invites you to challenge his Gym, then he and Cheren leave. Pick up the NeverMeltIce and head back to the city.

Driftveil Gym

When you arrive at the Gym, you see that Ghetsis has shown up with a gang of Plasma grunts to persuade Clay to release the others. Clay reluctantly releases Zinzolin and the others, and the criminals disappear.

Driftveil Gym

Driftveil City Pokémon Gym
Leader: Clay

The Underground Boss

The Driftveil Gym specializes in the Ground-type. Keeping with his title "Miner King", the Gym incorporates a large mine shaft with Clay waiting at the bottom. Since the Pokémon here are vulnerable to Grass- and Water-type attacks, TM86 (Grass Knot) and TM55 (Scald) can help exploit those weaknesses. For dealing with Excadrill, it would be wise to finish it off quickly before he devastates your team with his power due to its high physical stats and its move Hone Claws which can raise its physical attack and accuracy by one level each. Avoid using a Grass-type move since it takes regular damage due to being part-Steel-type. Instead a Fire, Water, Ground, or Fighting-type attack should be capable of taking Excadrill down quickly enough.

Ride the first lift down from the entrance room and battle Worker Felix. Take the next lift down to the second level and go north; you can take this lift back up to battle Worker Sterling. Take the walkway along the rear and west walls to reach Worker Don, and take the next lift down to the third level. There are two other lifts on the third level; you can take the one to the right to battle Clerk ♂ Isaac, then backtrack and ride the other up to the first level. Step out on the walkway to battle Clerk ♀ Katie, then take the last lift down to the deepest part of the mine.

Driftveil Gym

For defeating him, Clay awards you the Quake Badge. As your fifth Badge, the Quake Badge guarantees that all Pokémon up to level 60 will obey you. Unlike the other Gym Leaders, Clay won't give you a TM just yet. He will tell you to meet him at the end of Route 6.

Battle with Bianca

When you try to leave for Route 6, Bianca stops you. She's impressed that you just earned your fifth Badge, and after regaining her focus, challenges you to a battle.

  If the player chose Snivy:   If the player chose Tepig:   If the player chose Oshawott:

Bianca is so impressed with your progress, she hands you a gift: HM02 (Fly)! This handy move lets you return to any city or town that you've already visited in a fraction of the time.

Rest up at the Poké Center, then set off for Route 6 to the west.

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