About Me

I've been doing and playing pokemon since my cousin showed it to me in preschool. Although he didn't let me play it I started to play it the next year with the release of Gold and Silver. I also got Pokemon Puzzle Challenge and Blue but Blue shortly after stopped working. Really wish I had a DS so I could play the DS generation of the Pokemon games actually. I still play the Silver, and the generation III games actually. Wish I knew what happened to my Gold version. Probably gave it to a friend I guess. Got a couple of guides and the such. Whenever I play R/S/E for some reason I always have to get a Gardevoir on my team for some odd reason I can't explain.

I've slightly played the generation IV games at an ex-friend's house as well. Seem to be quite pleasing the games are. Sometimes I enjoy forcing myself into a challenge as well such as only using two Pokemon or not being allowed to use certain moves to finish the games. I've discovered a couple of nice glitches from time to time as well. I don't enjoy using them though since they take forever to do. Probably my favorite Pokemon to use in any game are Gardevoir, Frosslass, Glaceon, Umbreon, Meganium, Blaziken, Charizard, Blastoise, Mew, Tyranitar, Metagross. Seem to be nice. Also watch animes quite a bit when I have nothing to do whatsoever as well.

Why I'm Here

Here to help unstub articles when possible, complete movesets for the characters in the Pokemon Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness areas seeing as most of their moves haven't been wrote down or anything. Help others if I can and whatnot. Also to help fix up minor mistakes and hopefully make articles and synopsis in episodes, games, movies get cleaned up and finished.


Single Pokemon Runs

My Trainer Info for each Generation

Generation I

Before Battle
I have no idea who you are or how you found me. You constantly followed me after defeating Blue... I beat him as well. That makes us both Champs right? Well if you really do wish to keep bothering me then let us battle and I'll show what a true Champion is capable of. Expect no second chances..

After Battle
You fought valiantly, it's still no blind luck we beat Blue one after the other. You should continue on with your friends to explore new regions and Pokemon. As for me? I shall do the same, we may cross paths again one day in the future. Farewell to you I think...

Generation II

Before Battle
You came to me looking to find a stronger challenge yes? Was Red not enough for you? Either way, I am Vivi, I am four time ex-champion. I'll show you just why I never lose. Fighting me is futile... Let's GO!

After Battle
You fought like someone I knew but so much harsher, it's no wonder you won! You forcefully made your Pokemon fight mine. Heh, until the day we all meet again, farewell for now. Always look on the brighter side and take care of your Pokemon with respect and care. Farewell to you I think..

Generation III

Before Battle
Not many trainers have found me. How and why you found me is none of your concern. You wish to battle the one who remains hidden amongst the cities and caves? Here I am. Let us fight a battle to never forget ever!

After Defeat
You may have beaten me but you treat your Pokemon as puppets and tools. I like forward to the day that we meet again. Farewell to you forever I think.

Generation IV

Before Battle
Not many trainers have come before me. I always look for a spot to stay away from people and their pokemon but if you really wish to battle I'll hold nothing back... even if you are the Champion!

During battle
Well this is quite dandy.....

I haven't been backed up to the corner like this since I became a trainer four years ago. You have quite the skills..

I shall not fall easily!!

After Battle
That was a valiant battle we had. It's nice to battle another champ. What's that? You don't believe me? I can understand, I was champ for short time before giving up the position back to the previous champ so people would not bother me. It was a great time having battled you. Maybe I'll return to take back my place as champ soon... Farewell to you I think.....