Twinboar (TCG)

WCS2011 Twinboar Deck.jpg
Box art
Types used FireLightning
Major cards Reshiram, Emboar, Magnezone

Twinboar is the name of the deck used by David Cohen, the Masters Champion in the 2011 World Championships. The deck is a specific build of the MagneBoar archetype that focuses on Reshiram, Magnezone and Emboar. The strategy of the deck is to use Reshiram's Blue Flare attack each turn, and reattaching the Fire Energy by means of Emboar's Inferno Fandango Ability, with Magnezone providing draw support through its Poké-Power, Magnetic Draw.

Twinboar is one of the four 2011 World Championships Decks released in October 2011. With the deck came a 2011 World Championships Deck Box, and a Champions Booklet.


With Cleffa in place to stoke the flames and the Trainer card Twins to get you just what you need when you need it, World Champion David Cohen uses a combination of Emboar and Reshiram to blaze the trail to his title. In an added flash of inspiration, his addition of Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND can surprise your opponent and earn you two Prize cards to win the game in a blaze of glory!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND     
Rayquaza & Deoxys LEGEND     
Rare Candy T  
Pokémon Communication I  
Energy Retrieval I  
Switch I  
Junk Arm T  
Pokémon Collector Su  
Twins Su  
Professor Oak's New Theory Su  
Fisherman Su  
Fire Energy  
Lightning Energy  
Rescue Energy    

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