2004 World Championships (TCG)

World Championships

The Pokémon Trading Card Game 2004 World Championships was held at the Wyndham Palace Resort & Spa at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in the United States from August 20 to 22, 2004. The event was the first World Championships event hosted by Play! Pokémon (called Pokémon Organized Play at the time). The event used the Expedition-onwards Modified Format.


Single-elimination brackets

Ten and Under

Hayato Sato, of Japan, was the first Ten and Under Champion. He defeated American Reed Weichler in the final.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Championship match
 Takashi Yoneda    
 Jacob Burnside        Takashi Yoneda    
 Hayato Sato      Hayato Sato    
 Jasper Van Bemmelen          Hayato Sato    
 Akira Miyazaki          Akira Miyazaki    
 Jake Arnold        Akira Miyazaki  
 Andrew Krekeler      Jose Steven Eguia    
 Jose Steven Eguia          Hayato Sato  
 Ukyo Kurashita          Reed Weichler  
 Kevin White        Ukyo Kurashita    
 Reed Weichler      Reed Weichler    
 Tim Horung          Reed Weichler  
 Curran Hill          Taylor Mitchell    
 Kyle Lathem        Kyle Lathem  
 Jasa Goonjov      Taylor Mitchell    
 Taylor Mitchell    

Eleven to Fourteen

Takuya Yoneda, of Japan, was the first Eleven to Fourteen Champion. He defeated American Kevin Nguyen in the final.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Championship match
 Takuya Yoneda    
 Frank Diaz        Takuya Yoneda    
 Taylor Davis      Daniel Mermelstein    
 Daniel Mermelstein          Takuya Yoneda    
 Heather Lynch          Takayuki Nishide    
 Patrick Kewley        Patrick Kewley  
 Takayuki Nishide      Takayuki Nishide    
 Steve Davis          Takuya Yoneda  
 Yutaka Sato          Kevin Nguyen  
 Sebastian Crema        Sebastian Crema    
 Dan Richard      Andrew Knaack    
 Andrew Knaack          Sebastian Crema  
 Jeroen Robert          Kevin Nguyen    
 Miyuki Fukuda        Jeroen Robert  
 Kevin Nguyen      Kevin Nguyen    
 Jason Chen    

Fifteen and Over

Tsuguyoshi Yamato, of Japan, was the first Fifteen and Over Champion, winning with a perfect match record. He defeated American Chris Fulop in the final.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Championship match
 Tsuguyoshi Yamato    
 Eric Craig        Tsuguyoshi Yamato    
 Koji Kanno      Colin Moll    
 Colin Moll          Tsuguyoshi Yamato    
 Evens Cheung          Go Miyamoto    
 Go Miyamoto        Go Miyamoto  
 Drew Holton      Drew Holton    
 Kyle Sucevich          Tsuguyoshi Yamato  
 J.R. Palumbo          Chris Fulop  
 Chris Fulop        Chris Fulop    
 Yuichi Murakami      Yuichi Murakami    
 Kevin Jackson          Chris Fulop  
 Charles Collinsworth          Yuki Fujimori    
 Yuki Fujimori        Yuki Fujimori  
 Nick Caporelli      Kenneth Wong    
 Kenneth Wong    

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