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Anguille Sous Roche
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Types used LightningFire

Anguille Sous Roche is the name of the deck used by Clément Lamberton, who was second in the Senior Division in the 2013 World Championships. It is one of the four 2013 World Championships Decks, released on November 4, 2013. Each Deck comes with a Worlds 2013 themed Deckbox, a booklet about the championships, a non-tournament-legal print of the sixty card deck, and the 2013 World Championships Pin.


Rayquaza-EX is this deck's main attacker and, fueled by Eelektrik’s Dynamotor Ability, can deal enough damage to knock out even the strongest opponent. Raikou-EX allows the player to take out Pokémon sitting on the Bench and Victini makes short work of Grass types, while the combination of Keldeo-EX and Float Stones enable easy switching between attackers.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Dowsing Machine I  
Tropical Beach St
Professor Juniper Su  
N Su  
Colress Su  
Ultra Ball I  
Level Ball I  
Pokémon Catcher I  
Super Rod I  
Energy Search I  
Float Stone I  
Lightning Energy   E  
Fire Energy   E  


  • The name of this deck derives from a French idiom, il y a anguille sous roche, which is used to refer to something suspicious. The idiom literally translates to "there is an eel hidden under a rock," the "eel" in this case being Eelektrik.

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