Lost Box Kyogre (TCG)

Lost Box Kyogre
WCS2023 Lost Box Kyogre.jpg
Box art
Release date March 1, 2024
Types used WaterLightningPsychic

Lost Box Kyogre is the name of the deck used by Shao Tong Yen, the Junior Division champion at the 2023 World Championships. It is one of the 2023 World Championship Decks released March 1, 2024. Each deck comes with a playmat, poster, booklet about the event, TCGL code card, and a special Worlds 2023 deck box, pin, and coin. The cards included in the deck are not the exact prints used by Shao Tong, but are the most recent, lowest-rarity print with any Holofoil removed. Each card has a unique card back (thus making them ineligible for tournaments) and Shao Tong's signature.


In the hands of Champion Shao Tong Yen, this clever Lost Box Kyogre deck washed away the competition in Yokohama. While it hinges on a strategy fit for a Pokémon TCG Champion—an awful lot of cards have to be in the Lost Zone in order to “turn on” this deck’s biggest rewards—those rewards are well worth the challenge. Comfey’s Flower Selecting Ability and Colress’s Experiment are more than capable of quickly stocking the Lost Zone. And if the cards fall right, players can piece together Shao Tong’s epic Kyogre combo for the win!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Radiant Greninja    
Colress's Experiment Su  
Klara Su  
PokéStop St  
Battle VIP Pass I  
Escape Rope I  
Mirage Gate I  
Switch Cart I  
Nest Ball I  
Energy Recycler I  
Lost Vacuum I  
Super Rod I  
Echoing Horn I  
Hisuian Heavy Ball I  
Pal Pad I  
Forest Seal Stone PT  
Water Energy   E
Lightning Energy   E
Psychic Energy   E

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