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HonorStoise is the name of the deck used by Jacob Van Wagner, who was the champion of the Masters Division in the 2015 World Championships. It is one of the four 2015 World Championships Decks, released in November 2015, and is based around the combination of Blastoise and KeldeoEX. Each Deck comes with a Worlds 2015 themed Deckbox, a booklet about the championships, a non-tournament-legal print of the sixty card deck, and the 2015 World Championships Pin. The cards included in the deck aren't the prints actually used in the decks, but are the most recent printing of the lowest rarity of the cards.



Jacob Van Wagner and his HonorStoise deck swept away the TCG Masters Division! The deck uses Archie's Ace in the Hole and lots of discard affects to get Blastoise onto the Bench. Then, thanks to its Deluge Ability, you can pile tons of Water Energy onto Keldeo-EX for a humongous Secret Sword Attack! When all goes well, no other deck can accelerate like this one—and opponents can't get their heads above water!


What will Jacob remember most about this year's Worlds (besides his amazing victory of course)? "Being able to celebrate with all of the friends who helped me get this far, and that I managed to do this well at my first World Championships." Jacob pulled of his deck's absurd combo on his first turn of both games in the finals. The card drawing Ability of Shaymin-EX was essential for game two, and Jacob says that card is the most interesting one in the current TCG environment. Another great moment from the weekend: "I loved being able to take games by actually attacking with Wailord-EX"—a Pokémon that climbed to the top at US Nationals by doing nothing!

Deck List

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Archie's Ace in the Hole Su  
Professor Juniper Su  
Lysandre Su  
N Su  
Acro Bike Su  
Battle Compressor I  
Superior Energy Retrieval I  
Trainers' Mail I  
Ultra Ball I  
VS Seeker I  
Float Stone I  
Muscle Band I  
Computer Search I  
Rough Seas St  
11× Water Energy   E  

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