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Team Rushdown
WCS2004 Team Rushdown Deck.jpg
Box art
Types used PsychicLightning
Major cards Gardevoir, Gardevoir ex

Team Rushdown is the name of the deck used by Kevin Nguyen in the 2004 World Championships. It focuses on Psychic and Lightning Pokémon. The main attackers of the deck are Gardevoir and Gardevoir ex.

Team Rushdown is one of the four 2004 World Championships Decks, released in November 2004. Each deck comes packaged with a 2004 World Championships Booklet. Each card features a silver border, Nguyen's signature, and limited edition 2004 World Championships back. None of the cards are tournament legal.


Kevin Nguyen's Team Rushdown deck is full of dangerous surprises. First, Magneton and Delcatty keep your opponent off-balance. Then all it takes is a dose of Boost Energy to make Gardevoir and Gardevoir EX an unstoppable force.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Gardevoir Psychic Rare Holo
Gardevoir ex Psychic Rare Holo ex
Skitty Colorless Common
Ralts Psychic Common
Magnemite Lightning Common
Dunsparce Colorless Common
Kirlia Psychic Uncommon
Magneton Lightning Rare
Delcatty Colorless Rare Holo
Rare Candy T Uncommon
Ancient Tomb T [St] Uncommon
Pokémon Reversal T Uncommon
Warp Point T Uncommon
Magnetic Storm T [St] Uncommon
Switch T Common
Steven's Advice T [Su] Uncommon
Desert Shaman T [Su] Uncommon
Town Volunteers T [Su] Uncommon
Oracle T [Su] Uncommon
Weakness Guard T Uncommon
Professor Elm's Training Method T [Su] Uncommon
Boost Energy Colorless E Uncommon
10× Psychic Energy Psychic E Common
Lightning Energy Lightning E Common