Psychic Elegance (TCG)

Psychic Elegance
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Box art
Release date March 1, 2024
Types used Psychic

Psychic Elegance is the name of the deck used by Tord Reklev, the Masters Division runner-up at the 2023 World Championships. It is one of the 2023 World Championship Decks released March 1, 2024. Each deck comes with a playmat, poster, booklet about the event, TCGL code card, and a special Worlds 2023 deck box, pin, and coin. The cards included in the deck are not the exact prints used by Fernandez, but are the most recent, lowest-rarity print with any Holofoil removed. Each card has a unique card back (thus making them ineligible for tournaments) and Reklev's signature.


Pokémon TCG legend Tord Reklev's masterful touch is apparent throughout his Psychic Elegance deck - its pieces build upon each other to form a powerhouse engine. From the early game to the late, support is provided by synergistic card combinations. In this skillful strategy, Kirlia is more than a means to an end - its Refinement Ability forms the deck's backbone, as it helps Gardevoir ex accelerate extra energy through discarding, and ultimately, take control of the game. With a little help from comeback kid Iono, opponents can watch their strategies suddenly dissolve in Gardevoir's embrace.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Radiant Greninja    
Iono Su  
Boss's Orders Su  
Professor's Research Su  
Artazon St  
Collapsed Stadium St  
Battle VIP Pass I  
Level Ball I  
Rare Candy I  
Ultra Ball I  
Fog Crystal I  
Super Rod I  
Lost Vacuum I  
Pal Pad I  
Forest Seal Stone I  
10× Psychic Energy   E
Reversal Energy   E  

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