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Jason Klaczynski after winning the 2008 World Championships

Jason Klaczynski, born October 10, 1985, is the only player of the Pokémon Trading Card Game to win multiple World Championships, first in 2006, again in 2008, and most recently in 2013. Having played since the game's U.S. debut, Klaczynski also won the 2000 Tropical Mega Battle in Hawaii, and the Fan Appreciation Tournament, held at Gen Con 2003, which was the final Pokémon TCG event hosted by Wizards of the Coast. In addition to playing competitively, Klaczynski occasionally hosts his own unique format events.


Notable tournament performances

Notable decks used


  • Klaczynski twice qualified for the World Championship via the Last Chance Qualifier, including in 2013, when he became the first Masters Division player to win the World Championship after earning an invite this way.
  • Has participated in every World Championship except 2004 and 2011. In 2011, Klaczynski fell one win short of earning an invite via the Last Chance Qualifier.
  • Holds a 15-1 record in World Championship Top Cut matches, his only loss in 2005 to eventual winner, Jeremy Maron.
  • He won every type of Premier Event sanctioned by The Pokémon Company International, winning at least one Regional, National, and World Championship.
  • Klaczynski's favorite Pokémon is Mew.

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