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Ninja Blitz
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Ninja Blitz is the name of the deck used by Cody Walinski, who was the runner-up of the Masters Division in the 2016 World Championships. It is one of the four 2016 World Championships Decks, released in November 2016, and is based on the Greninja BREAK archetype. Each Deck comes with a Worlds 2016 themed Deckbox, a booklet about the championships, a code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, and the 2016 World Championships Pin. The cards included in the deck aren't the prints actually used in the decks, but are the most recent printing of the lowest rarity of the cards.



Cody Walinski soared into the Masters Division finals with the help of Talonflame, who started game after game as his Active Pokémon thanks to its Gale Wings Ability and the luck of the draw. It's a great start for this deck, which can be slow to get going—Greninja BREAK requires multiple Evolutions before it can start doing its thing. But once it's in play, the Giant Water Shuriken Ability hands out the Knock Outs left and right!


Cody's most memorable moment came during the semifinals, when he defeated one of the veterans of the Pokémon World Championships with three Knock Outs in a single turn to advance to the finals! He really enjoyed "seeing a lot of unique decks have success" this year, and he was particularly proud of "my own success with a deck that was deemed inconsistent and irrelevant." When he's not playing Pokémon, Cody enjoys pickup basketball. He seems to have a good sense of humour about his second place finish—after all, he says, "Ash doesn't win tournaments with Greninja either."

Deck List

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Ace Trainer Su  
Battle Compressor I  
Bursting Balloon I  
Dive Ball I  
Fisherman Su  
Level Ball I  
N Su  
Pokémon Ranger Su  
Professor Sycamore Su  
Rough Seas St  
Startling Megaphone I  
Super Rod I  
VS Seeker I  
Splash Energy   E  
Water Energy   E  

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