2006 World Championships (TCG)

World Championships

The 2006 Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships were held at the Hilton Anaheim hotel in Anaheim, California in the United States from August 18 to 20, 2006. They were the third World Championships event hosted by Play! Pokémon.


The event used the EX Hidden Legends onwards Modified Format and was the last premier event before the new age division groups (Junior, Senior and Masters) were introduced. The second day of the tournament featured seven rounds of Swiss Pairings for the two younger divisions, while the Fifteen and Over division featured eight rounds. The top 32 players in each division were then seeded into single-elimination tournaments on Sunday to determine each division’s World Champion.

Single-elimination brackets

Curran Hill of the United States was the defending World Champion in the Ten and Under Division, but he became eligible for the Eleven to Fourteen Division. There, he finished 37th in Swiss Rounds.

Hiroki Yano of Japan succeeded Curran as World Champion, finishing with a 10-2 record.

Ten and Under

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Championship Match
32  John Siu    
17  Hiroki Yano       17  Hiroki Yano    
9  James Ballard     9  James Ballard    
8  Tad Miller         17  Hiroki Yano    
5  Henry Leaming         13  Arnoud Van Bemmelen    
21  Spencer Brown       5  Henry Leaming  
13  Arnoud Van Bemmelen     13  Arnoud Van Bemmelen    
4  Kazuho Mizuta         17  Hiroki Yano  
30  Sanne Van der Vis         10  Spencer Duncan  
14  Matthew Kimmerer       14  Matthew Kimmerer    
11  Shakil Bhuiyan     6  Fares Sekkoum    
6  Fares Sekkoum         6  Fares Sekkoum  
26  Joona Kuusrainen         10  Spencer Duncan    
10  Spencer Duncan       10  Spencer Duncan  
15  Troy Officer     15  Troy Officer    
31  Phillip Yarbrough    

Eleven to Fourteen

Stuart Benson, of the United States, was the defending World Champion in the Eleven to Fourteen Division, but became eligible for the Fifteen and Over Division, choosing to withdraw after completing five of his rounds.

Miska Saari, of Finland, succeeded Stuart as World Champion, finishing with a record of 10-2.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Championship Match
1  Joe Getsy    
17  Austin Reed       17  Austin Reed    
9  Matthew Lambou     9  Matthew Lambou    
25  Will Berry         17  Austin Reed    
5  David Booij         5  David Booij    
12  Jeff Sharp       5  David Booij  
13  Keaton Gill     29  Wesley Bartlett    
29  Wesley Bartlett         5  David Booij  
30  Elissa Hill         27  Miska Saari  
19  Antoine Nicolle       30  Elissa Hill    
11  Bobby Malec     27  Miska Saari    
27  Miska Saari         27  Miska Saari  
26  Matt Sbaa         10  Tad Wheeler    
10  Tad Wheeler       10  Tad Wheeler  
18  Kit Wai Lim     18  Kit Wai Lim    
31  Jesus Fernandez    

Fifteen and Over

Jeremy Maron, of the United States, was the defending World Champion in the Fifteen and Over Division. Jeremy was defeated in the semifinals of the tournament by the eventual runner-up Jimmy Ballard. Jeremy would then defeat future World Champion Yuta Komatsuda in the Third Place Match. A record that still stands today, Jeremy has the highest finish of any defending TCG Champion in the Fifteen and Over/Masters Division.

Jason Klaczynski, of the United States, won his first World Championship, defeating fellow American Jimmy Ballard in the final, posting a final record of 11-2.

Round of 16   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Finals
32  Ian Ryave    
16  Yuta Komatsuda       16  Yuta Komatsuda    
24  Tom Dolezal     24  Tom Dolezal    
8  Tomohisa Kanda         16  Yuta Komatsuda    
5  Jaime Guerrero         12  Jason Klaczynski    
12  Jason Klaczynski       12  Jason Klaczynski  
20  Eric Craig     20  Eric Craig    
29  Aurelien Delambre         12  Jason Klaczynski  
3  Alex Brosseau         6  Jimmy Ballard  
19  Yohei Takeda       3  Alex Brosseau    
22  Yacine Sekkoum     6  Jimmy Ballard    
6  Jimmy Ballard         6  Jimmy Ballard  
7  Stephen Silvestro         31  Jeremy Maron    
23  Takuya Yoneda       23  Takuya Yoneda  
18  Eric Nance     31  Jeremy Maron    
31  Jeremy Maron    

Championship Theme Decks

  • B-L-S - Hiroki Yano (World Champion, Ten and Under)
  • Suns & Moons - Miska Saari (World Champion, Eleven to Fourteen)
  • Mewtrick - Jason Klaczynski (World Champion, Fifteen and Over)
  • Eeveelutions - Jimmy Ballard (Second Place, Fifteen and Over)

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