Megazone (TCG)

WCS2011 Megazone Deck.jpg
Box art
Types used Lightning
Major cards Yanmega, Magnezone

Megazone is the name of the deck used by Gustavo Wada, the Junior Champion in the 2011 World Championships. The deck is a specific build of the MegaZone archetype that incorporates Kingdra. The strategy of the deck is to use Yanmega's Poké-Body Insight in order to attack without needing Energy, while building up Energy for Magnezone's Lost Burn attack. Kingdra's Poké-Power, Spray Splash, does 10 extra damage each turn to one of the opponent's Pokémon in order to maximize possible Knock Outs with Yanmega's attacks.

Megazone is one of the four 2011 World Championships Decks released in October 2011. With the deck came a 2011 World Championships Deck Box, and a Champions Booklet.


World Champion Gustavo Wada's Megazone deck focuses on matching your opponent's hand size to take advantage of the potential free attacks of Yanmega! Cards like Judge and Copycat help keep those hand sizes balanced, and while Magnezone keeps cards coming from your deck, it's also building up for huge damage with Lost Burn. This is the kind of Champion's deck that will put you in the zone!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Switch I  
Copycat Su  
Rare Candy T  
Pokémon Collector Su  
Pokémon Communication I  
Pokémon Reversal T  
Professor Oak's New Theory Su  
Junk Arm T  
Judge Su  
10× Lightning Energy  

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