The Truth (TCG)

The Truth
WCS2011 The Truth Deck.jpg
Box art
Types used FireFighting
Major cards Vileplume, Reuniclus, Donphan

The Truth is the name of the deck used by Ross Cawthon, the Masters Finalist in the 2011 World Championships. The deck is a rogue deck whose strategy had not been utilized extensively before the championships. The strategy of the deck is to use Donphan's Earthquake to both damage the opponent, and power up Zekrom's Outrage for future use. Suicune & Entei LEGEND was used to exploit Weakness with its attack Burning Inferno. Vileplume is used to stop the use of Item cards with its Allergy Flower Poké-Body, while Reuniclus moves damage counters around to both manipulate damage for Zekrom's Outrage attack, and spread the damage around the Active and Bench to keep all the Pokémon from being Knocked Out.

The Truth is one of the four 2011 World Championships Decks released in October 2011. With the deck came a 2011 World Championships Deck Box, and a Champions Booklet.


Ross Cawthon brought to Worlds battles a deck unlike any other in play! Built to react to the other decks it faces, it uses Pichu to get evolutions rolling, Vileplume to lock down Item cards, Reuniclus to move damage counters, and Blissey to heal them all! And with heavy hitters like Donphan, Zekrom, and Suicune & Entei LEGEND to dish out some damage of their own, your opponents won’t be able to handle The Truth!

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Suicune & Entei LEGEND     
Suicune & Entei LEGEND     
Pokémon Collector Su  
Twins Su  
Sage's Training Su  
Professor Oak's New Theory Su  
Copycat Su  
Pokémon Communication I  
Rare Candy T  
Seeker Su  
Tropical Beach St
Fire Energy  
Fighting Energy  
Rainbow Energy    
Double Colorless Energy    

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