Cheryl Again (TCG)

Cheryl Again
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Box art
Release date March 3, 2023
Types used Fighting

Cheryl Again is the name of the deck used by Sebastian Lashmet, the Seniors Division runner-up at the 2022 World Championships. It is one of the 2022 World Championships Decks released March 3, 2023. Each deck comes with a playmat, poster, booklet about the event, TCGL code card, and a special Worlds 2022 deck box, pin, and coin. The cards included in the deck are not the exact prints used by Lashmet, but are the most recent, lowest-rarity print with any Holofoil removed. Each card has a unique card back (thus making them ineligible for tournaments) and Lashmet's signature.


Senior Finalist Sebastian Lashmet celebrated his first World Championships by taking his slick, single-minded Cheryl Again deck all the way to the finals. The deck’s aim is simple—find Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX, get it into the Active Spot, and relentlessly bring the damage. Sobble starts the process, quickly flooding the Bench with Rapid Strike Pokémon and setting up a solid base. Drizzile, Inteleon, and Octillery bring further search capabilities to boost speed—and if they can’t be found, Irida can track them all down. One question: If Urshifu spends all its time in the Active Spot, how best to deal with the relentless damage thrown at it? Oh, look…it’s Cheryl again.

Deck list

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Rapid Strike Urshifu     
Rapid Strike Urshifu     
Irida Su  
Cheryl Su  
Boss's Orders [Cyrus] Su  
Marnie Su  
Roxanne Su  
Tower of Waters St  
Scoop Up Net I  
Evolution Incense I  
Level Ball I  
Energy Search I  
Quick Ball I  
Escape Rope I  
Hisuian Heavy Ball I  
Ordinary Rod I  
Pal Pad I  
Rescue Carrier I  
Ultra Ball I  
Tool Jammer I  
Rapid Strike Energy   E  
Fighting Energy   E

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