Flyvees (TCG)

Flygon ex δ and Jolteon ex
Types used GrassPsychicLightningWater
Major cards Flygon ex δ, Jolteon ex, Vaporeon ex
Era 2006-2007

Flyvees is a Pokémon Trading Card Game deck archetype based around Flygon ex δ. It was popular due to its potential to quickly search for Trainer and Energy cards and inflict massive damage on the opponent. It was also printed as a World Championships Deck.


The Flyvees deck archetype, like most other deck archetypes, was invented after the release of the Diamond & Pearl expansion set. As a new generation of cards had just been released, new archetypes were being made to replace the old. The Flyvees deck archetype had first gained its significance when Jun Hasebe, a seven year old boy, won the 2007 World Championships using the deck archetype. After that, it became more widely used in tournaments and competitions. Jun Hasebe's deck became famous enough that Nintendo created a replica deck in its World Championship series.


Key Cards

  • Flygon ex δ is the main attacker with a powerful Psychic Pulse attack which also affects the player's bench Pokémon.
  • Flygon δ allows quick energy attachments to Delta Species Pokémon, allowing Flygon ex δ to power up in two turns instead of three turn, and also has a powerful Swift attack that inflicts 60 damage.
  • Eevee δ is used mainly to bring out Vaporeon ex and Jolteon ex to play.
  • Jolteon ex can put a damage counter on each of his opponent’s Pokémon when it is put into play. It also served as a counter to Lightning-weak Empoleon decks that were very popular at the World Championships.
  • Vaporeon ex not only acted as a counter to popular decks based around Infernape, but had a Poké-Power that made opponents shuffle their hand into their deck and draw only four cards. Players often invested a lot of their deck’s resources to drawing huge hands, so forcing an opponent to lose a large amount of cards was potentially devastating.

Other Pokémon

  • Holon's Voltorb is only used because it can be attached as an Energy or placed on the field as a relatively useless Pokémon. It has several uses, although none of them are especially great.
  • Holon's Castform is much like Holon's Voltorb, as it can be used as an Energy, except it has the ability to draw multiple cards when in play.
  • Budew is used to add a Trainer card from the deck to the hand for free. It is fairly weak and is only meant to last for one or two turns.
  • Absol ex helps move damage from one of his opponent’s Pokémon to another, allowing him to get a key Knock Out when he needed it. It also recovers Pokémon by removing 3 damage counters from them.
  • Fearow δ allows to search the deck for one Delta Species Pokémon each turn, giving an amazingly fast set up.

Other Trainers/Supporters

  • Holon Mentor searches out any three Basic Pokémon from the deck.
  • Holon Adventurer is a good drawing card, allowing a player to benefit from discarding a Pokémon they don't need.
  • Holon Researcher is an alternative to Celio's Network that is searchable by Holon Transceiver.
  • Holon Farmer is a last resort to save a player from running out of cards in their deck, which is quite possible due to how quickly the deck burns through cards.
  • Warp Point switches out a damaged Pokémon to put another one with full HP into play. Another use is if a player's Active Pokémon is close to being knocked-out and they want to switch the opponent's Active Pokémon to one less capable of dealing heavy damage.
  • Windstorm gets rid of pesky Poké-Power stopping trainers and stadiums, such as Cessation Crystal and Cursed Stone. If Poké-Powers are stopped, the whole deck screeches to a halt.
  • Copycat allows for extra drawing and hand-refreshing, which are always good things.
  • Power Tree is Stadium that allows the player to search for a Basic Energy in their discard pile if they have no Special Energies in the discard pile. Since the deck doesn't use much, if any, Special Energy cards, it is easy to use its effect.

Energy cards

  • Psychic Energy pays for Psychic Pulse. Flygon ex δ cannot be played without them.
  • Lightning Energy are absolutely necessary, regardless. The deck cannot be played without them.

2007 World Championships Flyvees Deck

Box art
Types used   
Major cards Flygon ex δ, Jolteon ex, Vaporeon ex

Flyvees is also the name of the deck used by Jun Hasebe, Junior Division Champion in the 2007 World Championships. It is one of the four 2007 World Championships Decks, released on November 19, 2007. Each deck comes packaged with a 2007 World Championships Booklet. Each card features a silver border, Hasebe's signature, and limited edition 2007 World Championships back. None of the cards are tournament legal.


Jun Hasebe played a top-tier deck in a masterful fashion to win the Junior Division and became a World Champion. The main powerhouse for this deck is Flygon ex—with its strong abilities and no Weakness, it makes for a great Pokémon. Using other Pokémon-ex such as Jolteon ex, Vaporeon ex, and Absol ex, Jun had a lot of able responses!

Deck list

The deck list below is based on Hasebe's deck from the World Championships. A player may wish to change any part of this deck when building his or her own version.

Quantity Card Type Rarity
Flygon ex δ    
Flygon δ     
Vibrava δ    
Trapinch δ    
Jolteon ex    
Vaporeon ex    
Eevee δ    
Absol ex    
Fearow δ    
Holon's Castform    
Holon's Voltorb    
Holon Transceiver T  
Holon Mentor T [Su]  
Holon Adventurer T [Su]  
Holon Researcher T [Su]  
Holon Scientist T [Su]  
Fieldworker T [Su]  
Windstorm T  
Copycat T [Su]  
Rare Candy T  
Professor Elm's Training Method T [Su]  
Power Tree T [St]  
Warp Point T  
Crystal Shard T [Tool]  
Psychic Energy   E
Lightning Energy   E


Since most of the cards in Flyvees, including Flygon ex δ, the main attacker, have been Rotated out of Play! Pokémon, the deck is unplayable in the current Modified Format.

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