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Jun Hasebe

Jun Hasebe competes against Austin Hanna at the 2009 World Championships.

Jun Hasebe (born 2000) is a player of the Pokémon Trading Card Game and World Champion of the TCG in 2007.


TCG playing history

Beginnings and 2007 World Championships

Hasebe began playing the Trading Card Game at age five and entered the Japanese National Championships two years later. He was one of five players from Japan invited to compete in the 2007 World Championships, which were held in Hawaii. Hasebe fought against players from Canada, the Netherlands, and Australia before competing against fellow Japanese and former Champion Hiroki Yano. At just seven years of age, Hasebe became the youngest World Champion. He still holds this title.

2008-2009 World Championships

Hasebe returned to the World Championships in 2008, but did not achieve as highly as the previous year. He finished a respectable sixth, losing to Takuto Itagaki in the quarter finals. Itagaki would later place second. In 2009, Hasebe also finished sixth. The player who defeated him, American Jason Martinez, also finished in second place.


In the 2007 World Championship, Hasebe's deck was structured around Flygon ex δ and other EX cards. This archetype became known as Flyvees because of its reliance of Flygon and Eeveelution cards. Hasebe's deck was replicated by Nintendo but is not tournament legal. It can still be ordered online.[1]