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Po Town

Po Town

Po Town is located on the northwestern-most point of Ula'ula Island. The barricaded town has long been overrun by Team Skull and houses their base of operations, the Shady House. The team now runs the Pokémon Center, ensuring that their Pokémon have a reliable form of treatment. Visitors may also have their Pokémon healed here as well—for a price.

The First Barricade

When first entering the city, you are notice by a pair of Team Skull Grunts. They would like to battle you, but decide that moving their barricade to reach you would be too much work. They taunt you instead and tell you to go home, confident that you will never find a way inside.

The Assault on Po Town

Go west and inspect the hedge to crawl through the hole. This leads you back to the first two Grunts, who can't believe that you are stubborn enough to challenge them. Defeat them one after the other, then continue east to reach the Pokémon Center.

Controlled by Team Skull, the Pokémon Center has fallen into disrepair while the Poké Mart and Café are unstaffed. The team never passes up an opportunity to make money, so the female Grunt behind the counter offers to heal your Pokémon—for $10 per visit.

Leave the Pokémon Center and continue north. Both sides of the street have a hole in the hedges; take the eastern one first to reach a Double Battle with two female Grunts and a Rare Candy. Backtrack and crawl through the western hedge. Head to the street to fight the Grunt standing on top of the pickup truck. Enter the yard of the northwest house and walk over the stacked boxes to pass through a hole in the fence. Go east and detour through the hedge into the northeast yard to reach a Smoke Ball, then continue north to the Shady House.

Shady House

The Shady House serves as Team Skull's headquarters. The dilapidated mansion is covered in graffiti and grime.


The Shady House

Take the first door on the left to exit the building and find an Ice Stone near the swimming pool. Back in the entrance hall, go north and defeat the female Grunt in the western hallway. Enter the west-central room to get a Max Revive, then visit the northwest room. Inside, you find a note on the floor that lists a secret password: Beat Up. Return to the entrance and enter the room under the staircase. Defeat the female Grunt in the middle of the room and continue east; this leads to the blocked-off part of the eastern hallway. Visit the northeast room to find a Heal Powder and a second note on the floor with another secret password: Tapu Cocoa; it also reminds the reader that true Team Skull members always butt heads and answer with a hearty "No!". Backtrack to the entrance and climb the staircase.

2F (West)

Visit the northwest room to find TM36 (Sludge Bomb). In the southwest room, defeat the Grunt to reach the Iron, and inspect the third note on the floor to learn a final password: Golisopod. Battle the Grunt patrolling the upper floor and speak to the Grunt guarding the balcony. To meet Guzma, you must give the three correct passwords—Beat Up, Goliosopod, and Tapu Cocoa—and when asked if you're sure, remember to answer No!.

2F (Exterior)

Go east from the balcony and cross the wooden scaffolding to the rooftop. Defeat the female Grunt and pick up the Escape Rope before climbing through the open window.

2F (East)

Continue on to reach the northeast room, which has been turned into Guzma's makeshift throne room. He soon realizes that you are here to rescue the little girl's Yungoos, which is being held back by another Grunt. Guzma warns that if you can't mind your own business you risk getting hurt, and draws you into battle.

VS Guzma

Guzma prefers using Bug Pokémon, so Fire-, Flying-, and Rock-type moves will be the most effective.

Defeated, Guzma orders the Grunt to give Yungoos back to you. The Pokémon runs off to find the little girl, then the Grunt leaves the room. Guzma promises to beat you down one day before he leaves as well. Be sure to inspect the treasure chest to find the Buginium Z.

The Man in Black

When you leave the Shady House, you are met by the same man who let you into Po Town. He asks if he has you to thank for rescuing Yungoos before healing your Pokémon. Just then Acerola appears, referring to him as her uncle, Nanu. She thanks you for rescuing the Pokémon before leaving with it for Aether House.

Route 15

Aether House

Enter Aether House to find Acerola returning with Yungoos just now, as well. The relief is short-lived, as Hau reveals that Lillie has been taken by Plumeria. It seems that stealing the little Pokémon was merely a distraction. Gladion rushes in, expressing his shock that it was Lillie who took Cosmog. He is upset that no one was able to protect Lillie from Team Skull, and angrily draws you into battle.

VS Gladion

Gladion's Pokémon are vulnerable to Psychic-, Rock-, and Fighting-type attacks.

Afterward, Gladion apologizes for the meaningless fight. He had warned that Cosmog will bring disaster to the region, and is frustrated that the Pokémon was not kept safe. Gladion intends to leave from the ferry terminal, so either tell him that you are ready to go, or meet him there once you are prepared.

Malie City

When you reach the pier, you find Gladion staring out to sea. While the two Trainers are waiting for Hau to arrive, Nanu appears and expresses his dismay that Team Skull didn't keep their troublemaking confined to Po Town. He reveals himself as an Island kahuna and offers to battle you.

Ula'ula Grand Trial

As a Dark-type Pokémon specialist, Nanu's team generally takes serious damage from Bug, Fighting, and Fairy moves. Trainers with Decidueye should be wary of Ghost and Dark attacks. Trainers with Incineroar should be careful of Rock and Ground moves.

Nanu starts off with his Sableye. As a Ghost/Dark Pokémon, it is only vulnerable to Fairy attacks. Krokorok's Ground typing also leaves it susceptible to Water-, Grass, and Ice-type moves. Beware of facing it with a physical attacker, as its Intimidate Ability cuts the foe's Attack! The same goes for his Persian as well, as its Fur Coat Ability doubles its physical Defense.

After the battle, Nanu is impressed with your victory and heals your team to full health. He then rewards you with the Darkinium Z and teaches you the pose for Black Hole Eclipse. Defeating the kahuna earns your Trainer Passport the Ula'ula Trial Completion stamp, which ensures that all Pokémon up to Level 65, even those received in a trade, will obey without question.

Hau arrives just as Nanu is leaving. He is still beating himself up about not being strong enough to protect Lillie. He wonders aloud where she could have been taken, as your raid of Po Town showed no sign of her. Gladion mentions Aether Paradise, and the three Trainers board his Team Skull boat for the artificial island.

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