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Route 15

Route 15

VS Plumeria

After clearing the Ghost-type trial, the next task is to continue north through Route 15. When you reach Aether House, you and Acerola find Plumeria and a couple of Team Skull Grunts. Plumeria is annoyed that it's taking so long for the Grunts to deal with you kids, and decided to take care of things herself. Hau and Acerola take on the Grunts, leaving Plumeria to you. She prefers using Poison-type Pokémon, so Psychic- and Rock-type attacks are best against her team.

She taunts you after the battle, saying that if you want them to return the Pokémon they've taken, you will need to come to their base in Po Town. She and the two Grunts run off, and Acerola rushes into the building.

Aether House

It turns out that Team Skull has taken the little girl's Yungoos. Acerola informs you that Po Town has been taken over by Team Skull and that it is essentially their own private playground now. She suggests finding a man wearing a kimono on Route 15, as he may be able to help you reach the town. The little girl pleads for your help, and gives you a Rare Candy.

The Kimono-Clad Man

Make your way to the beach to find a man in a black-and-white kimono. This is Grimsley, a former Elite Four member from the distant Unova region. He tells you that he is about to flip a coin, and asks you if it will be heads or tails. It makes no different which one is chosen, as he accepts his loss and registers Sharpedo Jet in your Ride Pager. Sharpedo Jet can be used to cross bodies of water like Lapras Paddle, but can also jet forward to smash through rocks. Use your newfound ability to cross the water and continue north to Route 16.

Route 16

Route 16

Route 16 is a short route linking Route 15 to Ula'ula Meadow. The Pokémon Center is a frequent rest stop for visitors on their way to the meadow. An Aether Base is located to the east.

Aether Base

Visit the Aether Base to the east to find what looks like a rock with red, yellow, and blue markings floating in some type of machine. This is the Reassembly Unit, which has two functions: assembly and separation. In conjuction with your Zygarde Cube, this machine can combine Zygarde Cells and Zygarde Cores to form a new Zygarde, or split the Legendary Pokémon into its separate parts. The form that an assembled Zygarde will take depends on the number of Cells and Cores in the Zygarde Cube.

Ula'ula Meadow

Ula'ula Meadow

Ula'ula Meadow is mostly a large field of red flowers and wooden walkways that pass over them. These flowers are the source of the Red Nectar loved by Oricorio. Route 17 stretches off to the north while the Lake of the MooneS / Lake of the SunneM is located to the east.

Route 17

Route 17

Route 17 is always rainy, and like Po Town, is fully occupied by Team Skull. The area holds the Po Town Police Station, where the island's kahuna, Nanu, lives with his many Meowth.

Getting Past Security

Approach the entrance to Po Town and the two Grunts outside initially invite you to join Team Skull. But once they spot your Z-Ring, they pull you into a Double Battle instead. Defeat their two Pokémon and they disappear.

The Man in Black

Once the two guards have left, a man dressed in black approaches you. Noticing that you intend to enter the town, he asks if you are ready for this. Entering Po Town means being ready to live as Team Skull, or to take on Team Skull. He asks one last time if you are certain, and lets you inside the town.

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