Blake (Adventures)

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ラクツ Lack-Two
Blake Adventures.png
Age 12 (as of the eleventh chapter)
Gender Male
Birthday May 4
Eye color Reddish-brown
Hair color Brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Unova
Trainer class Trainer
Game counterpart Nate
Member of International Police
Rank Inspector

Blake (Japanese: ラクツ Lack-Two) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures. He is a high-ranking member of the International Police. His rank is Inspector (Japanese: 警視 Superintendent) and his codename is Black No. 2 (Japanese: 黒の2号 Black 2).


Despite his young age, Blake is a member of the International Police with an S rank in the organization. He is tasked with searching for any remaining members of the villainous group, Team Plasma. Having memorized the contents of various communications manuals on how to speak with people and Pokémon, Blake is able to put up a persona that he believes fits his investigative goals; when undercover and looking for the suspected Team Plasma Grunt Whitley, he acted like a womanizer by constantly flirting with the girls around him. Typically when on the job, he takes on a more serious and professional persona, and tends to speak openly and bluntly, which White and Black considered annoying. For his skills, he is given the title of "Arrester" (逮捕る者 Arrester); his superior also calls him Mr. Perfect due to his ability to charm information out of others.

Like Looker, Blake also uses the International Police Arms, but is more successful in using them. The jumpsuit he wears underneath his regular clothing doubles as a set of armor that can protect him from attacks.


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Prior to Black & White arc

Blake lost his parents as an infant and was found by the International Police at a crime scene along with the DNA Splicers. Despite being found to have high intellect and physical skill, Blake lacked emotions and a sense of telling right from wrong. To remedy this, Blake memorized various manuals that told him how to interact with other people and Pokémon while the International Police trained him in methods of investigation and law enforcement. Blake was also taught by the Chief Commissioner of the International Police, who at the time was the investigator tasked with raising him, that his duty was to pursue and arrest dangerous individuals even if it meant having to ignore and violate the rights of normal civilians. This pedagogy formed the closest thing Blake had to a moral code and way of living.

Black & White arc

Blake first appeared in a cameo in A Wretched Reunion, where he saw Looker going on a mission to investigate the Pokémon League. When he asked if he should go as well, Blake's superior said Looker was more than enough for the job, despite his clumsy nature.

Black 2 & White 2 arc

Blake properly debuted in The Transfer Student, where he broke up with Yancy before heading off to class at the Aspertia City Trainers' School with Leo. Their attempt to sneak into class was stopped by Hugh, who angrily told Blake to focus more on improving himself as a Trainer instead of flirting with girls. Their argument alerted the new teacher, Cheren, who forced the three to sit outside as punishment. While they waited, Blake, Hugh, and Leo spotted the new transfer student, Whitley, arriving at class. Hearing the conversation Blake and others were having about Whitley, Cheren decided to skip the lecture and instead had the students battle each other. Separated into two separate groups by gender, Blake and Whitley competed against their classmates and won, earning themselves a Pokédex from Bianca. Later, Blake was seen in his room crossing off Yancy, Yuki, Maya, and Yuko as potential Team Plasma members. He was approached by Looker, another member of the International Police who had been looking for him. After defeating a Scolipede that was sent to attack Looker, Blake revealed that he was Looker's superior on their mission.

Blake's defense suit

In Mr. Perfect, Blake and Looker traveled to Aspertia City's alleyways, where Blake met with his maintenance man, the Magician. Blake had the Magician create a custom Poké Ball cover to make using them easier. After hearing a loud explosion outside, Blake and Looker found the culprit was a Genesect. Blake battled with Genesect and eventually discovered it was under the control of Colress, a scientist on the run for conducting unauthorized experiments on Pokémon. Praising Blake's analytical skills, Colress had Genesect fire directly at the boy with its Techno Blast. With his Defense Suit and Dewott's assistance, Blake managed to survive. Noticing that Colress used the Colress Machine to control Genesect, Blake deduced that Genesect is a wild Pokémon and thus was able to be caught.

With the custom Poké Balls, Blake and Dewott attacked Genesect simultaneously, slowly whittling it down by forcing it to defend from two different attacks at once. When Colress discovered one of thrown Poké Balls was a Luxury Ball, he assumed Blake to be a kindred spirit who agreed with his desire to artificially bring out a Pokémon's strength. Blake denied this and called the Colress Machine a failure, angering the scientist. Colress switched out Genesect's Neutral Drive for the Shock Drive, turning its Techno Blast into an Electric-type move. Dewott and Genesect clashed with each other, causing a large explosion, but when the smoke cleared, Genesect had been caught. Defeated, Colress revealed how Genesect works and that Ghetsis made him the new leader of Team Plasma before making his escape. Afterward, Blake revealed to Looker that his womanizing antics are merely a ploy to find a former female Team Plasma Grunt that was tasked with protecting a memory card containing data on a machine that can counteract the Colress Machine. With their mission over, Blake and Looker headed back to the Trainers' School to write a report to headquarters about the incident.

In Pokédex Lecture, Blake decided to use the Pokédex as a way of getting closer to Whitley. He dragged her to the Pledge Grove under the guise of a trip to fill the Pokédex with data. When Blake got too close, Whitley's Foongy retaliated with a Sweet Scent, accidentally summoning a Keldeo in the process. Keldeo immediately attacked, causing Blake and Whitley to fall off a nearby cliff. After saving himself, Blake carried the unconscious Whitley back to school.

In Movie Panic, Cheren took his class to a school trip at Pokéstar Studios. There, Whitley acted in a Brycen-Man movie where she faced the titular villain while playing the role of the superheroine Foongus Girl. She easily defeated Brycen-Man's Pokémon, but a Mecha Tyranitar from another movie set appeared and began running wild. Blake, as the Dewott Kid, stepped in to save the day, much to Whitley's embarrassment. After leaving, Blake continued to frustrate Whitley with his advances on the bus ride home.

In Legendary Tornadus, Blake took Whitley to Route 20, where Giallo of the Seven Sages had been spotted. Looker kept watch in secret to see if Whitley and Giallo would recognize each other and confirm their suspicions about her. Shortly after arriving, Blake and Whitley were attacked by Tornadus, who immediately turned into its Therian Forme. Using Dewott and his new team member, Kelden, Blake battled against Tornadus, only to discover its true target was Giallo. Together, Dewott and Kelden managed to freeze Tornadus, forcing the Plasma Grunts controlling it to recall it and retreat. Giallo was arrested, but the plan failed as Foongy caused Whitley to fall asleep with its spores as well as Giallo not recognizing the girl. Afterward, Blake took Whitley to the Virbank Gym, where they watched a live performance by Roxie and her band.

Blake as Dewott Kid

In Choir Tournament, Blake took part in the Autumn Choir Tournament as a member of Team Jigglypuff. After facing off against a variety of other teams in the tournament, Team Jigglypuff emerged as the winner. Roxie, who Blake had invited to judge the competition, had her father take the winning team and their class to Castelia City to compete in the Unova Choir Tournament. As they traveled on Pop Roxie's boat, Blake contacted Looker over the Xtransceiver and informed him that their true goal was to arrest Bronius and Ryoku, who had been spotted around the Castelia Sewers.

In Angry Boy, the class arrived at Castelia City, only for Roxie to encounter an injured member of the executive committee for the Unova Choir Tournament. When the man revealed that his Karrablast was stolen by Team Plasma, Blake, Whitley, Hugh, and Roxie headed to the sewers to find the villains. After finding the culprits, a group of Plasma Grunts, the group was swarmed by a large number of Muk, forcing them to scatter. While the others battled the Grunts, Blake arrested Bronius and Ryoku. Noticing a strange chill in the airr coming from the Relic Passage, Blake told Looker to handle Bronius and Ryoku while he headed down the tunnel to investigate.

In Colress Machine, Blake followed the cold air to its source at the Pokémon World Tournament construction site. After sending out his new team members, Kabutott and Glisott, Blake found Zinzolin at the Cold Storage defeated by Thundurus and Landorus. Colress revealed he was controlling the two Pokémon and used the Reveal Glass to turn them into their Therian Formes. Colress took the unconscious Zinzolin away and sent Tornadus out to battle, forcing Blake to leave Dewott, Kabutott, and Glisott behind to fight them while he and Kelden went ahead. Colress took control of Zinzolin's Kyurem, but was interrupted by Ghetsis, who had arrived on the Plasma Frigate. Ghetsis had Colress load Kyurem onto a special room on the Frigate. Blake attempted to arrest Ghetsis, but was stopped by the Shadow Triad, whose presence caused Kelden to go berserk. Ghetsis and Colress activated the Frigate's engines, allowing the boat to take to the skies.

In Frozen World, Blake managed to sneak aboard the Plasma Frigate, which traveled to Castelia City and used a special Kyurem-powered cannon to freeze several buildings and civilians in an instant. Later, Blake found that Whitley was captured and locked in an empty cabin. After picking the lock and faking his own capture, Blake reunited with Whitley and asked where and when she was taken. Finding his behavior suspicious, Whitley realized that Blake's constant advancements were to uncover her connection to Team Plasma. Whitley accidentally revealed her allegiance to Team Plasma, but claimed she never participated in their crimes. Having confirmed his suspicions, Blake handcuffed Whitley and told her he was an International Police officer. After assuring that he only wanted to talk, Blake asked Whitley where the memory card was located. Whitley agreed to help on the condition they freed Kyurem from Colress's control first. After battling through several Grunts, Blake and Whitley arrived at Kyurem's chamber and destroyed it, only to find it empty. Colress appeared and revealed that they drained Kyurem of enough energy to freeze all of Unova. Colress then had Kyurem freeze Blake and Whitley solid before commanding some Grunts to toss them into the ocean.

In N Returns, Blake awakened at the Abyssal Ruins, where he and Whitley were taken to by Kelden after it used an Aspear Berry to break free of the ice. Due to the unique properties of the cave, Blake was able to hear Kelden's thoughts, allowing him to communicate with it. Kelden took Blake to the bodies of its master, Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion, who had been frozen solid by Genesect's Techno Blast in their previous encounter with it. Reasoning that a Fire-type Techno Blast could melt the ice created by an Ice-type version of the same move, Blake sent out Genesect to free Kelden's masters, but was stopped by Whitley, who feared the faulty Burn Drive could explode and seriously harm Genesect. Confused, Blake revealed he cannot feel emotions such as pity or fear and stated he was using what he believed to be the most effective way to free Kelden's masters and that Genesect could simply be healed afterward. Techno Blast successfully frees Keldeo's masters, and as an act of gratitude, Cobalion uses its sword to remove the Burn Drive, preventing the explosion from harming Genesect. Afterward, Blake tried gaining access to the International Police surveillance satellite, only to discover that he had been fired from the International Police and his privileges were revoked.

Blake decided that if they were to face Team Plasma again, he and Whitley would need more team members. After catching a Shelmet, Blake traded it for Whitley's newly caught Karrablast, causing both to evolve into an Accelgor and an Escavalier. Afterward, the ruins started ejecting everyone out of it, forcing Blake and Whitley to ride on Kelden's back and head outside along with Kelden's masters. Kyurem's influence caused the DNA Splicers in Blake's bag to rapidly pull him, Whitley, and Kelden to the surface towards it. After they emerged, Blake flew towards Kyurem, but was knocked out by the DNA Splicers' power and fell back into the ocean, forcing Whitley and Kelden to dive back in to rescue him.

Blake chasing Colress

In Dream World, Blake and Whitley were found on a beach by Black and White. Once they introduced themselves to each other, the four Unova Pokédex holders decided to team up and face Team Plasma. After tracking Kyurem's whereabouts to the Giant Chasm, Blake and the others rode on Black's Reshiram's back to chase after Ghetsis. After arriving at their destination, the group encountered Iris as well as Gorm, who had betrayed Team Plasma to join the side of good. Tired of waiting for the heroes, Colress revealed himself and told Kyurem to freeze the surrounding area. When Kyurem stopped listening to Colress, Rood appeared, revealing his allies used a machine to disrupt the Colress Machine's effect. With Team Plasma's influence on it severed, Kyurem began rampaging, first releasing the Dark Stone before absorbing Reshiram to become White Kyurem. Frustrated at his machine's loss, Colress threw it away and fled, stating he chose to quit Team Plasma. Blake told the others to stop Kyurem from destroying the frigate while he chased after Colress. In the skies, Blake confronted Colress, who revealed he had a Red Genesect that was superior to Blake's. Blake had the Pokémon he left behind at the Pokémon World Tournament construction site returned to him by Looker. While Blake's Genesect struggled due to its injuries, Kelden appeared in its Resolute Form and struck Colress with its sword. The attack only shattered the Reveal Glass, reverting Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus back into their Incarnate Formes.

Blake graduating from the Trainers' School

In The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition, Blake realized Colress was using a second, improved Colress Machine to control his Genesect. Blake's team tracked down Colress's Beheeyem and destroyed the device it was carrying, causing the Red Genesect to kick Colress off of its back. Blake tried to save Colress, but the scientist ordered his Genesect to fire a Techno Blast, revealing that it was truly his Pokémon and the second Colress Machine was diversion. Blake's defense suit protected him, only for Colress to command a second shot. Blake used Escavalier to jam Genesect's cannon, causing it to backfire and explode, knocking both Pokémon out. Blake was then assisted by Victini, a Pokémon Black helped two years ago. After taking down Colress's last Pokémon, Kyurem appeared and froze the scientist solid, defeating him. He later regrouped with the others at N's Castle, which had been set aflame due to the Plasma Frigate crashing into it. Blake, Whitley, Black, White, Hugh, Cheren, Bianca, Benga, and Cedric Juniper combined the might of all three stages of the Unova first partner Pokémon and unleashed a triple Water, Grass, and Fire Pledge combination attack, successfully dousing the flames. Later, Looker reported to Blake that Colress had been successfully captured, deliberately ignoring that Blake was no longer his superior. Blake then watched as Ghetsis was arrested and taken into police custody.

In Epilogue: Graduation Ceremony, Blake was reinstated in the International Police due to his work in capturing the Seven Sages and Colress. He was ordered to continue living his life as a student until his next assignment came. During the Trainers' School graduation ceremony, Blake informed Whitley about his next mission and told everyone he'd be moving away from Unova. Sometime later, Blake, disguised as Colress, departed for a new mission in Alola with the Magician.

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon arc

In Arrival at the Scientific Megalopolis, Blake, disguised as Colress, handed Lusamine a large amount of Beast Balls in preparation for catching another Ultra Beast. After asking why she needed such a large amount of Beast Balls when one was more than enough, Lusamine revealed her next target was the powerful Ultra Beast worshiped as the "Blinding One" by the people of the Ultra Megalopolis: Necrozma.


With the exception of Kelden, Blake gives his Pokémon nicknames by taking a part of the species name and attaching the suffix -ott to the end of it. While Dewott does not have a nickname, its species name still fits this naming pattern. In the Japanese version, Blake gives his Pokémon nicknames by taking a part of the species name and attaching the suffix -maru to the end of it. The Japanese name of the Dewott species, Futachimaru, also fits this naming pattern.

According to an insert in Volume 54, all of Blake's Pokémon reference various weapons, but are otherwise never referred to as such in the manga.

On hand

Main article: Blake's Dewott

Dewott is Blake's first Pokémon. He first encountered him at the International Police Headquarters, where he was one of the Pokémon offered to Blake, who had no Pokémon at the time. He was first seen when Blake was breaking up with Yancy. He was later used to defeat Hugh's Trapinch, earning his Trainer a Pokédex. According to Blake, Dewott takes the time to polish his scalchops after every battle. He is level 45, has a Serious nature, and his Characteristic is "highly persistent".

The insert of Volume 54 identifies Dewott as the "Blade" of Blake's team.

Debut The Transfer Student
Main article: Blake's Genesect

Blake fought Genesect at Aspertia City, where it was controlled by Colress. It proved to be a powerful opponent, but it was eventually captured by Blake after wearing it down with Dewott. Afterward, it was sent to International Police headquarters, where it was put under study by the International Police Intensive Analysis Lab. At the Castelia Sewers, Blake sent Genesect out in order to investigate the cold air emanating from the Relic Passage. It is level 59, has a Serious nature, and is housed in a Luxury Ball.

The insert of Volume 54 identifies Genesect as the "Cannon" of Blake's team.

Debut Mr. Perfect

Main article: Kelden

Kelden (Japanese: ケルデマル Keldemaru) is Blake's third known Pokémon. Blake first encountered it in the wild at the Pledge Grove after Whitley's Foongus, Foongy, lured it with Sweet Scent. In Legendary Tornadus, it was revealed that Blake managed to get it to join his team. It is level 40 and has a Serious nature.

The insert of Volume 54 identifies Kelden as the "Sword" of Blake's team.

Debut The Shadow Triad
Kabutott (Japanese: カブトマル Kabutomaru) is Blake's fourth known Pokémon. He was first used to confront Colress at the Pokémon World Tournament. He is level 55 and has a Serious nature. The insert of Volume 54 identifies Kabutott as the "Sickle" of Blake's team.

None of Kabutott's moves are known and his Ability is Battle Armor.

Debut Colress Machine
Glisott (Japanese: ライオマル Liomaru) is Blake's fifth known Pokémon. He was first used to confront Colress at the Pokémon World Tournament. He is level 55 and has a Serious nature. The insert of Volume 54 identifies Glisott as the "Scissors" of Blake's team.

None of Glisott's moves are known and his Ability is Hyper Cutter.

Debut Colress Machine

Karrablast → Escavalier
Escavalier is Blake's sixth known Pokémon. It was caught by Whitley at the Abyssal Ruins in preparation for another confrontation with Team Plasma. It was immediately traded for Blake's Shelmet, causing them to evolve. It is housed in a Quick Ball. The insert of Volume 54 identifies Escavalier as the "Spear" of Blake's team.

None of Escavalier's moves are known.

Debut Abyssal Ruins

Traded away

Blake caught Shelmet at the Abyssal Ruins. It was traded to Whitley for her Karrablast so that both could evolve.

As of the trade, none of Shelmet's moves were known.

Debut Abyssal Ruins


This Jigglypuff was partnered with Blake during the Autumn Choir Tournament. Together, they performed in Team Jigglypuff and faced off against other students. In the finals, Team Jigglypuff faced off against Team Sawsbuck, but eventually came out on top.

Jigglypuff's known moves are Sing and Hyper Voice.

Debut Choir Tournament
Victini was originally sought after by Team Plasma, but was saved by Black. Two years later, it repaid the favor by helping Blake defeat Colress.

Victini's only known move is V-create and its Ability is Victory Star.

Debut At Liberty on Liberty Garden


  • Rather than simply being named after the games, Blake and Whitley's Japanese names are corruptions of how the titles Black 2 and White 2 are pronounced in Japanese.
  • In Japanese, Blake's title "Arrester" (逮捕る者) has the same pronunciation as Crystal's title "Catcher" (捕える者).
  • Blake is 5'0" (152 cm) tall and weighs 110 lbs (50 kg).
  • Every one of Blake's Pokémon that has a confirmed Nature has a Serious Nature.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ラクツ Lack-Two Corruption of ブラック Black 2
English Blake Similar to Black
French Norris Similar to Noir, black
German Schwarzy Similar to Schwarze, black
European Spanish Nedos From Negro 2 (Black 2)
Korean 랙츠 Lack-Two From 블랙2 Black 2
Chinese (Mandarin) 黑次 Hēicì From 黑 hēi (black) and 次 (second)
Thai ราคุซึ Lack-Two Transliteration of his Japanese name
Vietnamese Lack-Two Transliteration of his Japanese name

Blake's Pokémon

Main article: Kelden → Names


Language Name Origin
Japanese カブトマル Kabutomaru From カブトプス Kabutops and maru
English Kabutott From Kabutops and -ott
Chinese (Mandarin) 化石盔丸 Huàshíkuīwán From 化石盔 Huàshíkuī and the Japanese 丸 maru
Vietnamese Kabutomaru Transliteration of Japanese name


Language Name Origin
Japanese ライオマル Liomaru From グライオン Glion and maru
English Glisott From Gliscor and -ott
Chinese (Mandarin) 蠍王丸 / 蝎王丸 Xiēwángwán From 天蠍王 / 天蝎王 Tiānxiēwáng and the Japanese 丸 maru
Vietnamese Raiomaru Transliteration of Japanese name

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