PS509 : Will the Truth Come Out?
Black & White arc
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A Wretched Reunion
VS Daikenki
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 52 in Vol. 16
Kurokawa mini-volume Chapter 52 in Vol. 7
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 510 in Vol. 49
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 50 in Vol. 7
Series Pokémon Adventures

A Wretched Reunion (Japanese: VS ダイケンキ VS Samurott), titled VS Samurott in the Shogakukan Asia translation, is the 510th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 50th chapter of the Black & White arc.

It is subtitled Samurott (Japanese: 必要 Necessity) in the VIZ Media translation and A Wretched Reunion in the Shogakukan Asia translation.


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Professor Juniper and Fennel are climbing the mountainous area near Chargestone Cave. Fennel, who appears not to be physically trained for long mountain treks, is encouraged by Professor Juniper to keep climbing, as they agreed to meet her father at this area. Professor Juniper helps Fennel reach the top of a cliff, where they see a battle taking place down below.

Cedric Juniper, White, and Black stand behind their Samurott, Amanda and Bo, respectively, and simultaneously command each of them to use their same-type attack on Gigi and N's Zorua. Cedric then has Samurott use its seamitars to take on Gigi and Zorua by itself. N compliments the presence of the fully-evolved first partner Pokémon together. Cedric believes N should recognize this Samurott as one of the three first partner Pokémon from his lab, a statement which leaves Black and White in shock.

Cedric starts explaining everything that happened a year ago. Professor Juniper and Fennel climb down the cliff to join Cedric while he is explaining, and after Samurott finally takes care of Gigi and Zorua, N responds, claiming that he indeed set the Pokémon free. It was his first "mission accomplished" as King of Team Plasma. When N started venturing into the outside world, it was as his father claimed; everywhere he went, he could only hear Pokémon suffering through years of pain, torment, and abuse. He realized what caused such intolerable levels of suffering, and knew that people had to start thinking differently. However, he could not ignore the voices calling for help, which was why he liberated the three Pokémon from Cedric's lab.

N points at the Junipers, claiming that if they deemed him guilty of a crime, then they themselves were guilty of a worse crime: the stealing of the Pokémon's freedom. Professor Juniper tries to defend herself, saying that she and her father only wanted to improve connections with Pokémon. N retorts by doubting if the Pokémon really felt the same way, and reminds her what happened on the day before she was to give the first partner Pokémon away. Professor Juniper is bewildered that N knows what happened, and N simply states that his Zorua disguised himself as a human and spied on her lab. N deems her treatment of Pokémon as "goods to be delivered" enough evidence that Pokémon were not being listened to and had no rights of their own.

After feeding Max Revives to his Pokémon, N decides to leave. However Black stops N, and says that he wants N to take him to where Team Plasma's base is. N deems the request unnecessary, and goes as far as taunting Black, questioning whether Black is capable of defeating N at all. This makes Black's Pokémon start to question themselves. Black demands to know why his Pokémon are acting this way, and N simply states that they know the outcome, a one hundred percent chance of losing. Black begins to retort at the suggestion, but his mind becomes overwhelmed by the thought of futility. He orders Musha to clamp on his head, but Musha keeps its mouth shut and turns away.

N sees this as an opportunity to claim that Black never really understood Pokémon. As Musha continues to float away, N muses that Black's relationship with his Munna was a simple give-and-take, and when the supply on either side runs out, the relationship breaks down. It broke down because Black has no more tasty dreams for Munna to eat, which is why Munna doesn't need Black anymore.

Upon seeing Black's face turn blank, White tries to tell Black not to believe N, but it is already too late. Black starts to collapse backwards. White tries to catch his fall, but N, having already embarked on Zekrom, flies over them. He then has his Zorua use psychic powers to lift Cedric's last remaining Pokédex out of his pocket, and his Tympole destroy it with a blast of water, before leaving the area. On Zekrom, N voices to his father that the Champion is defeated, and soon Pokémon will never be hurt again. N suddenly hears a voice stating that it would like to see Reshiram in its complete state, alongside whoever it has chosen to be its hero.

One week later on the day that the Pokémon League tournament is due to start, the International Police decides to commence undercover work and sends over one of its detectives to the Pokémon League complex.

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PS509 : Will the Truth Come Out?
Black & White arc
PS511 : Dream a Little Dream
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