N's Zorua

N's Zorua
Nのゾロア N's Zorua
N Zorua Adventures.png
N's Zorua
Debuts in Listening to Pokémon
Caught at Not caught (Adventures)
Driftveil City (games)
Gender Male
Ability Illusion
Nature Hasty (games)
Released in Prior to Homecoming
Current location With N (Adventures)
With the player (games)
This Pokémon has not evolved.

N's Zorua (Japanese: のゾロア N's Zorua) is a Pokémon that N befriended in Pokémon Adventures, and a Pokémon often associated with him in other canons as well.

In the Pokémon Adventures manga


Black & White arc

Using Illusion to take the form of a young man

Prior to the start of the chapter, Zorua was one of the wild Pokémon that N befriended in his youth. When N became the King of Team Plasma, Zorua helped him liberate the first partner Pokémon that Cedric Juniper planned to give out to new Trainers.

Zorua first appeared in Lost in the Big City, where Black encountered him at Castelia City under the guise of a young boy. Assuming the boy to be a lost child, Black attempted to find Zorua's parents and left his Tepig, Tep, to watch over Zorua while he went to go find help. After Black left, Zorua revealed his true colors and attacked Tep. Angered, Tep battled Zorua, which took them through various different floors of the building they were in. Eventually, Tep defeated Zorua with a large fireball, forcing him to escape.

In Gigi's Choice Zorua sneaks into the Nimbasa Gym control room and tampers with the roller coasters, causing it to lock up while Black is having his Gym battle with Elesa.

In Drawing Bridges, Zorua causes havoc on the Driftveil Drawbridge, preventing people from crossing over it. When Black attempts to cross the bridge, he encounters Zorua disguised as a boy. By transforming into various Pokémon, Zorua harasses Black as he attempts to make his way to the other side. After using his ability to clear his mind, Black sees through Zorua's abilities and defeats him, forcing Zorua to run off.

Using Illusion to take the form of a young boy

In Will the Truth Come Out?, Zorua battled Alder in a Double Battle. After a long battle, N and Alder are reduced to one and two Pokémon each, respectively. With his Illusion Ability, Zorua disguises itself as Gigi in order to take an attack from Alder's Accelgor, leaving it wide open for Gigi to defeat it with a powerful Fire attack. Afterward, Zorua and Gigi are made to battle against Black's Bo, White's Amanda, and Cedric Juniper's Samurott. The three fully evolved first partner Pokémon quickly defeat Zorua and Gigi. Shortly afterward, N restores his entire team with Max Revives and then takes off with Zekrom carrying everyone. As they leave, Zorua and Tympole use their abilities to destroy the third remaining Pokédex in Cedric's possession.

Prior to Team Plasma's invasion of the Pokémon League, N released all of his Pokémon, including Zorua. Despite this, in Homecoming, Zorua attempts to assist N and Zekrom in their final battle against Black and Reshiram. Zorua's attempt to disguise himself as Zekrom fails as Black easily sees through the transformation and has Reshiram attack Zekrom, defeating it and N at the same time. Although N was confused as to why Zorua tried to help him, Black explains that Zorua cared about N and wished to stay with him. N decided to accept Zorua's feelings, but not before scolding him. The two then shared an embrace, but soon fell asleep from exhaustion.

After waking up, N rode on Zekrom's back and said his farewells as he left Unova to find his own path in life. Despite accepting his feelings, N left Zorua behind as he frantically tried to catch up with him.

Black 2 & White 2 arc

In Frozen World, Zorua is revealed to have joined Rood's side as one of the members of Team Plasma who remain loyal to N's ideals. Zorua is sent out at Castelia City, where he is introduced to Whitley. Using his Illusion Ability, Zorua takes on Whitley's appearance, allowing her to leave her classmates to go find a microchip containing data that could counteract a Pokémon-controlling device created by Colress, the new leader of Team Plasma.

In The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition, after Ghetsis was captured, Zorua returned to N.

Personality and characteristics

Like most Zorua, N's Zorua is very mischievous, often turning into people and Pokémon to confuse or mock them with a wicked smile. Zorua has a close relationship with N and is the only one of N's Pokémon that tried to stay with him after being released. Zorua is also a fast and powerful battler, being able to compete against Alder's Pokémon. Zorua can also use his Illusion Ability to gain the upper hand in many situations. While he can take on any form he chooses with his Ability, Zorua usually takes the form of a young boy.

In the anime

Pokémon Evolutions

N's Zorua appeared in a flashback in The Plan, living with N when he was found by Ghetsis as a child.

In the games

N's Zorua is obtainable through the main story by defeating Rood and receiving him from Rood in Driftveil City. Being one of N's Pokémon, Zorua will have a sprite entry animation that is similar to the Shiny Pokémon sprite, but instead has its own sound and green and yellow diamond lights. Zorua has a Hasty Nature.

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2
Dark Unknown
Held item:
Zorua Lv.25*
Fury Swipes
Normal Physical
Faint Attack
Dark Physical
Scary Face
Normal Status
Dark Status


Artwork of Zorua and N from
Pokémon Adventures
Artwork of Zorua and N for White Day
by Megumi Mizutani

In the TCG

N (Fates Collide 105)
Main article: N (Noble Victories 92)

Zorua appears in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, laying alongside N in the Fates Collide print of the N Supporter card.


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