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PS508 : The Lesson Ends Here
Black & White arc
PS510 : A Wretched Reunion
Will the Truth Come Out?
VS Archeos
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 51 in Vol. 15
Kurokawa mini-volume Chapter 51 in Vol. 7
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 509 in Vol. 49
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 49 in Vol. 7
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Route 6

Will the Truth Come Out? (Japanese: VS アーケオス VS Archeops), titled VS Archeops in the Shogakukan Asia translation, is the 509th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 49th chapter of the Black & White arc.

It is subtitled Archeops (Japanese: 超越 Transcendence) in the VIZ Media translation and Will the Truth Come Out? in the Shogakukan Asia translation.


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Black, White and Iris watch as Alder continues his battle against N. Though Alder is down to only his Accelgor, it defeats N's Archeops. Marshal knows that N has two Pokémon left, and everyone suddenly spots Zekrom taking to the sky. Black senses something moving in his bag, and takes out the Light Stone. Reshiram starts to emerge from the Light Stone and charge towards Zekrom, but Zekrom roars and Reshiram retreats back into the Light Stone. N is surprised to see that Reshiram has chosen Black, but decides not to use Zekrom next. He then surprises everyone, including White, by calling forth Gigi. Gigi teams up with N's Zorua to knock out Accelgor, giving N the win.

N grins that he has finally surpassed the Champion, and starts lecturing about Team Plasma's goal before voicing out to his father. N congratulates Gigi for realizing the potential N saw in her by defeating the Champion. He then notices that White was not congratulating Gigi, and asks her if she only wanted Gigi for entertainment purposes. White denies it, and says that she was wrong to judge Gigi because she knew nothing about battling. In order to gain Gigi's respect, she took up battling and learned about it. N sees, from the team that she gathered that White has indeed made the effort. He even claims that White is starting to listen to her Pokémon's voices. White finally decides to tell Gigi that her career path, whether it is battling or entertainment, is the one she chooses and that no one should influence her decision, not even N. Impressed by what he hears, N places his hands on White's shoulders. N starts to acknowledge White as an ally for sharing his ideals, but a visibly upset Black pulls White away and tells N to leave her alone.

N turns to leave, but a voice tells Black not to let N get away. A Samurott blocks N's path with one of its seamitars. Black turns around to see that Cedric Juniper has arrived. Black starts to ask where he got the Samurott from, but Cedric says that he will answer the question later. He reminds Black of his duty to rescue the Gym Leaders and states that now is a good chance to do so, because defeating N would force him to reveal where the Gym Leaders are. With that, Bo, Amanda, and Samurott surround N.

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PS508 : The Lesson Ends Here
Black & White arc
PS510 : A Wretched Reunion
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