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PS507 : A Misunderstanding
Black & White arc
PS509 : Will the Truth Come Out?
The Lesson Ends Here
VS Hihidaruma
VIZ Media mini-volume Adventure 50 in Vol. 15
Kurokawa mini-volume Chapter 50 in Vol. 7
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 508 in Vol. 49
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 48 in Vol. 7
Series Pokémon Adventures
Location Route 6

The Lesson Ends Here (Japanese: VS ヒヒダルマ VS Darmanitan), titled VS Darmanitan in the Shogakukan Asia translation, is the 508th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga, and the 48th chapter of the Black & White arc.

It is subtitled Darmanitan (Japanese: 頂上 Summit) in the VIZ Media translation and The Lesson Ends Here in the Shogakukan Asia translation.


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In a mountainous area near Chargestone Cave, Marshal is following his master, Alder, asking him to return to the Pokémon League because the tournament is starting in a week's time. Alder claims that the Elite Four were appointed for that purpose, and wants to step down as Champion in order to live a normal life again. Marshal follows Alder towards the bottom of a cliff, where N is waiting for them. N tells them about the legend of Unova. During N's speech, Alder spots a black dragon hovering above N, and recognizes it as Zekrom. N finally states that he had been waiting for Alder, the advocate of "that drivel called the Pokémon League".

That statement provokes Marshal, but Alder tells him to stay calm, and even goes as far as believing N's words. Once Alder and N agree to the terms of their battle, Marshal declares that he will judge. During the battle, Alder's Bouffalant and Escavalier team up to knock out N's Darmanitan. Alder uses the opportunity to ask N if Team Plasma was responsible for the kidnapping of the Gym Leaders, and whether he has anything to do with them. N not only confirms the Gym Leaders' kidnapping, but also states that he is King of Team Plasma, and that Zekrom has recognized him, which makes him a hero. N continues the battle with Zorua.

Meanwhile, Black and Iris are climbing up the same mountainous area. Black, already depressed by several previous incidents, gets further annoyed by Iris's provocative words and threatens to Sky Drop her off the area, but realizes that he doesn't have Brav. Coincidentally, Black sees Brav in the distance flying towards him, and bursts into joy once he is reunited with his childhood companion. He also deduces that White must be around somewhere, and turns around to see a smiling White accompanied by a Serperior. White thanks Black for lending Brav to her, and states that she is returning Brav to him because she has a full team. To prove it, she sends out the three Pokémon that she recruited during the Battle Subway training, the Deerling that Black already knows about, and the Vullaby that she caught at Café Sonata. White surprises Black even further by showing him the Pokédex that used to belong to Bianca. Just as Iris makes a snide comment about their reunion, she hears the sound of a fight, and rushes towards the source of the sound, with Black and White following her. Black, White and Iris reach the edge of a cliff and are shocked to see Alder sprawled on the ground next to his fallen Bouffalant, Escavalier, and Vanilluxe.

Major events

  • Alder reveals that he intends on giving up his Champion title.
  • Alder meets N and challenges him to a battle.
  • N is revealed have tamed Zekrom.
  • White reunites with Black and returns Brav.
  • White's Servine, Amanda, is revealed to have evolved into a Serperior.
  • Black, White, and Iris discover Alder and N's battle.
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PS507 : A Misunderstanding
Black & White arc
PS509 : Will the Truth Come Out?
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