チュラ Tula
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Black Tula.png
Black's Galvantula
Debuts in Lights, Camera...Action!
Caught in Prior to Letting Go
Caught at Accumula Town
Gender Male
Ability Unnerve
Nature Adamant
Current location With Black
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Tula (Japanese: チュラ Tula) is a Galvantula that Black owns in Pokémon Adventures and his fourth Pokémon overall. As of The Power of Dreams, he is at level 59, and his Characteristic is that he is "alert to sounds."


Black & White arc

The damage Galvantula caused to the film crew

Prior to the start of the chapter, Tula was a Pokémon owned by an unknown Trainer. Due to one of Ghetsis's speeches about liberating Pokémon, he was released back into the wild. Galvantula was first seen in Lights, Camera...Action, causing havoc for a camera crew working with White due to the fact that he wanted to stay near humans but did not know how to act. Black was blamed due to being the only outsider and he used Musha to help find the real culprit. He soon pieced together that a Galvantula had run an electrical wire through the place and drew him out with Tep. Using Tep, Black defeated Galvantula by setting his webs on fire with an Ember attack. Despite Black saving the day, he accidentally set all the recording equipment on fire and burnt them to a crisp as well.

In Letting Go, Black revealed to White that he caught Galvantula. Black then let Galvantula out of his Poké Ball and revealed to Galvantula that he was considering releasing him, and Galvantula responded by shaking his forehead and wiggling his front legs. Black, not appearing to understand Galvantula, said that Galvantula would be abandoned twice. Later, Black battled N, and while calling out to his Pokémon, he absent-mindedly called out towards Galvantula, which he nicknamed Tula. To his surprise, Tula raised his foreleg in acknowledgment. Black wondered if it means Tula wants to join their team. Tula responded by nuzzling against Black, and Black accepted by holding Tula's foreleg.

Tula trapped by silk

In A Direct Attack and a Daunting Defense, Tula was used in a Double Battle alongside Tep against a Janitor named Geoff and his Trubbish and Cinccino. Trubbish begun the battle by attacking Tep with Acid Spray. When Black checked on how Tula was doing, he noticed that Cinccino was using its fur to make Tula's electricity slide by. Geoff then had his two Pokémon attack Tula and Tep, sending them flying. Despite thinking that he had won the battle, Tep got back up enraged and slammed into Trubbish with a fiery attack, having used some bottles to block his nostrils to prevent Trubbish's stench from reaching his nose. Tula then swung down from the bridge and used Slash on Cinccino, knocking it out and finishing the battle.

In Big City Battles, Tula was used in Black's Castelia Gym battle against Burgh and his Dwebble. Before Tula could make a move however, Burgh switched in Dwebble for Leavanny, believing it to be a better match for him. The battle properly begun with Tula shooting out an electrified silk attack, but Leavanny dodged the attack and shot its own silk attack back, pinning Tula to the ground. Leavanny then attacked with Leaf Blade and knocked Tula out. Although victorious, Leavanny fainted as well, as it had been poisoned by Tula's silk.

In Battle on a Roller Coaster, Tula was used as Black's first Pokémon in his Nimbasa Gym battle against Elesa, fighting against her Zebstrika. Tula attacked with Electro Ball, but Zebstrika's Motor Drive negated the attack and raised its speed. Tula was then hit by a super effective Flame Charge, prompting Black to recall him.

In The Battle Within, Tula was used in Black's Mistralton Gym battle against Skyla and her Unfezant. Despite the type advantage, Tula was put on the defense due to Unfezant's quick attacks and agility. Eventually Tula managed to hit Unfezant with an electric attack, knocking her out and winning Black the battle.

Tula and Black

In Decisions, Decisions, Black is taken to the Tubeline Bridge for training under Brycen. Brycen has Tula train with his three Vanillish. Black is then tasked to defeat the Black Empoleon biker gang, where Tula uses his strength to throw their bikes off of the bridge.

Tula in the Pokémon League

In Into the Quarterfinals!, Black and Tula faced off against Lou Kar and his Croagunk in the quarterfinals of the Pokémon League. The battle begun with Croagunk striking Tula in the face, which clued Black into realizing that Croagunk must be a Fighting-type Pokémon. Black had Tula cover himself with Electroweb to make sure Croagunk will not be able to touch him and then had Tula fire a Signal Beam at Croagunk, but the attack barely does any damage. Croagunk then leaped into the air and shot needles from its mouth, piecing through Tula's feet and pinning him to the ground while simultaneously poisoning him. Croagunk then blew the Electroweb net away with Vacuum Wave, thus ridding Tula of his only defense. With his shield gone, Croagunk immediately begun pummeling Tula with a variety of punches. In addition to the damage, the punches only continued to poison Tula further. With the damage he sustained, Black noticed that Tula only had the strength for one more move. He then noticed the Electroweb net still floating in the air, and had Tula fire a string at the web and pull it down on top of Croagunk. The move succeeds, pulling the Electroweb onto Croagunk and shocking it, defeating it and winning the battle for Black.

In One Way or Another, Tula was used in Black's semifinal battle against Iris and her Druddigon. The two locked arms and begun a battle of strength with Druddigon coming out on top. Realizing Tula would not last long, Black recalled him.

During Team Plasma's attack on the League in Triple Threat, Tula, Musha, Bo, and Costa were sent out to help Black's allies fight against the Team Plasma Grunts causing havoc below. Once they finished fighting the Grunts, Tula and the rest of Black's team returned to their Trainer after he defeated N. The reunion was cut short when Ghetsis attacked Black in order to prevent the public from learning about N's defeat. With a team specifically designed to counter Black's, Ghetsis had the immediate advantage. With Musha's help, Black defeated Ghetsis by defeating his secret weapon, a Volcarona, and then unleashed a series of powerful attacks on Ghetsis's team.

Black 2 & White 2 arc

In The Final Battle: Crushed Ambition, Tula was used to try to keep Kyurem from destroying the Plasma Frigate.

Personality and characteristics

Tula is a kind Pokémon who loves humans, though without help he usually ends up causing trouble for them. He is very close to his Trainer and the two bonded and became close in only a few days, with Tula sharing Black's dreams. Tula has the ability to infuse his silky threads with both electricity and poison, making him a tough and diverse opponent.

Moves used

Using Flash
Using String Shot
Move First Used In
Flash Battle at the Dreamyard
Spider Web Wheeling and Dealing
Electro Ball Wheeling and Dealing
Slash A Direct Attack and a Daunting Defense
String Shot Up in the Air
Electroweb  Museum Showdown
Signal Beam  Into the Quarterfinals!
X-Scissor  The Power of Dreams
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Moves improvised

Picture First Used In Moves Involved Partnered With
  Lights, Camera...Action None None
Description: Tula can create a sticky thin thread which can be used to climb across surfaces and entangle foes. It can also be electrified or poisoned.


Language Name Origin
Japanese チュラ Tula From デンチュラ Dentula, Galvantula
English, German, Brazilian
Portuguese, European Spanish,
Tula Same as his Japanese name
French Myga From Mygavolt, Galvantula
Korean 툴라 Tula From 전툴라 Jeontula, Galvantula
Chinese (Mandarin) 蜘蛛 Zhīzhū From 電蜘蛛 / 电蜘蛛 Diànzhīzhū, Galvantula
Chinese (Cantonese) 蜘蛛 Jījyū From 電蜘蛛 Dihnjījyū, Galvantula

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