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Professor Oak's Big Pokémon Examination (Japanese: オーキド博士のポケモン大検定 Doctor Okido's Big Pokémon Examination) is a segment featured at the end of anime episodes in Japan during Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl. It was featured from DP098 to DP191, and was preceded by Professor Oak's Big Pokémon Encyclopedia and was succeeded by Professor Oak's Pokémon Live Caster. The segment was also featured at the end of DPS01 and DPS02.

List of Professor Oak's Big Pokémon Examination segments

Episode Subject Level Question Answer
DP098 Magikarp Easy Magikarp learn Flail, Tackle, and what other move? Splash  
DP099 Charmander Easy What does Charmander evolve into, Charmeleon or Charizard? Charmeleon  
DP100 Muk Normal Muk have one of two abilities, Stench or what?

A. Swift Swim
B. Shell Armor
C. Sticky Hold

Sticky Hold  
DP101 Electrode Normal What are Electrode also known as?

A. Bomb Balls
B. Forkballs
C. Shadow Balls

Bomb Balls  
DP102 Lapras Hard Lapras is a Water-type and what-type Pokémon? Ice-type  
DP103 Altaria Normal The sound of Altaria's voice is described as what?

A. Soprano
B. Alto
C. Bass

DP104 Flygon Hard What are Flygon, which live in the desert, also known as? Spirits of the Desert  
DP105 Huntail Easy What item is needed to evolve Clamperl into Huntail?

A. Deep Sea Tooth
B. Deep Sea Scale

Deep Sea Tooth  
DP106 Sableye Normal In caves, what do Sableye eat?

A. Moss
B. Ore
C. Dirt

DP107 Shiftry Hard What stone is needed to evolve Nuzleaf to Shiftry? Leaf Stone  
DP108 Machoke Easy What is the power-suppressing belt around Machoke's waist called?

A. Champion Belt
B. Power-Saving Belt

Power-Saving Belt  
DP109 Finneon Hard What other Bug-type Pokémon is Finneon likened to? Beautifly  
DP110 Starmie Normal What is the jewel-like central part of Starmie that shines in seven colors called?

A. Flower
B. Core
C. Navel

DP111 Skarmory Normal Where do Skarmory make their nests?

A. In bramble bushes
B. In Pokémon Centers
C. In Kangaskhan pouches

In bramble bushes  
DP112 Numel Hard What is the temperature of the magma in Numel's body? 1200 degrees  
DP113 Wartortle Normal What part of Wartortle's body symbolises its long life?

A. Shell
B. Tail
C. Fangs

DP114 Paras Hard What is the proper name for the mushrooms growing on Paras's back? Caterpillar fungus  
DP115 Tropius Hard How many times per year do the fruits growing on Tropius's neck bear fruit? Twice  
DP116 Lanturn Easy Due to its powerful light, what is Lanturn also known as?

A. The Deep Sea Star
B. The Prince of the Sea

The Deep Sea Star  
DP117 Slowpoke Normal What activity involving its tail is the only activity that Slowpoke excels at?

A. Forward upward circling on the horizontal bar
B. Multiplication
C. Fishing

DP118 Abra Hard How many hours a day do Abra sleep? 18 hours  
DP119 Dodrio Easy Dodrio's three heads express anger, sadness, and what other emotion?

A. Hatred
B. Joy

DP120 No lecture
(Episode was
DP121 Exeggutor Normal Due to their walking appearance, what are Exeggutor also known as?

A. The Walking Tropical Forest
B. The Walking Shelterbelt Forest
C. The Walking Coniferous Forest

The Walking Tropical Forest  
DP122 Hitmonchan Hard How many minutes can Hitmonchan fight for before needing a break? Three minutes  
DP123 Nosepass Easy What direction do Nosepass always face?

A. North
B. South

DP124 Happiny Easy What item is needed to evolve Happiny to Chansey?

A. Fire Stone
B. Oval Stone

Oval Stone  
DP125 Xatu Hard What does Xatu's right eye see? The future  
DP126 Marill Normal What is contained within the end of Marill's tail?

A. Pokémon food
B. Aura
C. Oil

DP127 Rhyhorn Hard Rhyhorn bones are how many times harder than human bones? A thousand times  
DP128 Probopass Easy What are the small units called?

A. Mini-Noses
B. Fish Paste Sausage Noses

DP129 Magneton Normal What celestial phenomenon is connected with mass outbreaks of Magneton?

A. When sunspots become more common
B. When comets approach
C. When the rabbit in the moon makes mochi

When sunspots become more common  
DP130 Exeggcute Hard What item is needed to evolve Exeggcute to Exeggutor? Leaf Stone  
DP131 Kangaskhan Normal What is the only time that Kangaskhan's child leaves its pouch?

A. When it battles
B. When it is safe
C. When it has to study

When it is safe  
DP132 Bagon Easy What is Bagon waiting to have grow from its body?

A. Hair
B. Wings

DP133 Swalot Normal What is the only thing that Swalot's stomach acid can't dissolve?

A. Swalot's stomach
B. Master Balls
C. Focus Bands

Swalot's stomach  
DP134 Medicham Easy What can Medicham see?

A. Tomorrow
B. Auras

DP135 Bellossom Normal What stone is needed to evolve Gloom to Bellossom?

A. Leaf Stone
B. Shiny Stone
C. Sun Stone

Sun Stone  
DP136 Ninetales Hard What color does Ninetales's fur shine? Gold  
DP137 Horsea Easy What does Horsea spit from its mouth when it feels endangered?

A. Ink
B. Fire

DP138 Onix Hard How many kilometres per hour can Onix dig through earth? 80 kilometres per hour  
DP139 Goldeen Normal What is Goldeen called when it swims?

A. The Water-type Misty
B. The Water Queen
C. The Fish Wearing a Swimsuit

The Water Queen  
DP140 Castform Easy Castform's cellular structure is similar to that of which substance?

A. Silver
B. Water

DP141 Suicune Hard What is Suicune said to be the reincarnation of? The North Wind  
DP142 Luvdisc Normal What Pokémon do Luvdisc sleep near?

A. Corsola
B. Kyogre
C. Octillery

DP143 Spoink Hard What Pokémon made the pearl on Spoink's head? Clamperl  
DP144 Mr. Mime Normal What does Mr. Mime create invisible walls from?

A. Atmospheric Particles
B. Glass
C. Clear Files

Atmospheric Particles  
DP145 Bidoof Normal Whose front teeth grow fastest, Bidoof's or Rattata's?

A. Bidoof's
B. Rattata's
C. Both grow at the same speed

Both grow at the same speed  
DP146 Flareon Hard When Flareon stores fire in its body, its body temperature is more than how many degrees? More than 900 degrees  
DP147 Blissey Hard What is contained in the eggs Blissey gives to others to make them smile? Happiness  
DP148 Froslass Hard What item is needed to evolve a female Snorunt to Froslass? Dawn Stone  
DP149 Rapidash Hard How many paces does Rapidash have to take to get to full speed? Ten paces  
DP150 Bonsly Easy What move do Bonsly need to know to evolve to Sudowoodo?

A. Mimic
B. Ancient Power

DP151 Beldum Hard Beldum's cells are all made from what? Magnets  
DP152 Wooper Easy To protect it from enemies, what is found in the mucous membrane surrounding Wooper?

A. Electricity
B. Poison

DP153 Snorunt Normal According to legend, what would happen if you were visited by Snorunt?

A. You would have lots of children
B. You would become rich
C. You would be able to withstand harsh snow

You would become rich  
DP154 Ditto Hard What is the only move that Ditto knows? Transform  
DP155 Magby Easy When Magby is tired, what happens to the fire it breathes out?

A. Black smoke accompanies it
B. The fire turns blue

Black smoke accompanies it  
DP156 Oddish Normal What is Oddish also known as?

A. Alexander
B. Archimendes
C. Atlantis

DP157 Slakoth Hard How many leaves does a Slakoth need to eat each day to be full? Three leaves  
DP158 Roserade Easy What stone is needed to evolve Roselia to Roserade?

A. Shiny Stone
B. Leaf Stone

Shiny Stone  
DP159 Charmeleon Easy When Charmeleon is agitated, what happens to the flame on its tail?

A. It turns bluish-white
B. It turns pink

It turns bluish-white  
DP160 Abomasnow Hard Due to it being able to use many Ice-type moves, what is Abomasnow also known as? Ice Monster  
DP161 Mantine Medium What Pokémon sticks itself to Mantine's fin to eat what it leaves behind?

A. Remoraid
B. Octillery
C. Barboach

DP162 Unown Easy How many species of Unown have been confirmed to exist so far?

A. 48 species
B. 28 species

28 species  
DP163 Donphan Normal Among herds of Donphan, the length of what part of their body determines their superiority?

A. Nose
B. Tail
C. Fangs

DP164 Golem Easy What phenomenon do Golem exhibit once a year?

A. Moulting
B. Belching

DP165 Ambipom Normal What does it mean when Ambipom make a ring with their long tails?

A. Willpower
B. Friendship
C. Ceiling

DP166 Bibarel Hard Bibarel may be relaxed on land, but in the water, they can swim as fast as what Pokémon? Feebas  
DP167 Whismur Easy When Whismur cries as loud as it can, it is as loud as what?

A. A jet engine taking off
B. Dad sneezing

A jet engine taking off  
DP168 Bronzong Easy Ancient people believed Bronzong to be the god of what?

A. The god of plentiful harvests
B. The god of old bronze bells

The god of plentiful harvests  
DP169 Deoxys Hard Deoxys has four Formes, Normal, Attack, Defence, and what? Speed Forme  
DP170 Wurmple Easy Wurmple can evolve to Silcoon or Cascoon. Which one will this Wurmple evolve into? Cascoon  
DP171 Sharpedo Normal Due to their violent actions, Sharpedo are also known as the what of the sea?

A. The Hitmen of the Sea
B. The Missiles of the Sea
C. The Gangs of the Sea

The Gangs of the Sea  
DP172 Skiploom Hard The flower on Skiploom's head only blooms when its body temperature is above how many degrees? 18 degrees  
DP173 Wobbuffet Easy Which is female?

A. A Wobbuffet without lipstick
B. A Wobbuffet with lipstick

The Wobbuffet with lipstick  
DP174 Hitmonlee Hard How many times their usual length can Hitmonlee's legs extend? Twice  
DP175 Zangoose Easy What Pokémon is Zangoose's rival?

A. Arbok
B. Seviper

DP176 Togepi Hard What is said to be contained within Togepi's shell? Happiness  
DP177 Gligar Normal What item is needed to evolve Gligar into Gliscor?

A. Razor Fang
B. Quick Claw
C. Focus Band

Razor Fang  
DP178 Honchkrow Easy What is Honchkrow also known as?

A. Summoner of the Night
B. Emperor of the Night

Summoner of the Night  
DP179 Caterpie Normal What Bug-type move can Caterpie learn by levelling up?

A. Bug Buzz
B. Bug Bite
C. Swarm

Bug Bite  
DP180 Nidoran Easy Which gender of Nidoran evolves into Nidorino?

A. Male
B. Female

DP181 Clefairy Hard What stone is needed to evolve Clefairy? Moon Stone  
DP182 Gardevoir Normal What phenomenon can Gardevoir create when it uses all of its Psychic powers to protect its Trainer?

A. A wormhole
B. A concert hall
C. A black hole

A black hole  
DP183 Regigigas Hard The three Pokémon that Regigigas created are Regirock, Regice and what? Registeel  
DP184 Beedrill Normal Which of Beedrill's three stingers contains the most potent poison?

A. Right Hand
B. Left Hand
C. Rear

DP185 Glaceon Easy Glaceon creates what natural phenomenon by cooling the air around it?

A. Diamond Dust
B. Needle Ice

Diamond Dust  
DP186 Rhyperior Hard What Pokémon can Rhyperior launch from its palms instead of rocks? Geodude  
DP187 Miltank Hard How many litres of milk does a Miltank produce each day? Twenty litres  
DP188 Cresselia Easy Cresselia is also known as the incarnation of what?

A. The Full Moon
B. The Crescent Moon

The Crescent Moon  
DP189 Swinub Easy What do Swinub often dig up when searching for mushrooms?

A. Hot Springs
B. Coins

Hot Springs  
DP190 Nuzleaf Normal What happens when you hold onto Nuzleaf's long nose?

A. It loses its strength
B. It turns into sand
C. It bursts into flame

It loses its strength  
DP191 Cacnea Hard How many days can Cacnea survive on their internal water supply without having to drink? 30 days  
DPS01 Lickitung Easy Lickitung will lick anything, but what taste don't they like?

A. Sweet
B. Sour

DPS02 Smeargle Hard When Smeargle become adults, what mark is drawn on their back by their friends? A footprint  

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