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The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World!
DP179   EP645
Electric Shock Battle! The Final Badge!!
First broadcast
Japan June 3, 2010
United States October 30, 2010
English themes
Opening We Will Carry On!
Japanese themes
Opening サイコー・エブリディ!
Ending ドッチ~ニョ?
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay 十川誠志 Masashi Sogo
Storyboard 山田浩之 Hiroyuki Yamada
Assistant director うえだしげる Shigeru Ueda
Animation director 志村泉 Izumi Shimura
No additional credits are available at this time.

The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World! (Japanese: 電撃バトル!最後のバッジ!! Electric Shock Battle! The Final Badge!!) is the 179th episode of Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, and the 645th episode of the Pokémon anime. It first aired in Japan on June 3, 2010 and in the United States on October 30, 2010.

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The moment for Ash to challenge Volkner for his eighth Gym Badge is finally here, and of course our hero is very excited. As the battle gets under way, Ash soon discovers just how good Volkner is when the Sunyshore Gym Leader takes an early lead. But Ash’s confidence and courage are unwavering. In the next matchup, Pikachu faces Volkner’s powerful Electivire—and much to Volkner’s surprise, Pikachu wins!

With the score tied, Ash’s Infernape faces Volkner’s powerful Jolteon. Some speedy and hard-hitting Mach Punches from Infernape catch both the Gym Leader and his Pokémon by surprise, and Ash takes the lead!

It comes down to Volkner’s Luxray versus Ash’s Infernape. It seems as if Infernape is going to go out of control when its Blaze Ability kicks in, and everyone is worried! But Ash’s faith in Infernape is unflappable, and Infernape calms down enough to listen to his commands. With a powerful display of force, Infernape defeats Luxray, allowing Ash to win his eighth Gym Badge, the Beacon Badge!

Our heroes bid a fond farewell to Volkner and Flint, who promise to root for Ash in his next big challenge...because after winning eight Gym Badges, he’s headed for the Sinnoh League!


Having returned to the now repaired Sunyshore Gym, Ash is ready to finally battle Volkner for the Beacon Badge, the final Gym Badge he needs to enter the Sinnoh League. Dawn, as thanks to Ash for cheering for her during the Grand Festival, has donned her cheerleading uniform and, along with Piplup and Buneary, start to chant for Ash's victory while Brock sits with Flint. The Elite Four member tells Brock that since it was announced that Volkner had started accepting challenges again, people have been queuing outside the Gym for the chance to battle; however as promised, Volkner would not battle any other Trainers before Ash. The robotic referee states the rules; the battle will be three-on-three, and only Ash will be allowed to make substitutions. Ash gets ready to battle, determined to earn his final Sinnoh League Badge.

Meanwhile, across the city, Team Rocket is standing outside Sunyshore Tower. As before, the three are determined to steal it and deliver it to Giovanni knowing its solar power system would be a valuable prize. Also, having already successfully infiltrated it before, Jessie, James and Meowth are convinced that leaving with it will be easier than ever.

Volkner sends out his first Pokémon, an Electivire and Ash decides to begin with Torterra due to the obvious type advantage that he has over Electivire. Ash starts by ordering a Leaf Storm from Torterra; however, Volkner has Electivire use Fire Punch to burn the leaves up. Brock notes that it's just like a Gym Leader to use an attacking move as a defense. Ash tells Torterra to use Leaf Storm again and Electivire again uses Fire Punch to burn the leaves up, but this leaves its midsection exposed and Ash has Torterra use Energy Ball in quick succession and manages to score a direct hit. Ash then has Torterra use Rock Climb, and the Continent Pokémon slams down his claws into the ground making a rock pillar lift Electivire into the air before charging at it. As Torterra climbs up the pillar, Volkner has Electivire use Ice Punch and the attack makes a clean hit. Torterra, being a Grass and Ground type, gets frozen quite easily and is blasted back to the ground. The utter power manages to take Torterra out, leaving him unable to battle. Brock realizes that Volkner taught Electivire to use Ice Punch to help it against Ground-type Pokémon like Torterra, while Volkner congratulates Ash on his strategy of using Energy Ball in combination with Leaf Storm. Ash recalls Torterra, thanking him for trying his best, and decides to send Pikachu up against Electivire next. Pikachu enters the battlefield and gets ready.

At Sunyshore Tower, Team Rocket is having a lot of trouble even getting past the doors. Finally, after a lot of effort, they finally force it open, only for an ever-stronger door to slam down. Jessie notes that getting inside was much easier before, and wonders what changed. Meowth points out that a new security system must have been installed after they stole the tower.

Ash has Pikachu begin with Quick Attack and Electivire counters with Fire Punch. Pikachu dodges and uses Thunderbolt, which does nothing to Electivire. Volkner commands an Ice Punch, and Pikachu dodges again and uses another Thunderbolt but to no avail. Dawn asks Flint what's happening, and Flint explains that Electivire has the Motor Drive Ability, which absorbs all Electric-type attacks used against it and renders them useless. Realizing that Electric attacks won't work Ash orders an Iron Tail attack, but Electivire quickly dodges and starts to run around the battlefield at high speed. Volkner tells Ash that Motor Drive takes all the power from Electric attacks and uses it to increase Electivire's speed before ordering a Fire Punch. Pikachu tries to dodge but Electivire is too fast and Fire Punch scores a direct hit. Brock and Flint note that Ash is in a tricky position, as going up close puts it in danger from Fire Punch and Ice Punch and he can't attack from far away due to Thunderbolt having no effect on Electivire. Electivire is then told to use Ice Punch and it hits. However, luck is on Ash's side as Pikachu's Static Ability is triggered, paralyzing Electivire. When Electivire retracts its arm away it notices the static on its arm as does Volkner. Realizing what that just was, Volkner orders Ice Punch. Electivire then tries to run up and hit Pikachu with Ice Punch, but it becomes fully paralyzed, allowing Pikachu to dodge. Another Ice Punch is attempted before Pikachu uses Iron Tail to counter and when the attacks meet, Electivire receives another dose of static, leaving it stumbling. Volkner calls for another Ice Punch, but Ash, knowing that Electivire is now far slower than before, calls for another Iron Tail attack, which hits Electivire in the face and knocks it out, giving Ash the victory. Volkner recalls Electivire and notes that he is enjoying this battle, while Flint notes that Volkner is just warming up.

With the front door blocked, Team Rocket has decided to enter Sunyshore Tower through the back. Meowth plans to crack the combination lock on the back door, but it seems that this has also been thought of, as Team Rocket receives a massive electric shock, leaving all three dazed.

Volkner sends out his second Pokémon, Jolteon. Ash knows the battle is only going to get harder and sends out Infernape. Ash has Infernape start with a Mach Punch, which hits and sends Jolteon flying however it uses Thunderbolt mid-air which hits Infernape and leaves it shocked. Then Volkner has Jolteon use Shadow Ball and Infernape recovers in time to dodge. Volkner commands more Shadow Balls, and Jolteon starts to fire them rapidly. Ash tells Infernape to hit back with Mach Punch, and Infernape manages to counter all the Shadow Balls which cloud the entire battlefield with smoke. Volkner tells Jolteon to jump and use Shadow Ball, and Ash tells Infernape to use Mach Punch. Infernape jumps after Jolteon and makes a direct hit, slamming Jolteon into the ceiling. Infernape then lands back onto the ground while Jolteon falls and crashes to the ground and it then reveals that Infernape's Mach Punch had managed to knock it out, allowing Ash to claim his second victory.

As Jessie laments her ruined hair, Team Rocket has managed to gain entry to Sunyshore Tower. James notes that the layout has been altered since their last visit, and Meowth tells him that it was probably remodeled during its repairs but to steal it, all they need is to make their way to the viewing room as they did before. Hopefully, no one counted on the three of them returning.

Volkner tells Ash that he never thought he'd be the first to send out his final Pokémon and sends out the first Pokémon he used against Ash before their previous match was canceled, Luxray. Ash recalls Infernape and sends Pikachu back out, hoping that he's recovered from the battle against Electivire. Ash starts with Quick Attack, but Luxray uses Shock Wave, which hits and sends Pikachu flying. Brock notes that although Shock Wave is not very effective against Electric-types, it still carries a lot of power. Ash orders an Iron Tail, which hits Luxray hard. Pikachu uses two more Iron Tail attacks, and both make direct hits and Pikachu begins to corner Luxray. Volkner responds with a Thunder Fang attack from Luxray. Luxray grabs Pikachu's tail with the Thunder Fang and Pikachu takes the hit hard and slams against the ground. As Pikachu struggles to get up, Luxray uses Shock Wave, which sends Pikachu flying against the wall, knocking him out.

Team Rocket has made its way to the viewing room, which seems to have been changed into a generator for the tower. The three finally decide to give up on Sunyshore Tower and leave, but the door that they had just entered has locked behind them, causing them to panic.

Back at the Gym Ash and Volkner note their regret that the match will soon be over but nevertheless, they'll still battle with all of their might. Ash sends Infernape back out against Luxray. Infernape uses Flamethrower while Luxray uses Shock Wave, and the two attacks collide. Infernape uses Mach Punch, but Luxray uses Double Team and creates a series of clones. Infernape hits a few of the clones and Luxray comes out and bites Infernape with Thunder Fang, which hurts him badly. Infernape responds with a Mach Punch but Luxray dodges Infernape and strikes back with another Thunder Fang attack, causing even more damage. Flint notes that Ash is in the same position as before, unable to attack from a distance, therefore, having to risk going up close and receiving damage. Luxray uses another Shock Wave as a finisher, but Infernape jumps to dodge. Luxray also jumps and uses Thunder Fang, managing to get another hit and sending Infernape into a fall. Luxray prepares for another Thunder Fang, but Ash tells Infernape to use Dig. Infernape escapes underground; however, Volkner is prepared for this and tells Luxray to use Iron Tail, which smashes the battlefield and forcibly removes Infernape from the earth, shooting the Flame Pokémon into the air before he plummets toward the ground. Volkner notes that it is time for him to stop having fun and tells Luxray to finish Infernape off with Thunder Fang. Ash frantically calls for Infernape to get up, but Infernape appears to have reached his limit as Luxray quickly approaches.

James and Meowth are trying to get the doors open by randomly pushing buttons on one of the consoles in the generator room, but all they manage to do is cause some kind of malfunction. Soon the room is sparking and begins exploding, which sends Team Rocket finally blasting out of the tower for good.

As Luxray speeds towards Infernape with Thunder Fang, Team Rocket's damage to Sunyshore Tower causes the lights of the Gym to suddenly go out, stopping Luxray in its tracks. Volkner and Ash agree to continue the battle regardless and Volkner orders Luxray to prepare to use Thunder Fang, but just when it prepares to do so, Luxray is shocked at what is going on with Infernape. Infernape begins to start glowing and his eyes become completely red, indicating that Blaze has been activated. Infernape screams in rage, causing his flaming crown to erupt. Flint notes that Blaze has been activated, meaning that while Infernape is close to being defeated, his Fire-type moves have been powered up to help him out. Brock and Dawn tell Flint that there's a possibility that Infernape could start rampaging, having done so before while he was a Chimchar during a battle and then again when he was a Monferno just before he evolved and both times, he ignored all of Ash's commands. There now lies a good chance that it could happen again, causing Flint to become concerned and Dawn to become worried, as she has no clue how Ash would handle it now since Infernape is far more powerful now than when he was a Chimchar and a Monferno.

Infernape fires a massive Flamethrower without Ash's command, which glances past Luxray and causes damage to the wall. Infernape then starts to use Flamethrower on the ceiling, causing rubble to come close to falling on Brock, Flint, Dawn, and her Pokémon. Ash tells Infernape to snap out of it and Infernape slowly turns around and starts to walk toward Ash dangerously while growling. Pikachu prepares to fight Infernape off, but Ash tells him to stand down. As everyone nervously watches, Infernape is soon right in front of Ash, who tells the Flame Pokémon that he believes in him. Infernape responds to this by smiling, indicating he is fully in control of Blaze at last. The battle resumes and Ash tells Infernape to use a Flamethrower. Thanks to the power-up from Blaze, Flamethrower is far more powerful and sends Luxray back, and Volkner commands Luxray to use Thunder Fang. Infernape withstands the attack and uses Mach Punch which scores a hard hit on Luxray, who is told to use Iron Tail. Infernape, however, uses another Mach Punch which hits Luxray before Iron Tail could land a hit, causing even more damage. Ash tells Infernape to use Flame Wheel, and Infernape powers up and slams Luxray hard into the wall, finally knocking it out. The robotic referee declares Luxray unable to battle, and Ash is awarded his hard-earned victory. Ash and Infernape jump into each other's arms and celebrate, overjoyed that Infernape controlled his Blaze Ability and helped Ash finally defeat Volkner. Later, Volkner congratulates Ash and his Pokémon and presents him with the Beacon Badge. Ash thanks Volkner and takes the Badge, finally completing his requirement for the Sinnoh League.

Outside the Gym, Volkner thanks Ash for everything and Flint tells Ash that they shall be cheering for him in the Sinnoh League. Ash promises to do his best and Flint tells Ash that the Sinnoh League will begin in a month on Lily of the Valley Island and that a ship to the island will soon be departing from Sunyshore Port. Ash begins to fill with excitement, knowing that he shall soon be challenging the Sinnoh League, and after bidding Volkner and Flint farewell, the group heads to Sunyshore Port for the ship that will take them to Lily of the Valley Island.

Major events

Ash holding the Beacon Badge
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Pokémon debuts






  • When Torterra is knocked out, the sclera in his eyes are grayish-black instead of white.
  • When Electivire falls over as it's knocked out, the black spot on its forehead is missing.

Dub edits

  • An instrumental background music was used instead of The Greatest - Everyday!.
  • In the original Japanese version, Volkner apologizes to Ash for having him wait so long for their rematch and says they both should give it all they've got. In the English dub, the apology is removed.
  • In the original Japanese version, Meowth says that it makes sense that Volkner would use an electric barrier, which is a play on Volkner's Japanese name, "Denji". In the English dub, Meowth says that, for a guy conserving energy, he shouldn't be wasting watts on them.
  • In the original Japanese version, Meowth says he is sick and tired of trying to take over Sunyshore Tower. In the English dub, he says he set up appointments for Jessie and James in the rubber room.

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