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Route 8 (upper)

Route 8

Route 8, or Muraille Coast, is a road of great contrasts. The upper cliffside path leads southward from Connecting Cave to Ambrette Town. After passing through Ambrette, it is possible to take the lower seaside path northward to Cyllage City.

Sina and Dexio

A short distance from Connecting Cave, you are approached by Sina and Dexio. They upgrade your Pokédex with the Coastal Kalos listing, which encompasses the Pokémon found in the western third of the region. Then the two disappear as soon as they arrive.

Stepping Stones

To the south, a muddy pit is located just outside Ambrette Town. This forces travelers to jump from one stepping stone to another in order to cross it. Be sure to collect the Leaf Stone to the east!

Try a Sky Battle

Cross the muddy pit from the north side, and land on one of the eastern stones. This causes you to be challenged by Howe, a Sky Trainer. Trainers of this class only participate in Sky Battles, an optional battle format where only Flying or Levitating Pokémon are eligible.

Ambrette Town

Ambrette Town

Ambrette is a dusty little town situated between Route 8 and Route 9. The town is known for its Aquarium and its Fossil Lab, where Pokémon Fossils are studied and restored.

Meet up with Serena/Calem

Serena/Calem appears when you reach the stairway leading down into Ambrette. She/He suggests checking out the Fossil Lab, as the Scientists there may know something about the mysterious Mega Stones.

A Smashing Good Time

Speak to the girl near the Pokémon Center to receive TM94 (Rock Smash). In the field, it allows a Pokémon to break apart small, cracked rocks. Doing so may reveal items or even certain Pokémon.

Trading Time

The Punk Guy outside the Fossil Lab is looking to trade—items, not Pokémon. He offers a Dive Ball in exchange for a Poké Ball. A Dive Ball acts like a normal Poké Ball, but is more effective against Pokémon found by Surfing or Fishing. This trade can be done once per day.

Fossil Lab

Serena/Calem is anxious to visit the Fossil Lab, but the Scientists here know little about the Mega Stones. However, they hint that their field assistant, on a dig site in Glittering Cave to the east, may know more.

A Request

Visit the blue-roofed house and speak to the female Ace Trainer inside. She asks to see a Pokémon with a Speed of a certain value or higher. Fulfill her request to receive a Health Wing. This can be done once per day.

Hotel Ambrette

Hotel Ambrette stands on the smaller southern cliff. Speak to the girl in the lobby to receive TM96 (Nature Power). Nature Power becomes a different move based on the battle's location.

Mr. Bonding can be found on the second floor, where he enables the Sp. Def. Power.

On Mondays, speaking to a traveler on the second floor will result in an Alert Ribbon.

Route 9

Route 9

Route 9, or Spikes Passage, links Ambrette Town and Glittering Cave. The rocky path was forged by retired Rhyhorn racers, but the terrain is too harsh for all but a certain Pokémon to cross.

Ride with Rhyhorn

Most of the route is too dangerous for Trainers to cross by themselves, but the friendly resident Rhyhorn is happy to help. Hop onto its back and ride it eastward to Glittering Cave. While mounted, press the A Button to smash the large rocks that litter the path, and the B Button to dismount.

Glittering Cave

Glittering Cave

The deep, dark Glittering Cave has many twists and turns, and lots of wild Pokémon. Try not to get lost inside, where Luminous Moss glows an emerald green.


The outer tunnels are very dark, and the path is sometimes blocked by darker shadows that hide wild Pokémon. To reach the basement, go straight ahead at every junction. When in doubt, look for the green crystals that light the way. The first junction leads to a dead-end; the second, to a Hard Stone; and the third, to TM65 (Shadow Claw).


Meet Team Flare

The inner tunnels are easier to navigate. Several members of Team Flare, a stylish but snobby group, are searching the area for Fossils. They do not take kindly to your presence, so be ready to battle!

Ancient Treasures

There are several cracked rocks scattered around the area. These may hide treasures like Hard Stones, Revives, or even Pokémon. Even the occasional Old Amber may appear; when restored, the material inside this ancient tree sap becomes the Rock/Flying Aerodactyl. Return later after defeating the Elite Four, and other Fossil varieties may also appear.

Tag Team

Near the end of the cave, a pair of Team Flare Grunts block the path. Serena/Calem arrives just in time and offers to help take them on. Join up with her/his Espurr, Absol, and second-stage starter Pokémon to clear out these feisty fashionistas.

Locate the Assistant

The Fossil Lab assistant is conducting his research at the very end of the cave. Speak to him, and he offers one of the two Fossils he just found. The Jaw Fossil will become the Rock/Dragon Tyrunt, while the Sail Fossil will become the Rock/Ice Amaura. Afterwards, you can use the nearby Escape Rope to warp to the entrance, and trek back to Ambrette Town.

Ambrette Town

Fossil Lab

Speak to the assistant who now stands at the counter to restore any new Fossils. Tyrunt hits hard with biting moves due to its Strong Jaw Ability, while Amaura's Refrigerate Ability treats its Normal-type moves as Ice-type moves. All Pokémon obtained this way will appear at level 20. On the way out, talk to one of the workers to receive a Mega Stone, the Aerodactylite.

Ambrette Aquarium

The Ambrette Aquarium is a multi-level building on the west side of town. Go downstairs and talk to the Fisherman near the golden Magikarp statue to receive an Old Rod. This low-end fishing rod can hook Pokémon from any body of water, so be sure to try it out everywhere!

Route 8 (lower)

Treasure Hunting

There are many cracked rocks on Route 8's lower level, which may hide valuable items like Star Pieces, Max Revives, and Heart Scales. In addition, other items like Pearls occasionally wash up on the beach.

There is a Swimmer ♀ to the northeast of the Mago Berry tree. On the way past, she gives you a Dowsing Machine. This handy item can detect any treasure hidden nearby. The beams of colored light point the way; when they cross and turn red, the treasure is one step away!

Cyllage City

Cyllage City

Cyllage is a small city nestled between the cliffs and the sea, and is surrounded by a steep Bicycle racetrack. Landmarks include the Cyllage Gym and Cycle Shop.

Time for a Trade

Inside the Pokémon Center, an Ace Trainer named Farris would like to trade. He offers his Steelix, nicknamed Thumper, in exchange for a Luvdisc. Luvdisc are common in these waters, and Steelix can be very effective at the Cyllage Gym.

Cycle Shop

The Cycle Shop stands just east of the Pokémon Center. Answer the owner's question to receive a choice of either a green or yellow Bicycle!


Next door to the Pokémon Center, a girl offers to give one of your Pokémon a massage, free of charge. This increases the Pokémon's happiness, which is important for certain moves and evolutions.

Pop Quiz

Visit the house to the west of the Boutique to take a quiz. The girl asks which Berry cures confusion, and which move causes it. Answer correctly to win three Persim Berries.

Hotel Cyllage

Head upstairs and talk to the Maid in the west room to get a Destiny Knot.

Mr. Bonding can be found in the east room, where he enables the new Prize Money Power.

Collect an HM

Follow the paved road up the cliffside to meet Grant, the local Gym Leader, near the first bend. A Bicycle race just ended, but since you missed it, Grant hands over HM04 (Strength) as a consolation prize. In the field, this lets Pokémon move large boulders, but it cannot be used without the local Gym badge.

Cyllage Gym

Cyllage Gym

The Cyllage Gym specializes in Rock-type Pokémon. Use Fighting, Ground, and Steel attacks to deal serious damage, and avoid using Fire-, Flying-, and Bug-type Pokémon. Grass and Water moves are also effective, but secondary types make things more complicated. Scale the rock walls, climbing ever higher to reach the Gym Leader at the summit. Grant's Amaura can hinder its foe with Thunder Wave, and can hit hard with its Refrigerated Take Down. Due to its dual weakness, even weak Fighting moves like Rock Smash can deal major damage to it. Tyrunt's Bite gets a boost from its Strong Jaw Ability, and Rock Tomb can lower the foe's Speed. Its secondary type leaves it vulnerable to Dragon- and Fairy-type moves.

Cyllage Gym

Afterwards, Grant awards you the Cliff Badge, which ensures obedience from all Pokémon up to level 40, and allows the use of Strength in the field. He also hands out TM39 (Rock Tomb) as a prize.

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