If you were looking for the glitch move, see HM04 (move).

HM04 (Japanese: ひでんマシン04 Secret Machine 04) is an HM introduced in Generation I. It teaches a compatible Pokémon a move that can also be used in the field; but using an HM in the field requires that the player have a certain Badge (except in Generation V). HM04 has always been Strength. For compatibility, refer to the move's page. HMs can used to teach moves without limit.

Secret Machine 04
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Introduced in Generation I
Generation I Bag Items pocket icon.png Items
Generation II Bag TMs and HMs pocket icon.png TMs and HMs
Generation III Bag TMs and HMs pocket icon.png TMs and HMs (RSE)
Generation III Bag TM Case pocket icon.png TM Case (FRLG)
Generation IV Bag TMs and HMs pocket icon.png TMs and HMs
Generation V Bag TMs and HMs pocket icon.png TMs and HMs
Generation VI Bag TMs and HMs pocket icon.png TMs and HMs

In the core series games

Generation I

Location Required Badge
RBY Fuchsia City   Rainbow Badge

Generation II

Location Required Badge
GSC Olivine City   Plain Badge

Generation III

Location Required Badge
RSE Rusturf Tunnel   Heat Badge
FRLG Fuchsia City   Rainbow Badge

Generation IV

Location Required Badge
DP Lost Tower   Mine Badge
Pt Iron Island   Mine Badge
HGSS Route 42   Plain Badge

Generation V

No Badge is required to use HM moves in the field in Generation V.

Location Required Badge
BW Nimbasa City N/A
B2W2 Castelia Sewers N/A

Generation VI

Location Required Badge
XY Cyllage City   Cliff Badge
ORAS Route 112   Heat Badge

In the spin-off games

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series

HMs in the Mystery Dungeon series are named only by the move they teach. For example,  Cut is the item that teaches the move Cut. Most HMs, however, correspond to an HM in the core series' contemporaneous games.

HMs in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games prior to Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon can be used any number of times. In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, "HMs" are treated like TMs and only usable once. However, if an "HM" is dropped on the ground, it has a different color than a TM.

Location Purchase price Sell price
MDRB Buried Relic (60F) 2   1  
MDTDS Final Maze
Kecleon Shops (Destiny TowerS)
Spinda's Café (Silver Ticket big win; Gold Ticket win)S
Sometimes received as a reward from Numel found on Sky Peak Mountain PathS
7500   250  
MDBSL ? N/A 1  
SMD Kecleon Shops 1514   152  

In the manga

Pokémon Adventures

Red, Green & Blue arc

In What a Dragonite, Red was revealed to have already obtained HM04 (Strength) for his Snorlax.

Hidden Machines
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