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What a Dragonite
VS カイリュー
VS Kairyu
Shogakukan full volume Chapter 24 in Vol. 2
VIZ Media monthly issue Chapter 24 in The Dangerous Dragonite
VIZ Media full volume Adventure 24 in Vol. 2
Series Pokémon Adventures

What a Dragonite (Japanese: VS カイリュー VS Kairyu) is the 24th chapter of the Pokémon Adventures manga.


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Under the water on Route 19, Red, along with Poli and Krabby, are searching for something with the Itemfinder. The machine beeps more and more, indicating he's getting close to what he's looking for.

Back in a flashback, at a Pokémon Center, Professor Oak informs Red about the five attacks that his Pokémon can learn from Hidden Machines, of which he's so far found three. Cut, Flash, and Strength, which were respectively taught to Saur, Pika, and Snor, and Red confirms that the two left are Surf and Fly.

Back in the present, Red is eager to find HM03 so he can get to the Seafoam Islands, especially since he knows that Blue has already found it ahead of him. Suddenly, he finds the Hidden Machine laying just in front of him, only a few more moments away, when suddenly a swarm of Water-type Pokémon rush past them, eagerly swimming away. Red, at first distracted by the swarm, suddenly turns back to notice a Dragonite just behind them. With a single flick of its tail, the Dragonite launches Red and his Pokémon out of the water onto a nearby small, rocky island.

Red thinks over his options, concluding his best option is to somehow get Dragonite out of the water. Saur wraps his vines around Pika and lower him into the water. Pika thinks back to Red's instructions just moments prior, simply asking him to pester the Dragonite for a while. Pika, looking nervous, lets out an Electric attack, baiting the Dragonite into giving chase after him. On cue, Red has Saur pull Pika out of the water, both him and the Dragonite surfacing at once. Commanding in Snor, the two Pokémon begin grappling with each other.

Struggling under their combined weight, the boulder they are fighting on crumbles under them, disorienting both Snor and the Dragonite. Red takes the opportunity to go for the Hidden Machine, while Dragonite quickly takes notice and fires an attack towards him. As he narrowly dodges, the attack directly strikes the Hidden Machine, destroying it instantly. Red, running out of air, just as one of the rocks that was broken loose lands on his leg, pinning him to the seafloor. He runs out of air, floating limply as suddenly a Gyarados appears in front of him in his defense against the Dragonite.

Red is rescued by Misty, who he believes to be a mermaid in his delirium, as her Gyara fights off the enemy. After surfacing, Red notices that his weight is being supported by a Starmie. As Red remembers back to his time with Misty, wondering if these are her Pokémon, Dragonite prepares a Hyper Beam. Quickly alerting Gyara, he fires back a Hyper Beam of his own, creating a massive explosion of energy as they clash. The two Pokémon, both exhausted, stare at each other, before the Dragonite soon falls into the water.

Misty comes back ashore on Gyara, holding the broken Hidden Machine in her hand. She chastises Red for being so reckless, pointing out that it could've ended much worse if she wasn't there. She offers to help Red cross the water, and they both give each other a thumbs-up.

Major events

  • Red attempts to obtain HM03 (Surf), but ultimately fails.
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  • This chapter is included in The Best of Pokémon Adventures: Red.
  • The English title for this chapter comes from the saying "what a drag", "what a night", or a combination of the two.


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