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Hello, persons! Welcome to my beloved home in which fun times will be shared, shared will be fun times, and times will be fun sometimes when sharing times.

ABOUT MEEEHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been playing Pokémon for 3 years. That's right, only 3 years. Sue me, go ahead, I never got to enjoy the hype of Gen I or II, but I just barely made it to the scene of Gen III. And I loved it.

Pokémon Emerald is by far my favorite Pokémon game, and my favorite game overall. I can't really put my finger on it, but maybe it's because of... nostalgia? I got Emerald from a friend 3 years ago, and I loved that game so much. I was a little noob, but I knew a lot. Eventually, I had to give it back to my friend. That was a devastating day for me. I still miss that game, and I hope to get it again some day.

Ever heard of genwunners? Don't you hate them? I do too. You don't have to worry about me tho. I'm a gen...three-er... I don't know. I just love Gen III. :D

I also love Gen V and VI, but not as much as Gen III.


Former Emerald

Former White

Former Y

Current Y


Fav-Least Fav types

1. Dark

2. Fighting

3. Fire

4. Ground

5. Dragon

6. Ghost

7. Grass

8. Bug

9. Psychic

10. Steel

11. Poison

12. Ice

13. Electric

14. Flying

15. Fairy

16. Water

17. Rock

18. Normal

Fav-Least Fav Regions

1. Hoenn

2. Unova

3. Kalos

4. Kanto

5. Johto

6. Sinnoh (sorry)

Fav-Least Fav Legendaries

1. Rayquaza

2. Genesect

3. Darkrai

4. Reshiram

5. Giratina

6. Zekrom

7. Keldeo

8. Cobalion

9. Yveltal

10. Lugia

11. Articuno

12. Registeel

13. Landorus

14. Entei

15. Tornadus

16. Mewtwo

17. Moltres

18. Ho-Oh

19. Deoxys

20. Victini

21. Manaphy

22. Mew

23. Kyogre

24. Latios

25. Jirachi

26. Arceus

27. Shaymin

28. Dialga

29. Thundurus

30. Zygarde

31. Palkia

32. Xerneas

33. Virizion

34. Terrakion

35. Regigigas

36. Kyurem

37. Meloetta

38. Manaphy

39. Regice

40. Regirock

41. Latias

42. Celebi

43. Raikou

44. Cresselia

45. Suicune

46. Heatran

47. Tied between Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf (Just useless Pokémon overall, no one uses them anyway...)

Top 10 Pokémanz And Why

1. Blaziken - The OG Fire/Fighting starter, just really cool. His Mega looks really awesome too.

2. Krookodile - So dastardly and evil, so cool, and Earthquakes and Crunches everything in his path.

3. Mightyena - Again, quite evil. He may look a little weak, but don't let his BST fool you. He's a monster.

4. Milotic - Described as the world's most beautiful Pokémon, I couldn't agree more. She's fantastic in battle as well.

5. Goodra - My favorite pseudo-legendary, beating Dragonite for cutest, and again, fantastic in battle as a special staller.

6. Breloom - Fighting mushroom.

7. Zoroark - A real trickster. He always gets me.

8. Salamence - My second fav pseudo, beating Tyranitar for awesomest.

9. Chesnaught - Fighting... squirrel...?

10. Rayquaza - Most intimidating and coolest legendary.