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A Mystery House is a special area that can appear in any post-game dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. It takes the form of a large wooden house with a door in front, and is unlocked by dropping an Invitation into a slot in the door. Inside the room are several rare items, two or more Treasure Boxes, and one or more Pokémon who will ask to join the team.


Two types of Mystery House may spawn in a dungeon, small and large ones. Small Mystery Houses occupy one room on a floor and contains one Pokémon and two Pretty Boxes. They also contain a Tiny Reviver Seed, a Max Elixir, a Big Apple and a Revive All Orb. The Pokémon that spawn there will usually be Pokémon that can spawn in that dungeon, or match the theme of the dungeon (for example, Howling Forest's Mystery Houses usually contain dog Pokémon and Dark Type), however other rare Pokémon can also spawn there, such as Blissey.

Additionally, upon obtaining their respective statues, Bonsly, Mime Jr., Weavile and Lucario, along with Riolu, can spawn in any small Mystery House as well, with Lucario and Riolu only being obtainable from Mystery Houses. Floor 10 of Western Cave is guaranteed to either have a Mystery House or a fainted Pokémon. The room which contains the mystery house will always be the same size and shape, and can only have 2 or 0 corridors leading into it from each side. To accommodate for this, floors containing them tend to have simpler layouts, with roughly 4:3 dimensions and at least 1 very long and modestly wide room elsewhere on the floor.

Large Mystery Houses, on the other hand, occupy the entire floor, in a single large room, and contain three Pokémon, two Pretty Boxes, and one Deluxe Box. They also contain 2 Perfect Apples, 2 Reviver Seeds, 2 Max Elixirs and a Revive All Orb. Unlike the small variant, large Mystery Houses can only spawn in dungeons which almost exclusively contain Pokémon of a specific type, such as Silver Trench or Fiery Field, and all 3 Pokémon within will be of that type. For this reason, they can never contain Pokémon that are made available upon unlocking their statue, and will sometimes contain 2 of the same Pokémon.


Invitations unlock Mystery Houses and can occasionally be obtained from Kecleon Shops. This item replaces Keys in Rescue Team DX.

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