List of glitches (Generation VIII)

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This is a list of glitches that occur in the Generation VIII core series Pokémon games.

Sword and Shield

All versions

Baton Pass Own Tempo glitch

If a Pokémon with Own Tempo is confused due to obtaining it from Baton Pass, it will not be cured of confusion until after a Pokémon takes its turn (uses a move, switches out, etc.).

This glitch was also present in the core series Generation V, VI, and VII games.

By SnorlaxMonster

Berry tree glitch

This glitch involves shaking a Berry tree from behind. It ultimately allows for the player to walk through walls.


Charge Beam additional effect chance glitch

Main article: Charge Beam additional effect chance glitch

If the user has Serene Grace and uses Charge Beam while its side is under the effect of the rainbow from the combination of Fire Pledge and Water Pledge, the additional effect chance for Charge Beam will overflow and become 24%.[1]

This glitch is present in the core series Generation V, VI, VII, and VIII games.

By パデック
This video is not available on Bulbapedia; instead, you can watch the video on YouTube here.

Curry cloning glitch

When getting wild Pokémon spawns in Pokémon Camp, after a curry, there's a chance that the Pokémon near the player staring at the wild Pokémon will act like a wild Pokémon, and will be eligible to "re-join" the team. The Pokémon must have a long hitbox (like a tail, or a long body in general) and have a floating idle animation to be eligible for the glitch. Upon re-joining the team, it'll be cloned, with some alterations. Game of origin, OT, OT ID, Poké Ball used, date caught, level caught, location caught will all be altered to match the player's current status, and it'll receive the Curry Connoisseur mark, even if it already has another mark, or if it shouldn't be normally eligible to receive it. The held item will also be cloned, as long as the player doesn't remove it before receiving the Pokémon.

If the player does re-accept the Pokémon in the party, the wild Pokémon will start roaming the player's Pokémon Camp, still with the ellipsis balloon over its head. However, it'll disappear once the player leaves Camp, or after doing another curry.

Some of the confirmed Pokémon to be eligible for this glitch are Salamence, Giratina, Moltres, Weezing, Corviknight, Flygon, Noivern, and Steelix.

By SpikeOriundo

Dragonite moveset oversight

Due to Dragonite's level-up moveset being internally not ordered properly, it will not learn Outrage by gaining levels. It is still recognized as move learned at level 41 for purposes of Move Reminder or the wanderer found at the Ballimere Lake.[2]

Evolution cancelling glitch

If the player cancels evolution of a Pokémon, the proper stamp will appear on the Y-Comm regardless.

Galarian Stunfisk breeding bug

For the purposes of regional form inheritance via breeding, Galarian Stunfisk is not considered a regional form of Stunfisk. As such, if both Unovan and Galarian Stunfisk are parents and both hold Everstones, only Unovan Stunfisk will ever hatch, regardless of the mother's form.[3]

Glimwood Tangle trade/Mystery Gift bug

  This glitch is in need of research.
Reason: How does it look like when receiving a Mystery Gift while in the Glimwood Tangle? Can this glitch be done in other locations as well (except Ballonlea)?
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If the player is currently in the Glimwood Tangle, the trade and Mystery Gift screens will look differently than normal.

  • On the trade screen, the Poké Ball hologram over the Pokémon given by the player is disabled, and the background of the trade screen is darker. The part of the screen that shows the received Pokémon is unaffected.

By ChickasaurusGL

Ingredients seller glitch

When the player cycles behind an ingredients seller he will turn around. He can then quickly go back round behind him and interact without him turning back again. When the player talks to him, his back will be turned to them.

By Poke-MunkPresto

Isle of Armor Pokédex glitch

If the player brings a Pokémon that was introduced as part of the Isle of Armor expansion from Pokémon HOME, the in-game Pokédex would not update to add its entry. The only workaround at the time was to deposit the Pokémon into the Nursery and taking it back so the Pokédex would register it. This was fixed when the Switch version of Pokémon HOME was updated to version 1.1.1.

Judge display glitch

When viewing a Pokémon's stats in the box, the + button will not cycle to the Judge display if the Pokémon is held above a slot containing an Egg, nothing, or a menu option.

By Flametix

Location glitch

At certain precise locations, entering a battle causes the game to believe the player is in the wrong area when the battle ends. This can be exploited to catch weather-dependent Pokémon, or obtain Pokémon with an impossible encounter location such as the Meetup Spot.[4]

Memory feeling off-by-one bug

The feeling displayed in a Pokémon's memory for Pokémon transferred from Generation VI are displayed incorrectly. Pokémon that display the feeling "it was happy" in Generation VI instead display an empty string[5] (or the same as the last checked Pokémon's feeling if another Pokémon's memory has been checked[6]), and all subsequent feelings are displayed as a different feeling, shifted by one with respect to their index number.

This is due to the fact that in the Generation VI games, feelings are indexed from 0, while in the Generation VIII games, feelings are indexed from 1. Since the internal value storing the feeling in a Pokémon's memory is neither modified when a Pokémon is transferred from Generation VI to Generation VIII through Pokémon Bank and Pokémon HOME nor specially handled in Pokémon Sword and Shield, the displayed feeling appears to have been changed despite the internal value remaining unchanged.

Memory place change bug

The places displayed in a Pokémon's memory for Pokémon transferred from Generation VI with memories that mention places introduced in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (such as "a Secret Base", "a Contest Spectacular Hall", or "oh, while soaring in the sky") are displayed incorrectly. For example, a Terrakion with a memory of being caught at the Pathless Plain would display in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire as being caught at "a tiny island", but this memory would display as being caught "in a Secret Base" once transferred.

This is due to the fact that these strings are listed in a different order internally compared to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Since the internal value storing the place in a Pokémon's memory is neither modified when a Pokémon is transferred from Generation VI to Generation VIII through Pokémon Bank and Pokémon HOME nor specially handled in Pokémon Sword and Shield, the displayed place appears to have been changed despite the internal value remaining unchanged.

Move Reminder glitches

These glitches occur when attempting to use a Move Reminder when there are at least 67 available moves (e.g. this can be done with a Mew which previously knew many Technical Records). It can cause the game to halt on an error message, closing the software. Other times, the player is able to see a glitched move (sometimes with a blank name, other times "———"). This glitch was found by SciresM.

By ChickasaurusGL

Night Daze oversight

When used, Night Daze damage will not be accounted for on the target's HP bar for the rest of the turn, unless the move has caused the target to faint or something else changes its HP.

Overworld Symbol encounter Gender Ratio bug

All overworld symbol encounters are forced to have a 1:1 gender ratio, excluding 100% Male, 100% Female, and Gender unknown species.

Rose Tower glitch

This glitch occurs when the player flies to another location from the outside of Rose Tower before going inside the tower itself. The map shows the objective "Search for the bad League staff member hiding around Wyndon Monorail Terminal!" despite having already done so by this stage of the game. This area is no longer accessible and prevents the story from progressing as the player has no other means of going back to Rose Tower. This glitch was found by hikaribruh.

Rotom Bike turning radius glitch

When the player uses the Rotom Bike's turbo boost, its turning radius becomes larger. If the player speaks to an NPC, a Pokémon egg hatches, picks an item on the ground or opens the menu or the Y-Comm during a turbo boost, the bike will continue to have a larger turning radius despite the boost stopping prematurely. The radius will reset if the player uses a second turbo boost, enters or exits a body of water or gets off and back on the bike.

Shiny animation glitch

If multiple Shiny Pokémon are on the player's team during a Max Raid Battle, upon one of them fainting and being sent back into the battle, all of the Shiny Pokémon will play the Shininess animation again.

Silvally Move Tutor glitch

Silvally is programmed to be able to learn all 3 Pledge moves; however, the Move Tutor offers only Grass Pledge, not Fire Pledge or Water Pledge.

This glitch is also present in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Stat rollover glitch

If a stat is 655 or higher after applying the nature multiplier, it rolls over and becomes the result modulo 655. Consequently, a stat that is exactly 655 rolls over to 0. A defense stat of 0 causes damage calculation to evaluate to 0 when it should divide by defense, preventing a division by zero error. The formula adds 2 after dividing by defense, so attacks do exactly 2 damage if there are no other modifiers.

This glitch exists because stats are stored in an unsigned 2-byte integer. For HP, this is done before adding the level to the stat, but for other stats, the rounding is done after applying the nature multiplier. A beneficial nature multiplies the stat by 110, and a hindering nature multiplies the stat by 90. Then, the stats affected by the nature are divided by 100 and rounded down. The part where the calculation multiplies by 110 may cause an overflow, hence the stat rollover.

This was impossible before this generation outside of battle, as natures didn't exist before Generation III. At the time, the highest non-HP stat was Shuckle's Defense or Sp. Def (both at 230), which, before dividing by 100, could only reach a maximum value of 61,490, which is not enough to cause an overflow that could occur if it exceeded 65,535 (the maximum value for unsigned 2-byte integers). Shuckle held this stat record until Generation VIII.

By DaWoblefet

Summary Max Move display glitch

The glitch in effect for Gigalith

When a Pokémon is Dynamaxed, if the player looks at the party screen, the moves will be listed as if the Pokémon weren't Dynamaxed (Example: Rock Slide, Rock Blast, Sandstorm, Stone Edge). However, when checking the summary screen, the moves are displayed as Max Moves, in this case, Max Rockfall (three) and Max Guard.

Symbiosis glitch

If an item can be consumed during switch-in, Symbiosis will activate it twice and consume the item that it passes.

TM06 display bug

TM06 error

Despite being a TM,  TM06 (Fly) is displayed as a  Flying-type HM instead.

Trade Completed notification glitch

After a surprise trade has been concluded, if the Y-Comm is opened fast enough and the player starts another Surprise trade, the trade completed notification will still show (although the next trade completion will make it stop).

Trick Room oversight

If a Pokémon has an effective speed greater than 1809, it will ignore the effects of Trick Room, and act before slower Pokémon. This glitch also exists in Generation V, VI and VII.

By Morbuen

Vulpix Area info oversight

When viewing Vulpix's Area page, it will show that it can spawn in the Giant's Cap, although it can only spawn there in Pokémon Sword, and only as a Max Raid Battle boss.

Wild Area News glitches

April 28, 2020 Error Move Hydro Pump Drilbur Wild Area News event
Drilbur using Hydro Pump
Summary page displaying the error move Hydro Pump
Main article: Wild Area News/2020 → April 28 to May 11, 2020
Main article: Game move errors → Unobtainable for the generation → Unobtainable moves

For a portion of the first day of this round of the Wild Area News for April 28 to May 11, 2020, 1★ Drilbur raids originating from Shield came with the illegal move Hydro Pump. The same raids for the rest of the event's duration, or from Sword, came with the correct move, Scratch.

The reason for this error was likely a typo, as Wash Form Rotom appeared in the adjacent entry in Shield's version of the event data, with Drilbur receiving Hydro Pump instead of Rotom.

In Shield, the move slots were assigned for 1★ raids in the following order:

Pokémon Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
 Drilbur Mud-Slap Metal Claw
Hydro Pump
Hone Claws
(Wash Form)
Double Team ?
Thunder Shock Confuse Ray

In Sword, the entry occupied by Wash Form Rotom was replaced with Heat Form Rotom instead, however Sword's version of the event data did not contain a similar error, with both Pokémon receiving correct movesets. The move slots were assigned for 1★ raids in the following order:

Pokémon Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
 Drilbur Mud-Slap Metal Claw
Hone Claws
(Heat Form)
Double Team
Thunder Shock Confuse Ray

Note that while Discharge is a valid move for Wash Form Rotom, Sword's counterpart Heat Form Rotom received Overheat instead. Additionally, in 2★ through 5★ raids in Shield, Wash Form Rotom had Hydro Pump in its moveset, and in 1★ through 5★ raids in Sword, Heat Form Rotom had Overheat in its moveset, this heavily implies that Hydro Pump was intended to be in 1★ Wash Form Rotom's moveset.

Players who caught a Drilbur with Hydro Pump cannot trade or battle online with it unless that move is forgotten; after doing so, it cannot be relearned.

These erroneous Drilbur otherwise function like other Drilbur, and can evolve into Excadrill with Hydro Pump. Additionally, while Dynamaxed, these Drilbur and Excadrill also have access to Max Geyser, which is typically unobtainable as neither can legitimately learn any Water-type attacks.

By @Atrius97

June 30 to July 31, 2020 Wild Area News event glitches

When the June 30 to July 31, 2020 Wild Area News event began, (Wild Area News Index number 27), it contained an error in which a nonexistent item, (Dynite Ore, which was not present in the game prior to the release of The Crown Tundra), was part of the item drops awarded for completing a Max Raid Battle tied to the event. The game attempting to reward the player with the nonexistent item caused a glitch that crashed the game after viewing the item drop list.

This glitch was fixed after a few hours, in two separate stages. The first stage, (Index number 28), removed the nonexistent item from the normal_encount item pool and replaced the reference to the bonus_reward item pool containing the bugged item. This did not fully fix the glitch as the bugged item was still present in the bonus_reward item pool, (despite no longer crashing players with the reference removed), and as a result, it was unavailable server-side, with the glitched raids being unable to be hosted or joined if the player had connected online via the Y-Comm.

The second stage, (Index number 30), removed the bugged item from the bonus_reward item pool as well, and replaced the item and references to the correct item, Armorite Ore.[7]

Wild Area News rewards list glitch
The glitch in effect (affects Nuggets here)

When the player finishes a Max Raid Battle induced by an event or Wild Area News, some list items on the list of rewards will be shown separately.

Version 1.0.0 only

Sucker Punch/Quash glitch

In a Double Battle where the player who didn't initiate the challenge is down to their final Pokémon, that Pokémon's Sucker Punch or Quash will fail when used against the opponent on their right. This applies regardless of what move the Pokémon selected for the turn. With the release of the version 1.1 update to Sword and Shield, this glitch was fixed and Sucker Punch and Quash can now correctly hit Pokémon in that position.

Version 1.1.0 only

Fairy Lock crash

In Pokémon Sword and Shield v1.1, if a Pokémon uses Fairy Lock while animations are enabled, the game crashes. In link battles, where battle animations are mandatory, both players' game would crash. Due to no Pokémon that can learn the move being present in Pokémon Sword and Shield at the time of this glitch's existence, the only way for this to legitimately occur is when the move is called via Metronome.

The crash does not occur if animations are disabled. This crash was not present in Pokémon Sword and Shield v1.0, and was fixed for v1.1.1.

Version 1.0.0 to 1.2.1 only

Hacked Max Raids

Earlier versions of the game failed to perform basic legality checks on Max Raid data received from other players. As such, if a player were to spawn a Max Raid against a glitch Pokémon via cheating methods and choose to invite others, other players would actually be able to join the battle and even catch the glitch Pokémon. This glitch Pokémon could then be used in an exploit involving the Daycare and the PC box to clone Pokémon and held items. Due to the involvement of a glitch Pokémon and the potential to duplicate items, these raids have often been known as "Missingno raids", even though Missingno itself only exists in Generation I.

This glitch was patched in version 1.2.1.

Menu glitch

A glitch which allows the player to move the cursor in a frame just before using an Experience Candy or starting an evolution. This applies the item/evolution sequence to the other Pokémon, and allows for major consequences such as evolving underleveled Pokémon (if the first Pokémon is of the same species), male Salandit, Combee (which become female Salazzle, Vespiquen), special event Pokémon that normally cannot evolve but can be forced to via level up and this glitch (involving event Meowth, Eevee) and Pokémon inside Eggs. If the species do not match, or evolution is impossible, the game may halt on an error message; closing the software.

The glitch appears to have been patched in v1.2.1.

By ChickasaurusGL

Version 1.0.0 to 1.3.1 only

Rollout storage glitch

Main article: Rollout storage glitch

If a Pokémon uses Rollout against a Mimikyu with intact Disguise or an Eiscue in Ice Face mode, the game will not properly reset the Rollout bonus after the move ends, allowing it to be applied to a different move. This glitch also exists in Generation VII. This glitch was fixed in the version 1.3.1.

Toxic sure-hit glitch

Main article: Toxic sure-hit glitch

If a Poison-type Pokémon uses Toxic, any subsequent moves that Pokémon uses in the same turn (possible by using Toxic via Instruct or Magic Bounce) will always hit including when the target is in a semi-invulnerable turn. This glitch also exists in Generation VI and VII. This was fixed with the release of version 1.3.1.

By WeedleTwineedle

Version 1.3.0 to 1.3.2 only

Groudon/Kyogre Trick glitch

In previous generations, Trick and Switcheroo would properly fail if they would attempt to take a Red Orb away from Groudon, take a Blue Orb from Kyogre, or give either of those Pokémon the correct colored orb. Neither Primal Reversion nor the colored orbs exist in Pokémon Sword and Shield, and Trick and Switcheroo's checks were modified so that it would fail if one of these Pokémon is involved and either the user or the target is not holding an item, instead of checking if they are holding the correct colored orb.

This glitch did not prevent Groudon or Kyogre from having an item stolen by Thief, Covet, Pickpocket, or Magician and being left with no item afterward, or from somehow stealing an item themselves by one of these means. Other Pokémon that previously had specific items that would make Trick and Switcheroo fail, but are no longer supported (such as Mega Stones), were unaffected by this glitch.

This glitch was patched in update 1.3.2.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Battle Tower Capsule glitch

Ball Capsules will not have their animations play in the Battle Tower. This glitch notably only applies to the player's side of the field; any Ball Capsules used by the opponents will work as normal.

Cloning Pokémon and held items

This allows the player to duplicate any Pokémon of their choosing, as well as their held items, by utilizing a glitch which allows the player to walk around in the overworld while the "X" menu remains on screen. This is achieved by going into the "Pokémon" sub-menu, checking a Pokémon's summary, and pressing ZL and ZR nearly simultaneously. The player can then back out into the overworld with the "X" menu on screen and walk around. Various methods to duplicate Pokémon have been documented.

The menu glitch was patched in version 1.1.2, making these methods of duplication impossible without hacking. However, some other methods of the menu storage involving pressing X while pushing a boulder with Strength or showing the Fly map still exist, and hence their related glitches can still be done.

Glitch sticker

Receiving a glitched sticker.

In version 1.0.0, the TV producer in Jubilife TV can award a glitched blank sticker at a 1/64 chance.

The event script "ev_c01r0203_sunglassesb_03_SEAL_BURNING_A", which attempts to award Burning Sticker A, appears to be corrupted. If the game randomly picks Burning Sticker A as the sticker to be awarded, the player instead receives a glitched blank sticker without a name instead.

This glitch was fixed by version 1.1.2, which correctly awards Blazing Sticker A instead.

Memory leaks and sound engine failure

Lingering in certain menus and screens for an extended period of time can cause the sounds of the game to stutter, and eventually cut out entirely, or cause significant framerate issues, eventually leading to a game crash.

Notably, the Ball Capsule decoration and preview screens, as well as the post-Contest screen can cause the music and Pokémon cries to stutter and eventually stop working, and scrolling through the Pokédex for an extended period can cause framerate loss and eventually crash the game.

Pokémon spawning in rocks

It is possible for a wild Pokémon to spawn inside a rock in the Grand Underground. Such a Pokémon will notice they player if they approach it, but it will be unable to chase after the player.

By Megalorex

Pokétch glitches

Some Pokétch apps don't behave in the intended way.


The Pokétch's Calculator app was reported to exhibit wonky behavior when the language is set to one that uses commas for decimals and periods for representing thousands.[8]

Equation Result Notes
Expected Shown
10 / 4 2.5 002 For terminating decimals with a length not exceeding ten, the integer result is shown for division, with leading zeros to match the length of the result string
7 / 3 2.3 ?????????? Too many digits to display (attempted to display a 30-character string for repeating decimals)
4.3654 * 2 8.7308 47308 Buttons pressed before * (in order): 2 . 3 6 5 4

If the decimal point is present, the pre-decimal part can be changed by new inputs, and is also not involved in calculations either. The calculation ignores the pre-decimal part and then removes the decimal point from the result, effectively multiplying the result by  , where   is the number of decimal places before the multiplication.


If the player encounters a wild Pokémon, the number on the Pokétch's Counter app resets to 0.[9]


Like in the original Sinnoh games, when typing in a Pokémon's Pokédex number and then confirming, their cry will play, provided that the player has that Pokémon registered in their Pokédex (e.g. entering 1 will play Bulbasaur's cry). However, when the DS Sounds are activated, entering 493 won't play Arceus's cry for some reason.

By PkMkPresto

Snowpoint Gym slope oversights

Reaching Candice early

The player can use diagonal movement to climb slopes in the Snowpoint Gym. Using them, it's also possible to reach Candice without battling any other Gym Trainers.[10]


Using diagonal movement, it is possible to softlock oneself in the Gym, due to an apparent oversight (as the puzzle was probably never designed for diagonal movement).

By Hoomanadaw

Spinda spot pattern glitches

An example of a Shiny Spinda, showing inconsistent spot patterns when viewed in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (left) and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (right), despite having identical encryption constants. (Source)
An example of a Shiny Spinda, showing inconsistent spot patterns when viewed in HOME v2.1.1 (left) and HOME v3.0.0 (right), despite having identical encryption constants. (Source)
The static rendered image of Shiny Spinda from Pokémon HOME, used in all menus of Pokémon HOME's Switch and mobile apps.

When determining Spinda's spot pattern, Spinda's encryption constant should be read as a little-endian value. However, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl instead mistakenly read it as a big-endian value, effectively reading the bytes in the opposite of the intended order, causing the spot pattern to be rendered incorrectly. For example, a value of 12345678 (hexadecimal) would be interpreted as 78563412 instead.[11] Due to this bug, Spinda is not allowed to be transferred between these games and Pokémon HOME.[12]

In Pokémon HOME v3.0.0, an additional glitch appeared in the mobile app version of HOME. In HOME v2.1.1 and prior versions, when opening the summary of a Spinda in the mobile app, Spinda would display the correct spot pattern, identical to its appearance in Generation VI and below. In HOME v3.0.0, all Spinda were displayed as having the same pattern as the static rendered image used in all HOME menus, appearing to use the encryption constant 7A397866,[13] regardless of the Spinda's actual encryption constant value.[14]

The encryption constant of Spinda in HOME remained unchanged, (which meant that if transferred out of HOME into a compatible game, they would have likely retained their original spot pattern), however HOME's mobile app no longer displayed the spot pattern associated with the encryption constant of a given individual Spinda, all appearing identical to the "stock" rendered image of Spinda. This was resolved in v3.0.1.[15]

Surf glitch

This glitch involves using Surf right when a Trainer challenges the player into a battle. After winning the battle, the Surf popup will appear, and if the player selects "Yes", they will be able to surf on land.

Catching Shaymin

On Route 224, it is possible to use Surf just as the Black Belt Carl spots the player and challenges them to a battle. After winning the battle, the player will be able to Surf on land and therefore reach the Seabreak Path, and eventually the Flower Paradise with Shaymin without the requisite items.[16]

Sword, Shield, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Pokémon as Eggs bug

A Pokémon referred to as an Egg

If the player names a Pokémon "Egg", the game sometimes refers to the Pokémon as an actual Egg.

Pokémon Egg Shiny Roll bug

When breeding, if any personality value rerolls are applied, (such as the additional shiny rolls provided via the Masuda method or Shiny Charm), the initial roll to generate a personality value is skipped.[17][18]

The result is that when breeding using the Shiny Charm alone, it only provides 2 total rolls for the personality value, meaning there is approximately a 2/4096 (equal to 1/2048) chance of hatching a Shiny Pokémon. This is a reduction from prior generations where the initial roll and both rerolls are accounted for, which would provide a shiny rate of 3/4096, (approximately 1/1365).

When using the Masuda method alone, despite the Masuda method being intended to provide 7 total rolls (1 initial roll, and 6 rerolls) (equal to 1/585) which is 1 more reroll than prior generations, it is reduced to 6 rolls total (no initial roll, 6 rerolls), effectively canceling out the additional reroll and providing a 6/4096, (approximately 1/683), chance of hatching a Shiny Pokémon as usual.

  • However, in Generation VIII, due to the Masuda method providing one more reroll than in previous generations, the chance of hatching a Shiny Pokémon when using both the Shiny Charm and Masuda method is unchanged, providing 8 total rolls, (instead of the intended 9 for a Shiny rate of 9/4096 (equal to 1/455)), for a Shiny rate of 8/4096 (equal to 1/512) as usual.

Legends: Arceus

All Versions

Characters/tents graphical expansion glitch

Circling Irida in the Pearl Settlement will cause nearby tents and characters to start expanding.[19]

Invisible Pokémon glitch

Pokémon in the overworld or from resource nodes may be invisible. If a player catches an invisible overworld Pokémon, they may be able to catch the non-invisible counterpart and effectively duplicate the Pokémon.[20]

The glitch in effect

Move type display glitch

During a battle, when both the user and target of a move faint (without ending the battle), all moves shown on the party screen will be displayed as if they were Normal-type and ineffective (i.e. displaying the "No effect" caption).[21]

No damage glitch

If the player pulls up the map at the exact moment they take damage and fast travel, they will no longer take any damage and won't be able to drown in water.[22]

Re-encountering Pokémon

If the player finds any shaking resource nodes with a Pokémon inside them (trees, crates, tumblestone deposits, etc.), the player can get the Pokémon to jump out by throwing a Poké Ball with a Pokémon inside it at the shaking resource node. After the encounter, if the player goes inside of a cave or cavern (going back to Jubilife Village will cause this not to work) within the current map and waits for 30 minutes, the player can return back to the same resource node, and find exactly the same Pokémon inside it that they found before.[23]

Shiny Giratina crash glitch

If a Shiny Origin Forme Giratina uses Shadow Force, the game will crash. This is due to Origin Forme Giratina having special animations for using Shadow Force, which are not programmed for its Shiny variant. As a result, the Shiny Giratina will begin executing the move but the game will crash upon attempting to load the animation partway through.

By illustrious rocket

Snowpoint Temple levitation glitch

While in Snowpoint Temple, the player character and others such as Adaman can be seen levitating off the ground.

Super speed glitch

If the player gets hit by a wild Pokémon while stumbling down a cliff that is too steep to climb, they will get super speed.[24]

Thundurus crash glitch

During the battle with Thundurus, the game may crash.

Versions 1.0.0 - 1.1.0

Cresselia sequence break

Cresselia may be found in the wild before the player receives the mission to capture them, which normally would cause her to begin spawning. If she is captured before receving the mission, she will never be recognized as captured for the fulfillment of the mission, preventing the player from progressing further in the story.[25]

Versions 1.0.0 - 1.0.2

Lake guardians sequence break

Due to a glitch, it is possible for one of the lake guardians to re-appear after capturing it. Doing so will increase the relevant mission flag again; while this does not prevent from progressing in the mission and receiving the Draco Plate, it stops any further lake guardians from spawning, making it impossible to catch all Pokémon on that save file without trading.

Versions 1.0.0 - 1.0.1

Cherrim glitch

After Cherrim has changed form, it would become impossible to catch.

Version 1.0.1

Overcast Cherrim glitch

Cherrim will remain in its Overcast Form even in sunny weather. This glitch first appeared after the glitch that rendered Cherrim impossible to catch once it changed form was fixed.


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--0 ERRORBroken hidden itemsCable Club escape glitchDual-type damage misinformation
Experience underflow glitchFight Safari Zone Pokémon trickGlitch CityItem duplication glitchItem underflow
Mew glitchOld man glitchPewter Gym skip glitchPokémon merge glitchRhydon glitchRival twins glitch
Select glitches (dokokashira door glitch, second type glitch) • Super Glitch
Time Capsule exploitWalking through wallsZZAZZ glitch
Generation II GlitchesBattle glitches
Bug-Catching Contest glitchCelebi Egg glitchCoin Case glitchesExperience underflow glitch
Glitch dimensionGlitch EggTeru-samaTime Capsule exploitTrainer House glitchesGS Ball mail glitch
Generation III GlitchesBattle glitches
Berry glitchDive glitchPomeg glitchGlitzer Popping
Generation IV GlitchesBattle glitchesOverworld glitches
Acid rainGTS glitchesPomeg glitchRage glitch
Surf glitchTweakingPal Park Retire glitch
Generation V GlitchesBattle glitchesOverworld glitches
Charge Beam additional effect chance glitchCharge move replacement glitchChoice item lock glitch
Frozen Zoroark glitchSky Drop glitch
Generation VI GlitchesBattle glitchesOverworld glitches
Charge Beam additional effect chance glitchCharge move replacement glitchChoice item lock glitch
Lumiose City save glitchSymbiosis Eject Button glitchToxic sure-hit glitch
Generation VII GlitchesBattle glitches
Charge Beam additional effect chance glitchCharge move replacement glitchChoice item lock glitch
Toxic sure-hit glitchRollout storage glitch
Generation VIII Glitches
Charge Beam additional effect chance glitchCharge move replacement glitchChoice item lock glitch
Toxic sure-hit glitchRollout storage glitchParty item offset glitch
Generation IX Glitches
Glitch effects Game freezeGlitch battleGlitch song
Gen I only: Glitch screenTMTRAINER effectInverted sprites
Gen II only: Glitch dimension
Lists Glitches (GOMystery DungeonTCG GBSpin-off)
Glitch Pokémon (Gen IGen IIGen IIIGen IVGen VGen VIGen VIIGen VIII)
Glitch moves (Gen I) • Glitch types (Gen IGen II)

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