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The Y-Comm interface
Stamps from the Y-Comm

The Y-Comm (Japanese: YY通信 YY Communication) is a feature introduced in Generation VIII which is used for trading Pokémon and Link Battles over local wireless or on the internet through Nintendo Switch Online. It is the successor to the C-Gear, Player Search System, and Festival Plaza interfaces from previous games.

In the overworld, stamps will appear on the left side of the screen with the names of players making a request. Upon opening the menu with the Y Button, the player can view a list of requests, including requests to join a Max Raid Battle.



Link Trade

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Surprise Trade

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Swap Cards

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Link Battle


Search Stamps

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese YY通訊 YY Tūngseun
Mandarin YY通訊 / YY通讯 YY Tōngxùn
France Flag.png French Comm-Y
Germany Flag.png German Ypsi-Com
Italy Flag.png Italian Funzioni Y-Comm
South Korea Flag.png Korean YY통신 YY Tongsin
Spain Flag.png Spanish Conexión Y

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