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The Dive glitch is present in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.


Performing the glitch

While entering an underwater cave, if the player presses the B button at the right time, the game will ask the player if he/she wants to resurface while on top of the entrance.

Walking on water

Resurfacing from the entrance to Seafloor Cavern or the Route 104 entrance to Marine Cave will cause the player to resurface on a rock tile instead of a water tile. The player can then walk on the water, but cannot go back on land this way. While walking on water, wild Pokémon can appear. It is not possible to mount waterfalls or fish. Using Dive then resurfacing normally, or Flying or Teleporting to any location will fix the glitch.

By Wooggle
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Saving on a door tile

By using this glitch to land on a door tile, then cancelling instead of surfacing, it is possible to save on a door tile. If the game is saved and reset from a door tile, the player will be sent forward one tile in the direction they were facing upon saving the game. Saving on a wall tile does not yield any similar effects.

By Wooggle
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Leaving boundary

By performing this glitch on the entrance to Marine Cave on Route 129, it is possible to access an area normally behind rocks. An invisible wall at the edge of the map prevents players from leaving the map.

By VaePomegGlitch
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