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The water tile is a mechanic in the Pokémon core series and the habitat for many species of wild Pokémon. By crossing the water or fishing, the player may encounter many different wild Pokémon. In Generations I to VI and in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, water could be crossed with the field move Surf. In Generations VII to IX, Poké Ride,SMUSUM the Secret Technique Sea Skim,PE summoning the Ride Pokémon Basculegion,LA or upgrading the abilities of Rotom Bike,SwSh Koraidon,S or MiraidonV were used to cross the water.

Hilda surfing on a river in Route 6

In Generations III, V, and VI, the player may also use Dive to go underwater in deep water.

Water comes in various different settings in the Pokémon world from oceans, to ponds, and have various Trainer classes that correspond with that body of water.

Differences between games

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Types of water tiles

Water tiles are found in various locations in the Pokémon world forming oceans, lakes, rivers, or small ponds. Different types of water house different kinds of Pokémon suggesting certain Pokémon prefer salt water over fresh water and vice versa.


Oceans are normally used as obstacles within the games to keep the player from progressing until they obtain one of various abilities to cross the ocean. They are commonly inhabited by Swimmers, Sailors, and certain types of Pokémon.

Rivers and ponds

Rivers and ponds are found on many different routes, and are usually accompanied by Fishermen and fresh water Pokémon. Ponds have also been found in some residential areas.


Current redirects here. For the character whose Japanese name is Current, see Tedesco.

Currents are tiles that force the player to move in a single direction and are often used to create a puzzle the player must solve. They appear in Generation III, Generation V, and Generation VI. They are similar to spin tiles, but are on water. Routes 132, 133, and 134 are almost completely created from these ocean currents to stop the player from traveling to Pacifidlog Town too early in the game. Currents are also found in the Seafoam Islands to create a puzzle the player must solve in order to reach the Legendary Pokémon Articuno residing in the cave. In Unova, currents are also found in Route 17, which lead up to Route 18 and P2 Laboratory.

Deep water

Deep water exists in Generations III, V, and VI. Deep water is the only location where Dive can be used in the overworld. Diving into this water takes the player underwater.

Shallow water

Shallow water is not like most other variations of water, in that it cannot be surfed on or fished in. It behaves like a regular ground tile. This tile is common around shoals and in Shoal Cave.


Main article: Puddle

Puddles are tiles which appear on land and can be walked on; they cannot be Surfed on. Until Generation V, no wild Pokémon could be found in puddles.

In battle

Certain moves have special effects when used in a battle on a water tile.

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