Cave tile

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Cave tile is a type of tile in the Pokémon core series that is the habitat for many species of wild Pokémon. Upon entering a cave, the player is immediately at risk of encountering a wild Pokémon. It shares many common qualities with tall grass.

Like the name states, cave tiles are found in caves and some dungeons of the Pokémon world, though the insides of some buildings have them due to being internally classified as caves. It is always possible to run into a Pokémon while in a cave, whether it is lit or not.

Changes between generations

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Alternative areas

Dust cloud

Main article: Phenomenon → Dust cloud
A dust cloud in Chargestone Cave

Dust clouds were introduced in Generation V, a phenomenon likely caused by air currents passing through the cave. It occasionally appears in caves in the Unova region, and may reveal held items, Evolution stones, or wild Drilbur and Excadrill.

Pokémon Black and White

Possible encounters
  Fire Gem   Normal Gem
  Water Gem   Everstone
  Electric Gem   Moon Stone
  Grass Gem   Sun Stone
  Ice Gem   Fire Stone
  Fighting Gem   Water Stone
  Poison Gem   Thunderstone
  Ground Gem   Leaf Stone
  Flying Gem   Shiny Stone
  Psychic Gem   Dusk Stone
  Bug Gem   Dawn Stone
  Rock Gem   Hard Stone
  Ghost Gem   Oval Stone
  Dragon Gem   Drilbur
  Dark Gem   Excadrill
  Steel Gem

Pokémon Black and White 2

Possible encounters
  Fire Gem   Red Shard
  Water Gem   Blue Shard
  Electric Gem   Yellow Shard
  Grass Gem   Green Shard
  Ice Gem   Fire Stone
  Fighting Gem   Thunderstone
  Poison Gem   Leaf Stone
  Ground Gem   Moon Stone
  Flying Gem   Sun Stone
  Psychic Gem   Shiny Stone
  Bug Gem   Dusk Stone
  Rock Gem   Dawn Stone
  Ghost Gem   Everstone
  Dragon Gem   Oval Stone
  Dark Gem   Onix
  Steel Gem   Steelix
  Normal Gem   Drilbur

In battle

Certain moves have special effects when used in a battle on a cave tile.

Special tiles in the Pokémon games
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Spin tileSoft soilTall grassTrapWarp tileWater tile
Dungeon tile

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